Wedding in the style of rock

For today's young people's wedding - it's notjust an excuse to gather all the relatives and close friends to celebrate family, but also an opportunity to reflect their tastes, interests and hobbies. It often happens that couples agree on the basis of musical preferences, so future spouses try to show it in action. Wedding in style rock - a true celebration theme of freedom, irrepressible fun and energetic rock, beloved heroes of the occasion.

How to organize a wedding in the style of rock

The first steps in the world of rock culture waswell-known rock 'n' roll - fun, bright line, has incorporated the best aspects of blues, country, boogie and other popular destinations of 40-50-ies. Rock-n-roll urged people to dance, they became more liberated, there are many fans of interesting new genre. After about twenty years development, in the early 60s there were records with songs that we can now call rock.

The first performers of rock 'n' roll

For another fifty years, the rock wasset of transformations, took various forms, it has given rise to many new genres of music. At the moment, the rock direction includes dozens of subgenres, and almost everyone is reflected in one or more of them. The selection of music for the wedding - a matter of personal preference rock culprits celebrations. What will it be - easy rock-n-roll roots of a unique genre, hard rock or jazz? You decide.

What do I need to do that to organize a wedding in the style of rock:

  • Choose a place of celebration. In the summer the ideal option would be holding a wedding in the lap of beautiful nature. Fresh air and good music create the perfect mood of the guests of celebration. Also suitable summer dance floor on the beach, the lake or the outdoor cafe with a stage and space for movement. Another great option Letnik - celebration in a country estate. The banquet is held indoors, and an active program in the street.

Wedding in country estate

the year is the best time for wintersuitable club or restaurant with the obligatory presence of the scene, a place for dancing. Suit large and bright rooms, biker clubs, richly decorated with symbols of the rock style music bars.

  • Send the invitation cards. To give an idea of ​​the style of the guests about the upcoming wedding, you need to carefully approach the creation of the invitation. Postcards should reflect the theme of the celebration: for example, it may be the classic rectangular cards with images of guitars, drums and a famous singer. You can make invitations in the form of plates or electric guitars, send gift music CDs, which will be written in time and space rock wedding.

Invitations to rock wedding

An interesting solution - custom courier services, whichchange clothes in a rock style, and play a few songs before the award of the invitation on the guitar. If you plan to dress code, be sure to include it in the card and send it for a month or two before the wedding, the guests managed to create an appropriate style.

  • Think through what the dress code. Strict dress code - it's fine, but many of the guests may be difficult to independently choose the clothes (which mostly deal with the older generation). Help the adult guests - Find grandfather bandana with skulls, the Pope let the leather jacket, my mother asked to wear a black dress and leather bracelet. Support style event get clothes and other - for example, combinations of jeans.

The outfits in rock style
  • Choose rock wedding menu. Choosing dishes on the menu, you can go to any popular with your kitchen - during the celebration of the triumph of rock there are no strict rules about the dishes. This may be as a rich Russian cuisine, if the wedding is in the style of the favorite Russian rock and American, if you prefer rock music group overseas. Do not be redundant even look exquisite European dishes, boldly experiment with the menu items.

But the main wedding dessert, great cake,must maintain the style of the event. Decorate tiered artwork thematic elements or even create a treat in the form of an electric guitar.

Cake in a rock style
  • Buy alcohol. Many bars, restaurants and other sites provide an opportunity to take a drink - it should use. At the wedding, rock drinking should pour a river: it can be delicious cocktails, kegs of beer, champagne, wine and stronger drinks.
  • Order the wedding procession. Underline style event will order a suitable wedding convoy. The ideal choice would be tales: if the groom is able to drive a motorcycle, you can carry the bride right on it. If not, the bride and groom can sit on an American-style convertible and drive around the city in motorcycles surrounded by roaring their engines - a motorcade surprised not only the guests, but also pedestrians.

Wedding procession rock celebration
  • Order services of a professional photographer. Unusual thematic event deserves to be etched camera, so be sure to invite the photographer. Memorable photos from that day will be a long time to review both the couple and the guests. If possible, we should also hire operator - after the wedding, he mounts an interesting video about the triumph of rock style.

Rock culprit celebrations will pickoutfits for themselves, because all eyes at the wedding will be addressed to them. Optionally, give preference only rude, brutal things rock style, dressing for a wedding, only a little is enough to emphasize the image of some of the details, though, and full compliance with the style is not forbidden. The groom can wear jeans or a set of classic suit, supplement the image of black leather jackets, accessories this style.

