What color should be a wedding car?

It is not necessary to consider the choice of wedding colorscar somehow spontaneous whim or excessive fault-finding. At the moment, quite a large number of companies that are engaged in the rental of wedding machines, ready to offer the newly-married couple not only a wide selection of brands, but also the widest range of colors. And why not take advantage of such a choice of shades, if present in stock.

Black car for a wedding

White: tenderness and solemnity

The traditional companion any weddingcelebrations is white. With this consent, perhaps, all readers www.articlewedding.com site. Wedding bouquet, dress, and a great big cake - all these things should be easy, festive and snowy. It is for this reason that the bride and groom often choose wedding car just such colors.

White cars for wedding

White truck on your wedding - what canbe more luxurious and elegant? Keep in mind that almost every one of these options, which will be made in white, will look elegant and solemn. And this is what is achieved by choosing a car at a wedding event.

White ancient times was considered the color of purity, of the triumph of light over darkness and purity. It should be in such a beautiful and festive day, apply it to the shade.

White retro car for wedding

Black: luxury and style

At any wedding ceremony will also be morethan appropriate vehicles elegant, discreet black. This shade is always along with gold is associated with wealth, luxury and success of the owner of such a vehicle.

Black car for a wedding

Their shiny lacquered sides will reportall the subtle taste of the newlyweds, as well as their desire for elegance and simplicity. It is worth remembering that all respectable people, officials and even adored by all the stars are choosing cars of dark colors. In cases of this momentous celebration, like a wedding, and you can join the famous and powerful inhabitants of this world in choosing car colors. You can also think about a wedding car in retro style in black or black and white. This car will not leave anyone indifferent to your holiday love.

Black and white car for a wedding

You want a little experiment?

If none of the above colors you do notlike or, to put it mildly bored, then in this case you can choose bright and unusual colors. Green, yellow, red, pink, blue - all colors of your wedding car will allocate you on the road. If we take into account the right wedding car decoration, such a vehicle to the registrar may be one of the most exciting things in the wedding party.

The silver car for a wedding
Red car for a wedding

But in such splendor of rich colors and vividemotions should come only the bride and groom. For the rest of the wedding procession must select restrained colors. Even better in this situation, so that all cars were the same color. I think readers www.articlewedding.com wedding website agree that oversaturate car escort flowers of different colors is not necessary.

Pink car for a wedding

In the end, I would like to add that the most importantword should still hold the bride and groom. What they choose, and should be a key promise for the rest of the invited friends and relatives. In the end, this is their triumph!

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