How to dress for a wedding witnesses

If you had the honor to be a witness at the weddingyour friends, you should think first about your own costume. You should be in harmony with the pair, but not overshadow it. In addition, the clothes should be comfortable. Before the celebration, it is desirable to discuss along with the newlyweds themselves. You are waiting for contests, photography, where the witnesses are present in almost every frame, so this event requires to be on top. So, how to dress for a wedding witnesses? Let's take a closer look at the highlights of the dress code.

Subtleties of the selection of attire for a witness

Light flying dress for bridesmaid

How to dress for a wedding? To witness the wedding ceremony turns into a competition with itself. On the one hand, I want to look luxurious, elegant, magnificently in the registry office, but on the other hand, can not overshadow the main hero of the occasion, that is, the bride. When choosing a dress witness is not forbidden to call for help your imagination, focusing on the latest trends in fashion. It will be superfluous to consult with the bride about the dress style and color scheme.


The image of the witness in bright colors

How to dress for a wedding witness? For bridesmaids white dress is considered taboo because it is the traditional color of the bride's dress. In addition, you may inadvertently be mistaken for the culprit celebrations and misfortunes that day to nothing. If you and the bride will be white, then get lost on her background, and will merge into one spot in your photos. It is best to choose a color dress to set off the snow-white outfit culprits celebrations.

Witness in a single image with the bride

Black attire usually do not wear to the wedding. But there are times when the bride to wear itself offers little black dress that is suitable to the style of the whole celebration. In this case it is necessary to revitalize your appearance bright trim dress or accessories. For example, you can add colorful dress shoes, shawl, belt, clutch. Not forbidden to choose outfits terracotta, pink, blue, honey, blue, lilac. Very well suited dress gold or silver color. Chocolate and burgundy also look good on fancy dresses.

Dress witness

Also important is the choice of color style dresses. Fluffy skirt and too deep décolleté is immediately deleted. It is better to choose an elegant outfit with a simple twist. Because of you at the wedding need to be active, attire should not hinder you to move freely. A good choice - dress in the Empire style - cutting top, overestimated waist, flowing skirt or cutting single cut at the waist or straight styles. Do not forget to coordinate with the style of the dress features of the figure.

Dress length should not be too short. If the ceremony is held in the evening, prefer long dresses. Observe the balance of appearance, if the skirt is short, it is better to cover the top and dress floor length - allowed seductive neckline. When taking into account these simple rules will look like the witness to the triumph of beautiful, elegant and tasteful.

Dresses in pastel colors

In general, we recommend to adhere to such nuances in the question, how to dress for a wedding witnesses

  • If the event has a specific theme, check with his bride costume that will match the overall orientation.
  • Flowing light fabrics, refined femininecut dress - an excellent option for all occasions. Acceptable colors include all soft and pastel colors. Not forbidden to choose and saturated colors that create a spectacular tandem with the bride.
  • It is better to choose a sleeveless dress with a shallow cut on his chest, which requires etiquette. From too fluffy skirt is also abandoned.
  • Be aware of your own comfort, because you have to move a lot, participate in dances, competitions.


Hairstyle witness

Hairstyle - is the final touch of the entire image. Primarily laying should be convenient and reliable. After all, you will find many hours of celebration, during which the witness is the focus of the cameras, the guests and relatives. Therefore, hair should hold out for a long time without losing its beauty and accuracy. Consider the shape of his own face, the features: it is worth emphasizing the benefits and shortcomings - hide.

Elegant styling witness

In addition, stacking should be in harmony withdress and other elements of the whole image. Please choose the dress itself, but to him the rest of the details. It is best to seek help from a stylist who will take into account all your wishes and will select the best option. Do not overload the styling accessories: small flower barrette or acceptable, but a million pins - extra headache. Very stylish looks silver or gold band in her hair.

