Wedding in vintage style

The bride and groom want their daymarriage has become an outstanding event in the life, memorable for them and for guests. Options for the celebration with fireworks, limousines, luxury clothes are considered commonplace - this is no surprise. What is to come up with a brand new, what would surprise everyone? Remember the famous saying:. "All new - is well forgotten old" Let's fast forward to the past, or rather old fashion, but in a new guise. Wedding in vintage style - just what you need!

What is vintage?

Fashion vintage firmly established in our moderna life. The word "vintage" is meant all the most beautiful and fashionable, it was in the past. For example, an old ball gown, lying in my grandmother's trunk, or heirlooms stored for centuries in a casket.

fashion vintage

This new retro style associated with goodtaste and quality and is gradually replacing the brash glamor. Vintage style (antique) is present not only in clothing, it is well settled down in the furniture, design of apartments, and even in the design of mobile phones.

It is important not to confuse retro style with second-hand. The thing must not be old, and the old, almost antique. Things are under 20 years old are not used here. Vintage style allows you to create your individual image and not to be like anyone else.

Vintage wedding is characterized by a combination of simplicity and elegance, about her memories will warm the hearts of all those present for a long time.

How to start design of the wedding?

To clearly stand style to startto determine at what stage of time you want to move. Maybe you want to be in the 30s or 70s of the last century, or dare to try on before last century?

Having defined the era, explore the fashion trends of the time, try to find the right clothes and accessories. In order to accurately reproduce it, see movies, photos, postcards of past eras.

Vintage style

Decor invitations in vintage style

You want to impress guests from the first minute? Then prepare the original wedding invitations.

Vintage invitation card reallyto make their own hands. The inscriptions do antique print ink. On the one hand cards will let invitation text, and on the other - Aged newlyweds Photo

Vintage invitation card

Interestingly will look invitation cards in the style of the ancient Old Russian letters, folded into a roll and tied with ribbons.

Vintage card in the form of old letters

The special charm of different wedding invitations decorated with various details - satin ribbons, lace, beads, artificial flowers.

Decorated wedding invitation

Inviting guests to stipulate their wedding theme and dress code. Let the ladies will wear bright dresses and elegant discreet veils and the men decorate your outfit butterfly and suspenders.

In the palette of vintage should not be bright, causingcolors. Try to pick a soft, quiet pastel shades. Mostly, it's coffee with milk, white, pale pink, champagne spray. Is acceptable as pale green, light blue.

Vintage clothes newlyweds and guests

Bride in vintage style is not necessarilyshould be white, is fine beige or light pink. Embroidered dresses with lace, beads and decorative beads. On his head instead of a veil - a graceful veil, a hat or a brooch.

Vintage dresses for wedding

To match the dress chosen shoes, lace stockings and gloves.

Lace is a key element in vintage style. Not bad fit into the overall image of a pearl necklace. Hair, makeup and jewelry the bride should be elegant, restrained.

The groom's suit will determine braces or waistcoat, tie, hat. Originally will look bow tie. Decorate suit and buttonhole flower clock on a chain.

Vintage style for a wedding

Guests at a wedding in vintage style can be dressedhow arbitrary and stylized: girls in dresses of the same color, the guys in vests and suspenders. Well, when it used the same clip in hair and bouquets.

Guests at a wedding in vintage style

Vintage bridal bouquet and boutonniere

Bridal bouquet is chosen to match the dress, it shouldIt is straightforward and stylish at the same time. It includes flowers that were in the bridal bouquet of previous generations. Ideal for vintage style combination of flowers: violets, jasmine, pansy, peony. Let bouquet is small, modest, without modern decorations.

Vintage wedding bouquet

Small bouquets can also be and bridesmaids.

In his lapel jacket groom mandatory boutonniere should be - nice and original, eye-catching. Ideally - with the same colors as in the hands of the bride.

Vintage boutonniere

Place a wedding celebration in vintage style

The ideal for the event will be an exquisite place somewhere in the countryside - flowering garden, river or sea shore, sunny forest glade.

Venue vintage wedding

If the wedding is scheduled for cooler timesyear, it is better to spend it in a good restaurant or a classic mansion, which will be formalized in the right style - soft fabrics in pastel colors. Registration should cause a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Making vintage wedding

Decorating a banquet hall for a vintage wedding

Guests will be pleasantly surprised when they see beforeentrance to the wedding hall tree wishes. On it fasten card, decorated with tiny ribbons with wishes for the newlyweds. Such a tree is woven out of thick wire.

Wedding Wish Tree

The decor of the wedding hall is performed in the same style,everything is harmonious and beautiful. Tableware - vintage tableware, lace napkins muted colors. Decorated with soft smooth fabric furniture and floral ornaments make room fabulously beautiful. Add romance forged candlesticks, mirrors in antique frames, bird cages, porcelain figurines and copper.

The decor of the wedding hall in vintage

The romantic mood of the wedding guests will create music, they will be captivated by the melody, sounding from an old gramophone or phonograph.

Example of room for a vintage look wedding video.

Making wedding table

Bouquets of flowers in vases, stylish napkins,decorated with artificial flowers, pearl strings, laces give a special presentable tables. The backs of chairs strapped delicate ribbons or satin cloth.

Wedding table design in vintage style

To decorate the hall you can useFloral garlands of paper lace, antique lanterns, streamers. The original solution is the wedding photo stand - one wall decoration adapted antique photographs of the young, in a beautiful setting.

Wedding photo stand

Food at the wedding in vintage style is not necessarily cook grandmother's recipes, it can be quite modern dishes, but unusually decorated

Food at the wedding in vintage style

The most anticipated moment will be the emergence of a wedding cake - air and light, this culinary masterpiece, decorated with lace pastry.

Wedding cake in vintage style

At the end of the celebration the couple can give guests small gifts - sweets, badges and other gizmos hidden in fine vintage wedding candy boxes.

Vintage Wedding bonbonniere

Wedding procession

This sensation will make the wedding procession,headed by retro car, festively decorated with flowers and ribbons. The car, as well as all the other attributes of the wedding in vintage style must match the selected period.

Wedding car in vintage style

Video: Wedding in retro vintage style

Wedding in vintage style requires a lot of time,effort and cost in preparing. But it will be an unforgettable celebration for the newlyweds, they will be happy to again and again to view the videotape and admire a film starring retro, as it makes the girl in the video.

If you have to start a family soon, consider the option for themselves the wedding in vintage style. Share your experiences and thoughts, ask questions in the comments below the article.