Wedding rings: that now in vogue?

Gold wedding ring can be white, andyellow, pink or even. Perhaps even a combination in one product. The surface must also not necessarily be smooth - available as an embossed pattern and an inscription inside the ring (here too it is up to your imagination!). That is what is not recommended, because it changed the decor rings bride and groom, it is better if the wedding rings are executed in the same style, differing from each other only in size and thickness.

Gold color depends on the metal, whichis added to the alloy. For example, gold, silver plus connect to get a greenish tone, copper - for red shades. The famous white together comprise gold, silver, palladium, nickel and zinc. In general, more than one experiment was carried out, so that we finally were able to appreciate the art of jewelery and enjoy a variety of shades. So far in the series for a full media kit is not enough blue tone. But even in this area there are first successes. However, it is not necessary to take the dark tones - a bad omen for the wedding rings.

What are the advantages of wedding rings of yellow gold?

The answer, like all brilliant - easy. The durability - in fact it is a symbol of family ties. Durability, reliability and at the same time the beauty, value and loyalty to tradition.

For those who like more expensive option, suitable decor diamonds. There may also be cut different shapes - from the traditional to say, the initial letters of his beloved.

An important condition here - the perfection of the stone. Often, small but perfect stone is worth many times more expensive than large, but with flaws. That's why when purchasing makes sense to require this certificate to be sure of its authenticity and quality.

In addition to diamond engagement rings in the decoration canIt is used or any other stone. Garnish can be precious alexandrite, emerald, natural pearls, ruby ​​or sapphire. Either semiprecious amethyst, turquoise, beryl, rock crystal, garnet, cultured pearls. Or look at the topaz, tourmaline or chrysotile. Among the semi-precious stones can also be found worthy decorate your wedding rings. For example, tasteful pattern of aventurine, agate, coral, jade, carnelian, amber or jade rings give uniqueness. Only it makes sense to get acquainted with the characteristics of the stones in advance. Recall that tends to get dark sapphire, turquoise - to change the color, and the fragility of the emerald is known not only by professionals. And ask about the values ​​of the stones would not hurt.

There is a more expensive option when choosing a metalfor engagement rings. For example, such a rare as platinum. It is for those who appreciate the quality and durability, strength and versatility. In short, it combines all the characteristics of an ideal family relationships. Among its main advantages - hypoallergenic, and the ability to maintain the perfect look for many, many years. Although there is an option and cheaper - titanium wedding rings.

What to write inside the ring? Before you go to the master, carefully consider what you want to say to your message. Engrave possible and the wedding date and names of spouses, and the oath of love or affectionate recognition (of course, decorated in a very concise manner) ... The right words will tell you the heart, and in the choice of wedding rings reliance is not so much a certain amount, but rather on its internal Feel. After all, everything has to be from the heart. Because all my life.

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