Wedding on a motorcycle

Catchy, beautiful, stunning,unusual wedding on a motorcycle riddled mood of freedom and fun. This celebration belongs to the theme, which are gaining popularity in the modern age. Newlyweds want a holiday with a drive, extreme, so the standard methods of the wedding attracted virtually no one. Chrome motorcycle, wedding guests, dressed in leather suits the mood of celebration set.

Original Wedding on a motorcycle

How to organize a wedding on a motorcycle

Wedding Celebration on motorcycles - a movementwhich must be made safe for visitors, newly minted spouses, and other residents of the city. In connection with this Plan the wedding route, decide the place of rest, take photographs, parking motorcycles to steel the horses do not cause accidents and traffic jams. It is necessary to negotiate with the bikers, who prefer fast and reckless driving with the wind, so they did not leave forward, not stand out from the tuple.

It is an unforgettable sight for the couple and guestsbetter organizing among the beauties bestowed by nature. Interesting idea - the use of awnings, tents for weddings to be festively decorated to give a feeling of celebration. Through these subjects, all wedding company will be able to escape the extreme heat, rain and mud, the windy weather. You can rent a summer terrace of the restaurant, tourist center. The organization of the wedding is better to use a catering service, which is the delivery of the finished food from the restaurant at the scheduled place of celebration.

Organization of wedding celebration on motorcycles

Wedding on a motorcycle can not do withoutMusical accompaniment: the highly popular cover bands that offer their own programs of interest in a certain style. On Music Think in advance, because good musicians guarantee fun evening, romantic or hot dances. Consider a wedding toastmaster program, ask for advice, possibly leading knows noteworthy group. This idea will fit perfectly in the celebration, held in the woods or park.

Besides the traditional banquet newlyweds canarrange fun for guests and, for example, book a flight in a balloon, parachute jump, horse ride for a wedding. If you prefer fishing or hunting, then nobody forbids to make a hanging in the celebration program on motorcycles. The scenario of the wedding should be painted to the smallest detail - photos, ceremony, fireworks, reception, performance artists.

Motosvadba in nature

Wedding transport should be a motorcycle. The bride and groom, who are traveling on a steel horse through the city, look beautiful, romantic. Future spouse brings to the registrar lover and the couple immediately stands out among other newlyweds. After the ceremony, the couple go for a walk and moved on a motorcycle. The main thing to look festive trucks for the wedding, was in good condition and did not let the newlyweds in an important day.

Lead may play a role during the weddingTraffic police inspector. Wedding themed contests do, for example, guests are divided into two teams, each of which shall depict a motorcycle with motion and sound. After removing the veil from the bride can tie a bandana handkerchief instead. Preferred music for celebration on a motorcycle is considered a rock, rock and roll. At the end of the evening you can make a song with a guitar. This wedding will be remembered for a long time to all participants.

Where to celebrate the wedding on a motorcycle

In most cases, the wedding on a motorcyclearranged outdoors. It can be forest-park zone intended for recreation, summer playgrounds. Bikers love to have fun from the heart, so the place should all be missed. Excluded design of territory of the wedding balloons, delicate flowers, but instead give preference flags with skulls and bikes. Entertainment wedding program should include fun contests for everyone. Do not forget about the appropriate music, refreshments.

Summer playground

Motosvadba on a summer area

Wedding on a motorcycle can be carried out onrented summer playground area cafe or restaurant with the possibility of placing tables outside the banquet hall. This celebration has a definite advantage: you do not have to be ordered separately food because restaurant employees will be able to take care of everything, preparing hot meals, snacks, drinks for the wedding. Restaurants at their disposal are often a leading, musical accompaniment.


Unforgettable holiday on motorcycles will whenhold it among the beauties of nature. Many perceive this idea positively. The forest, the lake, the river can serve as a venue for the banquet. Can you organize a wedding as a picnic, then why worry about the warm blankets, bedspreads, which will host guests. Treats may make fruits, sandwiches, fish, barbecue. For shelter from the weather organize a wedding under the canopy or crown of a large tree. You can arrange a barbecue dinner party with several kinds of sausages and meat.

