Our wedding procession

Choose a decent car for a wedding - that's moreOne of the tasks that need to be addressed in preparation for the celebration. In this age of high speeds and long distances it is not possible, perhaps, to imagine a procession of guests, ceremoniously striding towards the nearest church. At the mention of the phrase "wedding procession" fantasy begins to paint a fascinating picture of how the whole string (the longer it is, the more, of course, better), luxury cars, honking their horns and dancing rustling tires with noise sweeps through the city, accompanied by envious glances of passers-by. So do not pay attention to a decent selection of cars for the wedding - is to make an unforgivable mistake. We hope that the following tips will help you avoid it.

First, we should thoroughly think over the road and do not forget about walking route to the wedding. And here

You waiting for several pitfalls. First of all, it's notorious traffic jams. Late for a major event in my life for an hour or even two, of course, unpleasant, but it is doubly more uncomfortable will stand the whole time in traffic jams, cursing the city government. And especially do not rely on the fact that on your motorcade will have mercy, and as prescribed by custom, will miss him forward: even if it is the good will of the other drivers, carry out this act of mercy may be just impossible. Therefore, to avoid all sorts of complications, it is better to calculate how much time and what you will need, and then advance to do the same route with a clock in his hand. And needless to remember to throw for 20-30 minutes, taking into account different kinds of surprises that can always befall the road. And then you will surely have time to do everything that is necessary in such cases, not only to sign and get married, but also to visit all the memorials of your municipality.

But even to reach not the best or the registrarChurch - this is only half the battle. It is also important on what to get. And when it comes to choosing a car for a wedding, it is, of course, a matter of taste ... and the thickness of the purse. The possibilities are truly endless today. For a romantic ideal beautiful vintage car is desirable - with an open top so that everyone can appreciate and dresses guests, first of all, a perfect wedding dress of the bride (not for nothing were spent weeks hiking in the bridal salon, doubts and painful choice).

Your motorcade will look even more romantic ifYou do give up the car for a wedding, and prefer him to a real horse-drawn carriage, at the back which will sit dressed in luxurious livery "lackeys" and they are - in combination - witnesses. However, for the beauty and unusual appearance will have to pay a lot of inconvenience, and slowness of movement - is far not the most important among them ...

If you are a modern and practical manwant to emphasize this, as a means of transportation you the best suitable limousine or other expensive car Young people are also in the selection of the machine to the wedding prefers often powerful sports cars of bright colors, but keep in mind that they are suited more for high-speed suburban highway, than for a quiet and ceremonial walk around the city.

And another important point - is the selection of colorsmachines for the wedding. In a solemn cortege made include automobiles soothing light colors. As for the cars, which will take the bride and groom to the marriage for (according to tradition, they usually get there alone), it is best if it will be cars of the same brand, in harmony with each other in color and only slightly roznyaschiesya shade.

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