Fashion trends in decorating a wedding convoy

All decorate their wedding procession. This means that in most cases one such tuple will vehicles alike. However, they all want to make as much as possible the original name in its honor. So to stand out, so will help jewelry, which will be qualitatively different from the other your wedding.

Car Decoration flowers

Easy, splendor and transparency

These qualities can be provided with a tape thatdecorate wedding cars. They should not be too bright or garish. It should also be borne in mind that it should not choose dark colors, especially black. It is best suited white ribbons that are elegant to look at the car. On the move they will also grow nicely when the wedding procession will rush you, or to the registry office, or on the continuation of the event.

Ornaments on any selection

Soft tuple attributes

It is fashionable to decorate the newly-made cara pair of not only classical rings, and soft toys and dolls. The role of the soft component can act nice and cute bears, who will kindly look at each other. In addition, many agencies offer wedding bride and groom dolls such as those installed on the wedding cake. However, instead of confectionery stand such a doll to be placed on the hood of the car newlyweds.

Even you can offer plush hearts,that will symbolize your feelings for each other. In this case, most likely, you should abandon this idea, as too many sets such attributes to their plush wedding car. With this, perhaps, agree to most readers site.

Toys on the hood of wedding car

The good old bulbs

Do not rush to say that inflatable ballswedding cortege look standard, if not banal. It's all about how to present them visually. It is fashionable not just hang out on the machine the most balls and make them beautiful and stylish designs which resemble a garland. To do this, of course, need the balloons a little smaller, to the whole composition looked properly. In addition, the large inflatable balloons often simply detached from a vehicle during travel, while garland permanently attached around the perimeter of the vehicle. Because decoration balls - it's not such a bad idea!

Ornaments of wedding machines balls

Fresh flowers everywhere

The classic view of jewelry, which is alwaysis fashion trend in the preparation of a wedding convoy, are fresh flowers. They can be attached to the vehicle and the hood and sides, and even a place in the cabin. In this matter, as they say, you just do not overdo it. It is worth noting that the favorites are always and everywhere regarded as the roses in this matter. White may be noted car newly-married couple, while red will be covered with all the other machines.

White wedding car

The rings on the hood

You must agree that such ornaments are notdisdain all. However, from it in any case should not be abandoned. First, you can always find not only skillfully made but also fashion rings on the car. It would be a desire. And secondly, it rings symbolize your feelings and willingness to start a family. No wonder that they share the newlyweds?

All users experienced wedding portal can confirm that the decoration of the tuple is the work necessary and responsible. The main thing that the bride and bridegroom all loved it. After all, this is for them all done. And most importantly, what should be remembered is the fact that each selected item decorations should be in harmony with other attributes, to avoid any visual saturation.

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