Below are the most suitable options:

  • Easy negligence - styling with deliberate imperfections, that gives charm. This may be a stray strand playful.
  • Spit - a beautiful decoration for any person. Accessories, curled strands weaving will give a greater beauty, scope and effectiveness. For medium hair is better to stay on the French braid.
  • Graceful curls - recycled locks, decayingon the shoulders and back, be sure to create a charming image. You need to decide on the shape of the curl diameter, supplement them with flowers, a hairpin or rim.
  • Most of the girls fit elegant bun. This classic styling always looks elegant and stylish. On cocktail dress beam harmonizes best.


Hair Accessories

How to dress for a wedding witnesses, that the image wasperfect? Without any accessories appearance of the witness will be incomplete. First of all take care of the presence of evening bag, because you may need a handkerchief, powder, adhesive tape that will fit into a small clutch. In addition, the groom or the bride may ask you to keep at some important things, for example, rings, mobile phones, etc. The very bag should be in harmony with the dress:.. Coincide fully in tone or playing on the contrast with the dress.

From shoes with high heels better toorefuse, because you have to spend the whole day in the bustle and for your feet it will be a real challenge. Sandals or shoes should be comfortable, suitable to the overall style of your image. Not forbidden to take along a change of shoes: during the banquet simple change of notation comfortable ballet flats or wedges shoes on.

Shoes for witness

As for jewelry, you can safely choosechains with pendants, elegant string of beads, elegant earrings, a few rings. The main thing - do not overdo it, to not be like a Christmas tree. For the hair, choose a beautiful neat headbands, barrettes. Not forbidden to wear charming little bonnet, if it is combined with the style of your costume.

Dress code for the witness

Dark suit for witnesses

How to be a witness, as he dressed in thewedding? The most safe option - to put on a classic suit. Without a tie, and you can do without. Pre contrast the outfit and your witness, that you are consistent. Suit witness must be different from the groom's attire, so check with them. Perhaps the groom or the bride put forward to you own requirements regarding appearance, which should be observed. If the heroes of the occasion have no wish, follow the general rules adopted in the selection of clothes for the wedding.


How to dress for a wedding in a suitable witnesscolor? Looks good suits, in which the top of the color is slightly different from the bottom. If the event takes place in the summer, prefer bright colors. Well look beige, gray coats, which permissible barely noticeable stripe trousers with a slightly darker tone. With this jacket will blend in a light shirt, but from the dark is better to refuse.

suit for witness

If the wedding is creative, it is not prohibiteddresses of bright colors, contrasting shirt. For example, the very suit can be plain in pastel shades, but the shirt - in a bright blue cage, for example. In celebration of youth allowed kitsch as a bright jacket, shirts, expensive jeans, neckerchief. For a classic event, choose a suit relaxing colors and a shirt that goes to the color of their eyes.


Uniform style of the groom and witnesses

How to dress for a wedding witnesses, in what style? Style dress witnesses should be in harmony with the costume of the groom. The general view is to create a solemn and festive atmosphere. Extravagant and colorful clothes, if it does not require a wedding theme, you should avoid in order not to become like a parrot. Modesty and elegance has never failed. If the celebration takes place in the cold season, choose dark elegant suit.


Elegant shoes for men at a wedding

color shoes should be combined with a suit: light shoes - in a light suit, black - a dark. Virtually any suitable clothes black shoes. Shoes should be selected from quality leather, because it will look so elegant and beautiful. Remember that shoes must be kept clean and tidy, so it is not out of place to take a small brush.

What not to wear to a wedding witnesses

To solve the problem, how to dress on the wedding ceremony and the witness to the witness, you should pay attention to the fact that it is impossible to wear:

  • Suit witness should not repeat the color of the groom's suit, otherwise they may be confused. Do not choose flashy costumes in color, if it does not provide orientation ceremony.
  • For girlfriend is unacceptable to choose white dresses, because all attention should belong to the bride.
  • About the Dress acidic shades should forget, because they will also detract from the heroes of the occasion, cause hostility and anger.
  • Excessive glitter outfits banned.
  • Too short dresses for the bridesmaid - bad form.

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