Wedding in the Ukrainian style

Wedding celebration - an exciting, long-awaitedand joyful day, which is bound to bring the newlyweds a lot of positive impressions, unforgettable moments and sincere emotions. But to turn this holiday into a bright, energetic, extraordinary action, the future spouses must give preference to themed weddings. One of these weddings are gaining popularity because of its colorful traditions and costumes, it is a wedding in the Ukrainian style. This folk tunes, catchy music, funny customs and traditions, they will not leave indifferent and Suite guests.

How to organize a wedding in the Ukrainian style

Themed weddings require a huge trainingknowledge traditions, ceremonies, national characteristics. For Ukrainian wedding every detail and the little things that can capture the atmosphere of the national celebrations. Therefore, you need to start organizing a search of the place, a good lead, selection of festive costumes, music or find professionals who organize thematic wedding, they will take all the organizational efforts on itself.

Wedding celebration in Ukrainian style

Finding the right restaurant - the most important item inorganizing weddings in this style. It is desirable that it was a restaurant with a national Ukrainian cuisine, decor. Modern restaurant in the style of hi-tech, modern is not suitable for such a celebration, and if the opportunity to rent a thematic restaurant is missing, it will have to intercede on decoration material, as well as enjoy a good good catering service.

wedding invitations should be issuedbright colors that will point to the Ukrainian wedding theme. The invitation can be issued as a regular roll, with a picture on it couple in love, dressed in Ukrainian national costumes. The same type can be made name cards for seating guests. Also, it can be an invitation:

  • The decorated with national ornaments;
  • With drawings loaf, viburnum, towel;
  • With a picture of wheat fields, etc.

Ways to design the wedding invitation in the Ukrainian style

The image of the bride must also meetcelebration. The dress can fully replicate the national Ukrainian costume, and an abundance of accessories only add color. The hair can be woven fresh flowers: poppies, cornflowers, marigolds. On the loose hair can be dressed beautiful wreath with colored ribbons - a symbol of female honor. For accessories are perfect coral necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Make-up can be a little brighter than usual:

  • bright lips,
  • long eyelashes,
  • rouge.

Perfect wedding bouquet in the Ukrainian style - a mix of wild flowers, viburnum.

The image of the bride at the Ukrainian wedding

Wedding bouquet Ukrainian style

Embroidery, harem pants - the most striking elementswedding suit for the groom. Bloomers should be bright red in color, as well as a supplement to serve a wide belt. The groom may be limited Embroideries, linen or black classical trousers. For decorative suit of bright embroidered vests Hutsul style. The main thing - do not be afraid to combine, complement their outfit details.

Variants of the groom dresses for weddings Ukrainian

Scenario wedding in the Ukrainian style

If you are planning a wedding in the Ukrainian style, thewill have to comply with a variety of interesting, exciting rites. It all starts with the redemption: the place where the bride lives, decorated with colored satin ribbons, flowers, fabrics with Ukrainian embroidery, baskets of fruit. For the groom, the bride's parents beforehand prepared interesting tasks, riddles and bride hide itself among her friends, and the groom, to get to it, must pass a huge amount of testing.

Bride Redemption in Ukrainian style

Also, after the marriage ceremony, the parentsYoung newlyweds greeted with bread and salt. In the role of a loaf of bread appears that the couple should take a bite, and according to popular belief, who took a big bite, he will lead the family. During the banquet the most vivid, memorable rite is considered to be the custom of "cheboty", the essence of which lies in the fact that the son advance buy a pair of boots and during the banquet solemnly puts on them. At the end of the ceremony the mother-in-law with dancing together for fun, fiery Ukrainian music.

We must not forget such a romantic andtouching tradition, which is called "transfer of the hearth." Parents of the newlyweds light candles in the hall extinguished the light, and the guests are arranged in a circle, holding unlit candles, greeting each utters speech, kind words, seeing the young to meet his new family. For competitions are ideal:

  • Karaoke with Ukrainian songs;
  • Competition eating dumplings;
  • Dance competition for the best Ukrainian dance "hopak";
  • Theft and bride price;
  • The contest "weaving wreaths";
  • Stealing the bride's shoes, etc.

Ukrainian wedding tradition - to send the family center

Making the hall in the Ukrainian style

Dressing rooms for Ukrainian wedding -this is one of the most important organizational issues. To decorate the room, you should choose a colorful, warm colors, the atmosphere of cheerful holiday. Clay pots, Ukrainian folk instruments, and dried flowers, wreaths, satin ribbons will add a special flair decoration premises.

Methods for wedding decoration of the hall Ukrainian style

Tablecloths on the tables may be made from flax,embroidered with a beautiful ornament, and chairs can be real bed towels. Replace the chairs are long benches of wood and beautiful wicker furniture. Tables should be filled with an abundance of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine: dumplings, bacon, homemade sausage, cabbage rolls and delicious Ukrainian borsch in the pot. We should not forget about traditional Ukrainian beverages: kvass and gorilka.

Decoration wedding table on Ukrainian wedding

wedding cake is obliged to transfer the long-standingtraditions of Ukrainian culture. For its correct design fit bright colors, sunflower flowers, poppies, and the figures at the top of the cake should be "put" in Ukrainian folk costumes. In addition to the cake, wedding table should decorate festive loaf, which is considered a symbol of prosperity and family happiness.

Options for a wedding cake in the Ukrainian style

Video process

Watch the video, like a pair of fun and thematically noted wedding celebrations in the Ukrainian style:

Ukrainian wedding - it's fun, and romanticprovocatively. Bright costumes lend a special atmosphere of identity: an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. If you are looking for new ideas, you should look for them somewhere in the old: old traditions, cultures and customs. This wedding will be like newlyweds and their parents, as well as guests. A photo from the wedding ceremony will fill a family album and will be reminded of this unpredictable, fun event.