Wedding movie style

Wedding - an important day for couples in love. To remember the party for a long time, we offer to find out how to organize a wedding in the style of the movie, which will allow the couple to feel like a real Hollywood stars. movie script wedding can consist of actual or young bride and groom can try yourself in the role of heroes known films.

How to organize and conduct a wedding in the style of the movie?

The main thing for cinematic wedding, as well as for shootingthis film - well-formed script. Please think over the story the movie that you want to implement, and then try to trim props. What could be the possible options for the wedding celebration of the movie?

Popular wedding option - a film festival. Here are realized the dream of every person: to become a famous movie star, who arrived at the Oscars. View a movie with his participation, to walk on the red carpet, to say the scene oration, get well-deserved award.

Styling wedding under the set -original solution film wedding. Invite the person to the role of director / cinema operator, consider the sequence of the shooting process, prepare all the necessary props: a chair with the word "Director", shout, cracker, microphones, cameras, spotlights.

Props for the organization of surveys on the film's wedding

An interesting option would be the fulfillment of the weddingmovie plot. Imagine yourself fictional characters who overcome all the obstacles of fate, by connecting their hearts forever. Here you can play your favorite characters in the movie, if you film enthusiasts, or write your script, realizing most secret fantasies.

What do you prefer: romance or comedy, gangster movies or action, fantasy or adventure? Do you like movies about vampires - then romantic plot film "Twilight" is guaranteed to fit. Love, passion, drama - the perfect base for your own wedding scenario.

You no longer on Tarantino's soul? Then the style of gangster movies - exactly what you need. Imagine groom famous mobsters who marry blindingly beautiful girl, eliminating all zealous fans. And the bride - a famous actress, whose every whim are ready to fulfill all the men of the world.

Stick to the wedding scenariocinematic style, or with a precision display scenes from your favorite movies - in all cases, remember that you shoot your own movie, so supplement with details of the plot, makes the film a reflection of your love story.

The image of the bride and groom: photo

Examples of wedding dresses for bridal wedding film






Making room in the movie style

Wedding Styling cinema hall under the selected script. To recreate the magic atmosphere of the festival will need a red carpet, a large screen, the Oscar statuette, slide glasses of champagne. If your wedding budget allows, rent a movie theater, where it is possible to organize a banquet, see a movie, solemnly handed statuettes. If there is no sufficient funds, then use mobile screens, projectors, and figurines are granted on an improvised stage.

Examples decoration of the hall for the wedding festival

If the wedding is organized as shooting a movie, youneed spotlights, camera, director's chair, party poppers, to create the appropriate mood. When styling the wedding for a particular genre of cinema using bright accents decor, clearly characterizing a movie that you play.

For example, for a wedding on the gangster filmWe suggested to use a prop guns, posters with photos of the bride and groom in the style of "A reward", vintage tablecloth with fringe, men's hats, playing cards.

Decorating ideas gangster wedding hall

Additional film festival will add styletheater unchanging attributes: invitations to the wedding with the number of tickets at a movie, movie posters with pictures of the newlyweds, film footage, popcorn, a bottle of Coca-Cola, wedding presentation program.

Decor items for cinematic wedding

Special attention to the style of the wedding cake, using key details when placing cinema: firecrackers, reels of film, the Oscar statuette, the red carpet, as in the photo below.

Cake wedding film

The dress code for the guests

movie wedding dress code for guests to writeinvitations. It is important that clothes are not shackled movement were comfortable, beautiful. For the Film Festival Women suit evening dresses and men - classic suits with butterflies.

If the wedding stylized specific genrecinema, define a key binding piece of clothing. For example, a gangster party - suspenders / vest for men, long gloves / tiaras for women, western - revolvers, fans. Help the guests, who were unable to pick up the appropriate retro props, arranging the inlet issuing themed accessories.

Scenario wedding in the movie style

The celebration will take place without a hitch, if youwill form a pre-script, which will be painted, as in what order to do and to say each participant holiday. An example of an interesting script, see below.

We offer you a script for a moviewedding historical genre medieval period, where there is the world of romance, chivalry and honor. The storyline - the union of two noble clans: the groom 'Lionheart' and the bride's "True valor."