How to decorate a wedding the newlyweds motorcycle

The decor of the wedding the newlyweds motorcycle

Decoration wedding motorcycle - a stylish,extraordinary, audacious project. A suitable option becomes a floral decoration. The compositions should reflect the mood of freedom, speed, impulsive and passionate love. The motorcycle, which takes a couple of the new life of the spouses, can be decorated with colorful intricacies gerberas ranunkulyusov, muscari, kraspedy, roses, tulips, orchids, greenery.

On a wing and a glass steel horse maylocated fragile flowers pastel palette on a black shining color that looks very sensual and temperamental. Contrast vulnerability and brutality of male and female will give a composition delicate orchids, pink and cream roses, scarlet dahlias, Nigella, hellebore, fruit vines. Hood motorcycle for a wedding can be decorated with flowers that echo the bride's bouquet composition, such as jatropha, rose, crocus, Anthurium, Ornithogalum.

Wedding images for the young Moto wedding

Suits the bride and groom are playing the main melody inwedding symphony. During the selection of the bride dresses should solve the important task: to look like a full-fledged relationship biker throughout the wedding, or to change the image later on delicate maiden with white princess attire? During the photo shoot, the registration may be young in traditional costumes, and the banquet change in these bikers.

Images of Young on motosvadbe

The dress and hairstyle for the bride

The bride can accentuate the wedding themeindividual elements, such as a beautiful tattoo, leather gloves without fingers, accessories with rivets. If you choose a short wedding dress, it can be white or bolder. Under the shorter dress with corset bodice bride can wear jeans, a leather jacket or a vest. The stylish and bright outfit in the style of the 60s, gloves, a hat with a veil, daring high heels - this choice say about rock 'n' roll mood future wife.

You can order a tailor white leatherDress for a wedding that will look stylish, unexpected and unforgettable motorbike. Selected garments must like you. It may be the most unusual style. A good option - white leather suit. Wedding Shoes in this case replaced by a high jackboots or biker boots. wedding clothes should be comfortable and practical, since most of the day you will spend on a motorcycle. Making shocking bride will be able to pack skirt, high boots, the image of cat-woman with a veil in leather pants.

Makeup muse biker wedding to becertainly striking: expressive eyes, red lips. Hair can be stacked high fleece, casually loose, tied in a ponytail. Pick the appropriate accessories in her hair wreath with the same colors that are present in the decoration of the wedding motorcycle leather band with floral composition, a bright veil in one or more layers.

The image of the bride on motosvadbe

The style of the groom

The future husband for a wedding can be put on theclassic dark suit or jeans and jacket, black leather jackets with studs. Do not forget to add a bright boutonniere. Very nice, stylish looks white shirt combined with leather pants brutal. Shirt can choose the style of 15-16 centuries with a plunging neckline at the front. Suitable biker boots, rough boots, shoes Cossacks excellent finish image for a wedding.

The image of the groom on motosvadbe

Wedding procession of bikes

Wedding on a motorcycle can not do withouttuple. If both husband and wife can drive, they can go to the individual bikes, for example, the bride will get white and the groom - a black bike. Steel horses in a motorcade - an unusual sight, which will allocate a wedding among others. In order to organize a column for the wedding, two-wheeled equipment located behind or in front of cars. Steel horses can go to a few or a single row, in a checkerboard pattern. Suit motorcycles are:

  • Choppers - an American invention, the idealversion of the tuple. They can be factory or homemade. For such a motorcycle is characterized by an abundance of chrome parts, horned wheel, a narrow front and wide rear wheel, lots of decorative details.
  • Sport bikes, "Cruisers", "tourists", Enduro, to be put at the end or beginning of the column, and along the way they will be able to perform spectacular stunts.
  • Trike - motorcycles with three wheels. They look brutal, powerful, and "voice" of the motor bike makes the heart flutter. Such a steel horse is astounding everyone.

Wedding procession of motorcycles

Photo Wedding on a motorcycle

Wedding on a motorcycle - a choice of creative, courageousnewlyweds. You will experience a lot of positive, new emotions, and guests will be surprised personality of your celebration. Children will be able to show the couple was not boring wedding pictures. Just imagine the wedding procession of motorcycles, which will be headed to the roaring steel bride and groom riding shoulder to shoulder! It will be an unforgettable and amazing wedding.

Wedding Celebration on motorcycles