A witness at the wedding

According to the importance of witnesses at a wedding partyis the second after the newlyweds, so their role is difficult to overstate. Although the law witnesses to the bride and groom are not needed, because they do not put a signature in a log book. However, no wedding is held without their presence. A witness at the wedding provides invaluable assistance to the newlyweds, but what are his responsibilities and who should be selected for this role, let's see.

Who can be a witness at the wedding

Until now, do not stop arguing about whoallowed to take the witness to the wedding. But there is no stringent requirements, as long as the chosen people were able to take responsibility and solve all problems at the wedding. It is better if they are familiar with the guests or a portion of invitees, among them to feel at ease. Also, often the question arises whether the witness is allowed to be married at a wedding?

Icons for witnesses

Some newlyweds avoid inviting to thisthe role of married people. But a similar omen easy to explain logically. If consist unfamiliar with each other witnesses, the bride and groom to the same non-free men, their partners are also present at the wedding. Halves feel lonely, and witnesses can not fully feel freely and fully participate in the competitions, which are sometimes difficult to call innocent.

Aides newlyweds should be sociable

What should a witness: his role and responsibilities

Why do we need a wedding witnesses? Their main duty - to solve all organizational issues, making all that honeymooners have not touched any problems that arise, because on this day the young should only enjoy. Well, if the invited witnesses is not only organizational skills, but also oratorical talents, as well as a great sense of humor. The general responsibilities of the groom's best man and bridesmaids are:

  1. The solution to all organizational problems.
  2. Psychological support.
  3. Help or the organization of a wedding convoy, banquet hall.
  4. Seating places for the invited guests in the banquet hall, and at the end of the wedding - on cars.
  5. Organization of traditional obsypaniya newlyweds when leaving the registry office rose petals, chocolates, small coins or rice.
  6. Ensuring guests a walk sandwiches, champagne, chocolates.
  7. Active participation in all competitions, which will be hosting the toastmaster.

Do I have a wedding witnesses? As practice shows, it is difficult to do without them, because in addition to the general duties at the bridesmaids have separate functions, but at the other the groom - a role to play. A witness before the event and during the entire wedding party performing the following work:

  • It helps the bride to choose the dress, shoes, accessories.
  • Organizes bachelorette party.
  • Thinks foreclosure scenario.
  • Bought for the bride and groom boutonniere white, the witness - the blue, but for themselves - pink.
  • Directly on the wedding day it helps the bride to wear a wedding dress.
  • Reminiscent of the documents.
  • First he met the groom.
  • A creative approach to the organization of the obstacles to foreclosure, giving his girlfriend the most expensive.

A friend of the bride should always be near

The duties of a witness includes:

  • To organize a bachelor party.
  • At the appointed time come to the groom.
  • Arm yourself with alcohol, sweets, money for the bride price.
  • Help a friend to dress, do not miss a single detail.
  • On the redemption to sing, to dance, to bargain to the last.
  • The bride is showered lavish gifts, not forgetting witty joke.
  • Check the registry office before the presence of rings and passports.
  • Ensure photoshoot and personal things newlyweds in public places.
  • Follow the guests during the banquet, accept gifts, fill the glasses.
  • Being active assistant toastmaster, propose a toast, to participate in all competitions.

The witness must not move away from the groom

What to Wear to the witness at the wedding photos

How should look at the wedding of a witness? Bridesmaids wear white to a wedding dress is strictly prohibited. As for the other colors, the special prohibitions not only black clothes for the wedding will not look at all out of place. Not the best choice and short dress, as well as too low-cut, so as not to distract the attention of visitors.

The bridesmaids can not be white

If the newlyweds will have a wedding ceremony, thebridesmaid dress should hide your knees and shoulders. Girls used for this purpose bolero or cape boa. Fan of high heels should be borne in mind that the wedding will often have to dance, so it's best to grab a comfortable pair of shoes. With the accessories, too, should be careful, the main thing in the dress - a sense of proportion.

Successful dresses for bridesmaids

friend of the groom do not wear wedding whiteor a black tuxedo - it is the groom's clothing. It is better to negotiate with the other colors of the wedding costume, to know what to pick up yourself. No need to outshine the groom at a wedding ceremony. Costumes are allowed to witness brilliant colors with contrasting shirts. For example, low-key solid color suit with a shirt in bright stripes. Such clothing immediately allocate it among the guests. At the wedding the groom other youth even allowed to wear jeans with a jacket, a shirt and a bright scarf.

Clothing witness should be distinguished from the groom's suit

Toasts and contests for witnesses

Toast to the newlyweds witnesses need to come upsuch that they remember everything. Congratulations must be thought out in advance and carefully rehearsed. It is better if the toast is in verse form - this will give the occasion of great solemnity. But beautiful prose, too, will look great on video, which pleased many times Look younger after many years of married life.

Wedding toasts should be with humor

Moving competitions for witnesses should alternate with quiet, so they have time to gather strength and to translate the spirit. We offer several options for challenging tests:

  1. Dance with clothespins. For it will need two handkerchief, 12 pegs and dance music fast. Tamada tying scarves to children's eyes, putting on clothes pegs on 6 each. Then he brings young people to each other and includes a melody, for which they need to feel removed from all partner clothespins. The winner of the one who performs the task before.
  2. Who is better? In this competition, young people are called the good qualities of the bride and groom at a time, representing the interests of their friends. Victory awaits him who will come up with many good qualities.
  3. Uneasy feast. For the contest need 4 small tables, 2 of them put on a bottle and a glass of beer, and the rest that are on the other side of the room - a snack. Witnesses for the team lead reaches the table with a beer, poured a drink into a glass and a tongue twister says: "Young congratulations, love and fidelity wish", drink, and then run to the refreshment table and returning to the beer. Who will empty the bottle first, he won.

Contests for witnesses very funny

Video: This witness at the wedding celebration

If toastmaster at a wedding there, it takes the role of the friend of the bridegroom. If you are unsure feel as such, we advise you to see how others do it:

Wedding signs for witness

As for any wedding witnesses wereare important persons, there is a long many superstitions and omens, associated with them. For example, should not be invited to this role a married couple that they have not taken away the happiness of the newlyweds. Bridegroom is not recommended to call a divorced friend not to call the divorce in his family. The ideal option for a wedding would be unmarried, but the couple of friends, and then the young wife and husband definitely will develop a happy life together.