Venue Styling Wedding Party underancient castle using chandeliers, armor, antique weapons (swords, shields, daggers), tapestries, parchments. For decorations, choose two basic colors that will symbolize the direction of the bride and groom. For example, gold - the color of the bridegroom, burgundy - the bride.

For the wedding of such style neededhistorical costumes. Lead can be dressed clown, herald or manager of the ball, waiters - dressed as court servants. Guests are asked to wear clothes of colors clan to which they belong.

Ideas clearance historical film the wedding hall

Getting wedding

After the registration of marriage and the traditional walk withnewlyweds, guests arrive at the evening meal. At the entrance of the historic meets girl in a dress, which checks clan clothing color, offers the young the desire to write in the ancient tome, inviting pass into the room to wait for the meeting of the newlyweds.

An example of a leading historical costume for a wedding

Under fanfare herald in a historical costume, dress, see example in the photo above, opens the event with the words:

"Brave knights, fair ladies!

Welcome to the celebration organized inafter the great event - the wedding of two loving hearts: Alexander (groom's name), a noble family "Lion Heart", for centuries renowned for their fearlessness, and Elena (bride's name), the glorious clan "True valor", which is famous for the beauty of its finest representatives.

To comply with the ancient sacred tradition,strengthening marriage, I ask you solemnly to meet Suite, showering their heads wheat seeds, a sign of fertility, and ancient coins, a symbol of wealth. "

In the hall render basket with leather bags (photobelow), filled with wheat, coins, give their guests. Facilitator asks the participants to split up into two groups, forming a corridor for honeymooners meeting.

Examples of leather bags for coins, wheat wedding

Lead continues"For the full respect of the ancient traditions of the birth, the couple must lay his knees in front of the heads of the clans, to receive their blessing. Welcome parents newlyweds! ".

Get parents loaf decorated with the stylecelebration. Dresses parents should match the style of your wedding. Costumes parents should consist of a velvet cloak decorated with massive ornaments, crowns.

master of the Word"We meet the young!". Under the solemn music includes the bride and groom, go to the parents, kneel, bow our heads. For convenience, the newlyweds prepare low benches or small pillow under your knees. After receiving the blessing of the parents leading invites everyone to start a feast.

Contests for guests

Diversify your wedding feast will help fun contests, games, quizzes.

Magic divination

Cut paper castle, horse, baby,ancient coins and hung a beautiful ribbon. During the competition groom blindfolded, using scissors must get to his young family that will appear at the newlyweds.

Drinking song

Compose a medieval hymn newlyweds, pick up the music. During the wedding guests to share a song lyrics in unison to execute it. This competition is a good uplifting, rallies company.

Medieval dances

Volunteers offer to compose a first movement, and then perform a dance. The best dancer prize is awarded. To participate can both couples and singles.

Competition dancing on film the wedding of the historical genre

Competition for the most powerful knight

To participate are invited couples - knights and ladies. Wins the one who is the longest on the hands would keep his lady.

Accurate shooter

The test is performed on the skill of archery. The winner of the competition awarded the prize for the accuracy, firing range, the number of hits.

contest minstrels

Racing on the romantic poetry reading. The winner is the one who is best to read the poem the lady of the heart by getting her favor.

How nice to finish the evening?

Wedding ends with fireworks,show presentation with jugglers, both in historical films. The sea of ​​lights emphasize the solemnity of the event, will give an unforgettable experience to the guests. After the fireworks newlyweds served with a coach drawn by snow-white horses, where they go on their honeymoon.

Fireworks - spectacular end of the film the wedding

Video wedding in the movie style

Do you want to keep the memories of the wedding for a long time? Record a holiday on a video camera. There are several areas of the video recording, which was used in the movie weddings.

The first area - and remove it beforehandto mount a movie about your pair, which then can be viewed at the wedding. Take for the basis scenario, the video for a single event, such as a first date, a marriage proposal and groom hearts, or completely tell your love story.

Get acquainted with the original video invitation to the wedding:

If you decide to make a movie of your wedding, you'll like the movie shooting the principle of type «love-story» (video below). Remember the story should consist of strings of history, development, climax, the finale.

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