Responsibilities of the witness at the wedding

Wedding - a long-awaited event, whichcarefully preparing the bride and groom. For registration of marriage, you must invite the witnesses so that they put their paintings in the document, but in their role does not end there. Responsibilities of the witness at the wedding of the young - is, first and foremost, help with the celebration. Control calls convoy drivers, check the status of the banquet hall, accurate time of arrival of important guests - all this becomes the responsibility of the witness.

What do I need to prepare for the wedding

The witness will have to prepare for the celebration, to the appointed day was perfect. The list of things that should prepare a witness before the wedding:

  • Plan the wedding day. Preparation of the plan lies with the heroes of the occasion, but the witness responsibilities include performance of all points of the event. During the wedding the bride and groom must feel like a king celebration, so the meeting guests, time management and many other things become a witness care.
  • Order motorcade. Often the couple themselves are engaged in purchase of cars for the wedding, but the future spouse is so much to do that the responsibility goes to the witness. In addition, drivers have to remind all of the decorations already prepared the bride with the bridesmaids.

Witness Duty: wedding procession
  • Good mood. It is believed that the wedding - an exciting event only for women, but men are nervous, no less. In the morning the witness is scheduled to meet with the bride, to help him calm down, get dressed, give cheerfulness and positive, so that not a day of celebration became a nerve test.
  • Sobriety mind. Certainly future husband opted for a friend who will not fail, but the witness must remember that sobriety - one of its main duties. To become a really good helper, you need to think clearly. Wedding guests are mainly trying to drink a true friend as much as possible, the witness should make it a rule - drinking quite a bit.
  • Cushion for the rings, champagne and glasses. This is a necessary requisite for marriage registration in the registry office.
  • Black or dark suit, white shirt. Ceremonial costume witness - a mandatory part of the event. He will often flashed on the wedding photo next to the newly-married couple, so kind of a friend of the groom should be appropriate. Well, if the dress shade will look harmonious with the festive costume hero for the day.

Beautiful dress groom friend

Organization of stag

In addition to all sorts of trouble during the wedding,duty of a witness - to prepare the day before a cheerful, bright and memorable stag party. This event symbolizes a farewell future husband with divorced life, so all participants need to properly break. Before you begin to think through the program is still hints of interest at her spouse, whatever he chose a bachelor. Perhaps the hero of the occasion want to spend time quietly, over a glass of beer in the company of friends.

Typically, the organization and the script ofthe event is kept secret from the groom, but the witness should think twice whether happy to future husband invited a stripper, if he does not ask about it. In the case of such a pastime, it is worth considering other betrothed to hide such a program from the bride, which is of such an idea is unlikely to be thrilled. Do not invite her close friends, girlfriends, and even more so - to make a memorable incriminating photos.

Spicy pre-wedding stag

Surely stag participants will drink a lot. Even if the witness is a rather piquant event as an evening at a strip bar, it does not get too drunk. On the contrary: the groom should allow each person responsible for the triumph of good rest, but also his duty - to make sure that he is not done stupid things and not commit acts, which will be sorry. To organize a bachelor party should be a week before the official celebrations to not suffer a hangover betrothed on their wedding day.

Responsibilities of the witness on the wedding day

During the event, the groom will be many other cases. The main duties of a witness at the wedding:

  • Early in the morning to come to a future spouse to help him pack up, take your passport, make sure that he had forgotten nothing. If necessary, a witness must soothe agitated betrothed.
  • Then he will travel to the home of the bride. The witness should be forewarned of the groom that bridesmaid certainly prepared several competitions for ransom, but nothing to worry about: together they will cope.
  • At the time of redemption is certainly not a witnessneglected girls who organized the redemption by helping betrothed held contests. Also friend of the bridegroom is responsible for the redemption items - carries a bottle of alcohol, sweets, gifts girlfriends, pay money as a reward.

Witness during redemption
  • If the event takes place without compensation, assistantfuture husband takes him to the marriage for - men should arrive 20-30 minutes before the arrival of the main character of the holiday. Before the ceremony, each hero for the day gives a passport to the registrar for the affixing of seals, once again checks rings prepares champagne. During the ceremony, if necessary, puts his signature.
  • When the registration is finished, the duty of a witness- The first to congratulate her husband with his wife, open a bottle of champagne, pour a drink by the glass, say nice toast. The man will also have to take care of the witness - to slightly open the door in front of her, to help get out of the car.
  • If the wedding takes place, the witness holds the crown over the head of the future spouse.

Witnesses hold crowns
  • Before we all sat on the machines, a man checks the route is compared with the time.

Help at the banquet

During a celebratory banquet witness mustreside next to the spouses to help them to accept gifts from the guests, solve unexpected situations, and sometimes even take on the responsibilities of Toastmasters. At a small wedding couple can do without a professional moderator, but then the main instigators of the holiday becomes a friend of the protagonist celebration.

Toast to the wedding of a witness should becheerful, sometimes humorous, solemn and touching. Men will announce the first dance couple, give a word of congratulations to parents, guests. It will be good if the witness will take part in various games, competitions, holiday events.

Witnesses during the banquet

Video toast from a witness

Summarize: I should do what the witness at the wedding? During the celebration of the man he is becoming a pillar of the main characters of the holiday. Showing attentiveness, responsibility and punctuality, it is a guarantee of peace newly husband and wife. From what does the witness at the wedding, the success, the event's organization. Watch the beautiful video with a greeting from the best friend of the witness:

In order to adequately perform the duties of a witness atthe wedding, the man should be remembered that the role they executed to a large extent provides the heroes of the occasion in a good mood. A friend of the groom should be collected, confident and cheerful - these qualities will help to make the holiday an unforgettable experience for visitors, and for the young couple.