The difference of the wedding of the wedding rings

Since ancient times, there were twototally different ritual: the betrothal and wedding in the church, therefore, the ring meant for them are different. Why in our time we lost these old customs and traditions? Today on the site we will try to find out what is the difference of the wedding of the wedding rings.

Nowadays, most people takeconcepts: engagement and wedding ring, as synonymous. However, this is a profound error. there are fundamental external difference between the two types of rings. Which, we learn more.

Engagement Ring - happy ending love story

Perhaps the way it is. When man decided to give his girlfriend an engagement ring, it is, therefore, confirms the words of love and a conscious decision to move to a more serious relationship. We can say that an engagement ring - not just a symbol of male to female love, the result is a kind of a long process of selection and the only true life partner. Woman receiving such a precious gift, thus endorses the choice and agrees to subsequently connect the life legal ties with the man. So, a wedding ring - it is also the guarantor of man's words.

Wedding ring with a heart

Often, from the design of wedding ring candepend on the fate of the men. And sometimes, to make a special impression on his chosen one, and probably get her consent, a man presented as a wedding ring a family jewel.

Engagement ring

Previously, only she wore a wedding ring brideas an unmarried girl she was on the content of their parents, and then my husband. Now, in the modern woman no barriers, it is on a par with a man can give a gold gift as a token of his love, confident portal

The principal difference between a wedding ring is that it should be a diamond. There are several varieties of engagement rings.

One-level engagement rings

This type of ring - one of the most sought-afternewlyweds. With this arrangement, the stones securely fixed diamonds. Refined framing this type of ring attracts the attention of many women.


  • reliable fixation of stones,
  • strict style,
  • modern look.


  • It requires a lot of time to make,
  • quite expensive.

Engagement ring

Wedding rings with an almost invisible foundation

Gems such wedding ringsare located close to each other. As time passes underneath the metal base, which creates the illusion that the surface of the ring is strewn with precious stones.


  • maximum sparkle and brilliance,
  • presentable.


  • when defective installation of stones they may fall out,
  • high costs in time and resources,
  • the high cost of the product.

Wedding rings with a special socket mount

In this model, the ring metal base is almost completely surrounds the diamond and at the same time firmly fixes it. The popularity of these rings is growing from year to year.


  • metal base surrounds the jewel in part or in full.

Wedding ring with precious stones

Wedding ring - a symbol of the sacraments

It has long rings, which were intended forwedding, it was decided to do different materials: gold ring to the groom, and silver - for the bride. Unfortunately, at the present time, this wedding tradition of newlyweds hold unit. The main characteristics that are different from the engagement wedding rings are shown below.

Classic wedding rings

Wedding rings should be as easy as possible,no frills, and the more diamonds. As a rule, before on the inside of the wedding rings were applied the words of prayer, and not as is now customary to put the date of the wedding or the names of the young.

Wedding ring assigned a major role in the sacraments. Their omen - be a symbol of the mutual and pure love, faithfulness to each other and ready to help in difficult times.

Which would you not come to a decision: Buy two pairs of rings, or one choice will always be yours. Stick to those traditions that honor your family and your ancestors. And let your marriage is not "marriage", and strong and full of happiness conjugal union!

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