Images of rock newlyweds

Decorate dress accessories such as a bandana,massive bracelet or a watch, cufflinks in the form of skulls or small guitars. To emphasize style, the bride can wear a contrast to the white shirt - black.

Beautiful outfits heroes of the occasion

As for the bride, a girl can createsoft, romantic look, as if to show: despite the unusual musical tastes, it remains feminine nature. Otherwise, on the contrary - the bride will want to emphasize your free rebellious character, wears a short dress with a black belt, the top nakinet black leather jackets and hair done high fleece. The choice is the culprit triumph: she must form a style according to your taste in clothes.

Interesting rock image of the bride for the wedding

A perfect solution would be a dress-transformer,that the ceremony will be a long, gentle, and after a petticoat subsides and beautiful outfit will be a playful short dresses, allowing plenty of dancing.

Making a wedding in the style of rock photos

When selecting the venue, finishedbasic preparation, the moment of creating the style banquet hall, where the wedding will take place rock. The main colors of the decor will be, because the rock - it's not just black. You can combine black with white and other shades of linen or even abandon it. Black and fuchsia, burgundy, yellow, blue or any other that you have to like - choose. A more delicate design use as a background color of white.

Decor room for the wedding rock

Making room strongly depends onwhat style of rock prefer young people, because they are there in abundance. To glam rock need to shine, contrast, brightness, hard rock still prefer black, but rock and roll is in harmony with the colorful decor. Universal Parts decor premises - this electric guitar that will hang on the wall, printed posters with statements favorite rockers, painting graffiti.

Details room decoration for wedding

An interesting solution if you planseat guests at separate tables: create names for tables according to a popular rock festivals, and in front of the room to put the stand with flyers, where every guest will be able to read their names and understand what the festival will take the table.

Stand with nursery flyers

Another fun element of decoration for a wedding rock style: stand placement with Russian pop singers unloved, which will be able to present to leave the darts in between activities.

The target for non celebrations

Creating a festive decoration of the hall for the wedding of rock,feel free to combine incongruous, to experiment with colors, textures, use the items that you feel are appropriate solemn day, but do not overdo it. Suppose that helps you create a style of the room where the wedding will take place rock, a few people to give a fresh look from the outside.

Scenario wedding in the style of rock

Scenario wedding rock can begin foreclosure orskip it. Redemption may be a musical battle between the two giants of rock music style - witness the bride and groom. After several contests related songs favorite artists of the future spouses, the originator of rock celebration gets to his beloved. Then the young people go to the registrar for registration or exit the ceremony.

Interesting night ceremony rock wedding

When the registration is finished, passes photoshootnewly newlyweds with holiday guests. Professional photographer makes staging and random frames with a variety of props, the appropriate style of rock. When shooting ends, the couple, accompanied by the original convoy traveling to the place of the long-awaited wedding banquet, where they meet the guests.

Photoshoot magnificent celebrations

Hero for the day, be sure to hireprofessional facilitator who will prepare interesting musical competitions, assignments, tests for wedding guests, based on the tastes of the groom with the bride. Tamada will not let guests get bored, tell interesting toasts and congratulations, cheer guests with original jokes. The highlight will be the newly-married couple dance that they can perform at their favorite rock song style.

Leading wedding with rock newlyweds

When the party comes to an end, everyone can go out to see the gorgeous fireworks.

Music in the style of rock to the wedding

Wedding in a unique style of rock requiresinvitation music band, who will perform your favorite songs not only the heroes of the occasion, but also to be able to entertain the older generation familiar tunes. It is best to call the versatile musicians who can play everything - from Russian rock hits of the eighties to today's popular songs.

Performance of a rock band at a wedding

Maybe in your town have a good group,playing his music and his lyrics, which makes a good rock - invite them. Novice teams take inexpensive, and are laid out in full. Music of your wedding - a matter of preference, you have to choose your own playlist. The energetic hard rock, progressive and new wave - talk to your partner.

Remember that during the wedding willpresent the older generation, which many modern compositions seem incoherent noise. If you know that the parents or grandparents do not appreciate your venture with Pankov rock - it is better to choose something softer.

Video process

Wedding original rock style - is a fun,energetic event which will give the audience a sea of ​​positive emotions, recharge your batteries for a few weeks in advance, so you need to prepare for it carefully. Choosing this type of event, you can be sure - it is a celebration for all the guests will remember.