How to choose an engagement ring?

As the rings are typically engagement rings with precious stonesIn particular, with diamonds. The thin ring is usually made of yellow or white gold. There are also combined and unusual rings, for example, titanium). They are attached to the wedding day and even a wedding ring. At the engagement, they are as if one. Both together and separately such rings look very unusual and beautiful. And, in general, no special rules on the choice of engagement ring does not exist, so the choice is entirely up to you. But, referring to a particular embodiment, engagement rings, keep in mind that wear it more often just before the wedding, and in the solemn day of the wedding before a meeting with her future husband a ring that can be stored and then transmit to their children.

When choosing an engagement ringlet very important notto be mistaken with the size. It is not like the wedding rings that the couple bought the future together. The most win-win situation when determining the size - is to take from some sweetheart ring, and go to the jewelry shop. It will help you remove the ring sizes, making it easierthus the problem when choosing an engagement "gift". But be aware that this method has its drawbacks. Firstly, if your pet is going to wear the ring on the ring finger, you should try to determine the most appropriate size of all of its rings. And, secondly, the girl might not like what you delve into her things when she accidentally discovered the loss.

A more reliable course - place the ring on the paper anddraw around it. With this pattern you can safely go to the jewelry store, which offers a large selection of engagement rings for the corresponding size of the pattern.

Another option - to put a ring on your finger, make a mark on the place where the most dense ring will sit. Next, pick an engagement ring on her finger around.

The safest way is to be requestedfor bridesmaid, bridesmaid to specified size has exactly the ring finger. But be careful. Try to keep your lover could not guess about anything.

Engagement rings are traditionally on the ring finger of his right hand, but you canwear it on your finger, on which you like, especially when buying engagement rings groom little wrong with his size (about the other wedding accessories, you can read here). The most important thing - is that you know the true purpose of this gift with your chosen one.

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