How to choose a wedding witnesses

Witnesses at the wedding - it is honorable anddecision-makers, key aides bride and groom. At today's ceremony, their presence is not mandatory, but the couple could not do without assistance. After all, witnesses to solve many organizational issues, participate in contests, if not at the banquet master, see to it that the guests were well fed and happy. About that, what the witnesses have to choose the wedding and who can not take on these positions, we'll talk.

Criteria for selecting good witnesses to the wedding

As a rule, witnesses become newlywedsone of the close friends of the couple. It is not easy to have to those who marry later, all my friends, because according to tradition assistants Suite must be single. These positions allowed to choose two girls or boys, but it happened that the invited friend or a friend of the bride / groom and his / her boy or girl. Pick up of people must be very responsible to the triumph it was interesting. Incorrectly chosen witnesses only add unnecessary trouble newlyweds, especially during the holiday will abuse alcohol.

Basic requirements for the helpers at the wedding:


2.Organizatorskie abilities.

3.Good sense of humor.

4.Umenie communicate.

5.Umenie quickly find a way out of difficult situations.

6.Priyatnaya appearance.

People who are not married

You can not choose a wedding of two people, consistingmarried, divorced or married to each other. It is believed that a married couple will bring misfortune to the young, but because the couple divorced witnesses may eventually also divorce. Widowers choose for this position is also not recommended, so as not to repeat their fate, because the family life they somehow did not work.


Witnesses should not be lazy, they needpossess such a quality as helpfulness. Therefore, many newlyweds opt for the position of his close friends, who for many years trust. Some far-sighted friend of the bride chosen any relative of her husband, showing respect to his relatives. This is justified, because only a relative may be more interested in the other perfect for the event.

Choose witness best friend

I have free time

Witnesses have chosen for the wedding, should havea lot of time not only in the day thinning of this important event, but a few days before the celebration. They need to take an active part in the preparation / conduct of hen and stag parties, but it also takes a lot of time. Even if preparation of hen will do the groom, the witnesses still have to pick up a cultural program, as well as after the bachelor party before the wedding and have time to sleep well.

Have organizational skills

Have organizational skills witnesses- It is mandatory when selecting quality. After all, the wedding will be attended by people who have not even met before, so they can be shy with each other. Witnesses have to be organized, to send a holiday in the right direction, introducing people, to make them feel at ease and be able to hide his excitement. Especially if there is no guest toastmaster, the whole organization of the wedding party falls on their shoulders.

What should witnesses at the wedding?

At Honeymoon assistants have officialWedding duties which they must comply. Therefore, the newlyweds in their selection must take into account the fact how a person can cope with the tasks. Watch the video tips from professional wedding planner on how to be a witness, and about his duties that day:

Duties of witnesses

The duties of the bridesmaids included:

  • the selection and fitting of the wedding dress;
  • decoration of the banquet hall;
  • the organization of the table in a restaurant;
  • every minute to find next to the bride on the day of celebration.

It is important that a bridesmaid was not dressedtoo extravagant, and understand that the most important person at the ceremony is not it. A friend should not be completely different from the style of clothing for the bride to the wedding on the photo and the video does not drag attention. The witness takes an active part when it bride price, and controls so that nothing was forgotten on this day.

Duties of witnesses

The duties of the assistant of the groom includes:

  • assistance in all matters of organization;
  • decoration of wedding cars;
  • organization and process of bride price;
  • organization and participation in the bachelor;
  • Toastmasters assistance in all activities;
  • limiting admission to alcohol;
  • creating a cheerful holiday atmosphere.

The witness must not abuse alcohol

How to choose a witness to the wedding: the signs

Folk omens say that if the bride and groomAssistants are selected between a married men, the marriage witnesses soon disintegrate. Even the old-timers say, that young people should not be more than twice the assistant newlyweds. The third time, they should already be bride or groom on his own wedding, or for which Mendelssohn march may never sound. Well that folk omens do not always work, so you can not be too superstitious, and choose people based on their own preferences.

Properly chosen witnesses - the key to the success of the wedding