Jewelry for men

Usually, the decorations, we understand something feminine. However, for centuries men's jewelery in great demand not only among the fair sex. Do kings and pharaohs jewels symbolize the power and authority. Depending on what kind of people, class, team, team, squad man has a certain sign of belonging, as a rule, any decoration, which also could mean to achieve it.

History shows that men wore jewelryfor various reasons. Most wore and wear them for aesthetic motives, as a complement to fashionable clothes. At the same time it preserved the tradition of men's jewelry used as an indicator of social status, social status and, of course, marital status.

Men's Wedding Rings

One of the most common maledecorations. In addition to the usual form of rings, lately prevalent wedding ring, diamond, crowned. In this case, the husband ring thinner, less rich in precious stones, than his wife. Generally, men prefer rings classical form, without unnecessary details.

Men's Accessories

But even without male wedding ring is no end to the list of those things that are decorated with a menacing face of the strong half of humanity (for more details about the wedding accessories for men).

List of the most popular men's accessories: - cufflink
- bracelets
- money clip
- rings
- clock
- earrings
- chains

In search of precious high-class jewelery for men

Find high-quality piece of jewelery is not as difficult as it seems. Especially in our advanced time, when sitting on the couch at home on the Internet, you can learn everything about everybody.

Here are some simple tips for choosinga diamond ring. There are a number of important parameters that are worth paying attention to: form, color, transparency, and the number of carats. The main forms of diamonds: - Circle
- oval
- pear
- Marquis (rectangle)
- emerald

The color of the stone as an important parameter. The most common colors: yellow, blue and green. All diamonds are shades of these three colors. The most high-quality stone is the one in which these colors are less noticeable. If the men's gemstone rings will be barely noticeable crack - the transparency in the normal range. Weight stone measured in carats. This option will directly affect the cost of the rings: the more the value of carats, the higher the value of the gemstone.

Other signs of quality men's ringsThey are: the price, the complexity and uniqueness of the work. Antique jewelry, no doubt will be a wonderful choice for people looking for something special and unique. As a rule, antique jewelry guarantee a high quality, which is time-tested.

Tips for jewelery care

After securing the coveted jewel necessaryto care for her, so that she could travel with you your entire life. For this purpose it is necessary to regularly wipe the dirt accumulated on it. It is better to use special cleaners or wipe moistened with alcohol cloth. Clean as can be, and simple toothbrush. And, of course, do not forget to wear jewelry purchased. After all, they are designed to. Men's jewelry store best in boxes specially designated for this purpose. Breadbasket boudoir or separation is not the nicest place to store jewelry.

Finally on the men's jewelry

When buying men's jewelry, do not rush tochoice. Try to become familiar with a wider range of jewelry can be. Going shopping for this kind of thing can be fun. Perhaps you will be able to buy a men's jewelry, which will be your family heirloom, and is passed on from one generation to another.

For more details about the wedding accessories female.

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