Icons for witnesses to the wedding

Nearing the day of the wedding, and how all of the newlyweds,you want it to be bright, interesting, memorable. Already invented wedding gowns, invited guests, is to solve small issues on registration. Try to diversify your wedding interesting humorous moments. Let the highlight of the festival will be awarded the honorary decorative icons to your witnesses.

What are the icons for the witnesses?

Traditional red tape "honorary witness"have given way to a wedding add icons with the same inscriptions. So much easier and more aesthetically pleasing. Silk ribbon, sliding off the shoulder, often interfere with the witness and the witness feel comfortable. To highlight the most important friends of the newlyweds wedding industry has gone further: such distinctions were invented.

A lot of proposals, there are other important guestswedding celebration - "Honorary Matchmaker", "favorite mother in law", "elder brother," "cousin," and the like. Among others present will be easier to distinguish them. But icons are attached to the clothing of witnesses should be different design, so that even from a distance it was obvious that this is the second important people at a wedding after the bride and groom.

What are the icons for the witnesses to the wedding

Icons are chosen depending on the stylewedding: it may be badges, medals on ribbons, and not necessarily a circular shape. Wedding - is a day of a compound loving hearts, because the show imagination, you can come up with an original shape, such as a star or heart. Having demonstrated a creative approach, the bride and groom make their marriage interesting event with memorable moments.

Metal icons with funny pictures

Icons - this is a small detail, which will helpmake your wedding special and memorable. Comic images and inscriptions on the wedding metal icons will remind many years of general fun moments at the time of delivery. Happy day in the life of loved ones - it is always a holiday. And these little gifts are original, as they can be registered, therefore, more valuable.

Performed in the same style, metal icons can contain not only a funny line, but also pictures. Here are some examples of funny nominations:

  • "The sober Guest"
  • "The best dance"
  • "For active participation in competitions"
  • "The most interesting toast".

Dream a little, some newlyweds make individual icons with cartoons on the main guests, adding a funny caption.

Wedding icons with humor

Icons for witnesses, decorated with ribbons

Icons designed for friends - itthe ability to identify them among the other guests. To become witnesses not just decorations and framed their satin ribbon pink and blue, according to sex, is not it possible to allocate them directly among the guests. The tape can be secured on a daisy diameter or long loop ends. Sometimes near the inscription "witness", "witness" write the names of the holders of this honorary title. To witness and girlfriends icons offered to fix the tape on the wrist instead of a bracelet, boutonniere.

Decoration ribbons icons for witnesses

Adorned with flowers and lace

Wedding icon, decorated with lace airon the contour, will be combined beautifully with the theme of the celebration held. If the pattern openwork fabric is repeated in the decoration of the bride dresses, creating a shared unified image of the festival. Artificial flowers can also be worthy of framing the plaque. The graceful complement to the decoration will be a small bead. Securing better to make a clear clips that from bulavochki on the clothes do not remain traces of the puncture.

Icons witnesses with flowers and lace

Exclusive custom icons

If the couple want to make your weddingexclusive, you should pay special attention to the decals, which are planned to give a specific group of guests. Custom personalized approach to external accessories view would mean that the future spouses are not deprived of the attention of any of the guests, for whom it was intended.

Solid icons better to order from the pros,sharing with them their wishes. Applied modern technology allows to make souvenirs in a single copy. Made in one color, but differ from one another in small details, such decorative ornaments will be beneficial to stand out. The most simple, but made with love, version of the icon - to come up with the design itself, cut out of cardboard and personally sign and decorate.

Exclusive wedding icons

Video: Review of icons for witnesses to the wedding

It would seem that may be easier to select iconsfor the wedding? But delving deeper into the subject, sometimes the couple lost in what form to stop, because everyone is good and attractive in its own way. After watching the video offered by us, you will be able to quickly identify and purchase such accessories for witnesses and wedding guests or make them their own hands, studying the fabrication instructions.

Presented in the video samples can bea foundation and starting point for the flight to your imagination. Even small changes accessory can significantly affect the appearance. For example, change the color of the silk ribbon with white to bright red, if required by the style of the room decor - and everything looks different. The decision rests with the newlyweds - see the video, choose:

Photo of wedding icons for witnesses

Having on our website required startinginformation insignia for the witness and the witness, you can quickly make a decision about what kind of accessories you need to buy. Remember a small rule for witnesses, taken from popular traditions: the icon attached guy on the suit's lapel with the left hand, and the girl in the dress - on the right. It is an alternative to boutonnieres, so his choice should be approached with great responsibility. A selection of photos will help in the selection.

Examples of wedding icons