Vehicles of which the wedding procession should consist

One of the concerns of young wedding is, of course, transport, of which the wedding procession should consist of. In our time, almost no wedding is complete without luxury carsDecorated with colored ribbons and airballs, a string of speeding to the sights of the city and seeking to bypass the most famous monuments. Therefore transport, which will consist of a wedding procession, should be given special attention.

To begin to carefully examineroute, on which it will follow the wedding procession. This is in order to avoid traffic jams, and this kind of trouble, directly on the wedding day. After all, because of traffic jams on the road can be quite late for the ceremony. No need to rely on good people, who will miss the wedding forward. It is better to pre-insure. To do this, think over the way in which the wedding procession will go to the registry office, and then to the church. Approximately calculate how much time will last a tour of the sights of the city. On each monument allot about 30 minutes. The ideal option would be a compilation of the original route on the map. And only then you can drive the car on the way, deliberately timing with. This should be dealt with in about one hour, when the commission is planned wedding trip. At various contingencies should throw about 20 minutes as the car engine may stall or anywhere would be a faulty light. As a result, you will get the approximate time it takes for a festive procession wedding convoy.

Further, regarding the transport of which mayconsist of the wedding procession. If you allow the financial capabilities, a tuple can be quite luxurious. Walking through the memorial places of the city, as well as a trip to the registrar, and then to the church, you can take in the beautiful old car. During warmer months, the car can be opened. In this case, the surrounding will be able to safely enjoy the lovely couple - the bride and groom. As an old vehicle is ideal for a beautiful carriage drawn by several horses. The crew can supplement your friends or acquaintances who have agreed to be the lackeys. Only will advance they need to choose the appropriate costumes. This kind of wedding convoy will truly unforgettable.

If you are a lover of oldtransport and prefer something more modern, hire a luxury limousine and a Cadillac. Just remember that the machine for a wedding convoy is better to choose light colored and preferably one brand.

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