Wedding in the style of Barbie

Fast time flew - from the once smallnaive girly, playing dolls, rose a real bride. She is preparing for the wedding, going through all sorts of options and styles celebrations scenarios. For girls who do not want to part with my childhood, the best choice would be a wedding in the style of Barbie, which provides the opportunity to be the bride of a charming princess long-standing dream. The bride will try on the desired chic outfit with sequins, are flashed around the ribbons, bows, balloons, creates a special holiday atmosphere. Romance!

Palette for a wedding in the style of Barbie

If you remember, what you will wear Barbie dolls onstores, be sure to notice that their clothes mostly pink or purple. These shades are dominant and at the wedding. When selecting clothing newlyweds and guests, invitation cards design, banquet hall, wedding cake they successfully diluted with white, beige pastel, turquoise color. The warm, cheerful colors will create a festive mood. The main thing - do not overdo it with them to the feast has not turned cloying.

Traditional color style Barbie

Elements of design triumph in gentle tones

The image of the bride and groom in the style of Barbie and Ken

At the wedding in the style of Barbie bride looks likefamous and beloved doll. Childhood dream has come true - the figure with perfect proportions wonderful dress sitting, which did not take his eyes. Even if the girl is not quite the model parameters, it is still a well-chosen dress will make her more beautiful. Look for contoured with open shoulders, corset, lush multi-layered skirt. Designers offer a wide selection of wedding dresses in the style of Barbie variety of colors, you'll see it on the wedding in our video collection:

On the bride will look great whiteoutfit, complete with pale pink accessories, or raspberry, plum, cherry until saturated. Whichever shade for your dress or elected hero of the occasion, sewn in the style of Barbie dress will make her a princess. Satin bows, ruffles, lace, beads, long train anyone at the wedding will not leave indifferent: many bridal salons have such dresses. Light make-up caramel cream tones and pale pink lipstick complement the image. Correctly perform make-up will help you a video:

Hairstyle Barbie - flowing hair, or softflowing hair, arranged in a certain way. Decorate a festive packing pink flowers, bows, barrettes. To pick up the wedding dress of silk or lace gloves pink, magenta, white. A good addition to the addition will be a bright clutch Handbags. If the bride's dress with pink elements thereto suitable shoes of the same color. It will revive the image of Barbie, will become a highlight.

The groom, who agreed to play the role of Ken's wedding,once this act proved his beloved feelings and willingness to play along with it in any undertaking. Classic black tuxedo with a tie, a white shirt, the color of boutonniere bride dresses accentuate the elegance, good taste young man. Well, if it is - a stylish, relaxed nature, to show individuality wedding help pink or crimson jacket.

Wedding dress of the bride in the style of Barbie

Dress for a wedding in the style of Barbie

Making wedding in pink-gold scheme

Dresses honeymooners, wedding roomshine with traditional style for Barbie tones - pink, purple, lilac, pale turquoise, golden. Widely used artificial and fresh flowers, balloons, transparent draped fabric. Preference is given to those shades and the design of the invitation card, and the selection of dishes. The combination of a neutral white color creates light, pleasant to the eye of the composition.

In the absence of appropriate skills forsuccessful wedding color schemes are encouraged to contact a professional artist-designer bridal salons. Then the gala evening will be held on the brink of reality and fairy tale, leaving the guests and the newlyweds a lasting impression, colorful pictures, exciting videos.

Complimentary for guests

Invitation to the wedding - a business card youngcouples, so think about the design of greeting cards in advance. It would be in the order of their printing studio and to the agreed layout. Very nice look cards in the style of Barbie, made of white or light pink cardboard decorated with golden thread, tiny satin bows, roses and beads. The pastel shades give them elegance, sophistication.

Invitation cards in the style of Barbie

Invitations to a wedding in the style of Barbie

Complimentary for guests, decorated in pink

Decoration wedding hall

A banquet hall for weddings should look likeunusual, fairy princess to the palace. For this purpose, a garland of artificial and fresh flowers, balloons, hearts, pink bows on chairs, purple cloth spread out on the white tablecloth. Do not put on the table colored dishes, limit skeet transparent safety glass. It should be a large number of vases with flowers - white or pale pink orchids, violets, roses. Their eye-pleasing colors and delicate aroma if immersed in a fairy tale.

Decorating wedding hall in the style of Barbie

Making a banquet hall in the doll style

Wedding decoration in the style of Barbie

Bridal bouquet in pink colors

The romantic image of the bride will not be complete withoutwedding bouquet. Do not underestimate the importance of this attribute, because it will be present in all the photos. Choose wedding gentle, sensual bouquet, symbolizing innocence, purity of the girl. Look to the compositions of pale pink, purple orchids and other exotic flowers, or our domestic roses and peonies. The combination of pink with white is the best suited image of Barbie.

Pink bouquets bride Barbie style

A wedding cake

What a holiday without the long-awaited deliciouscake? Wedding Barbie style involves a special cake, symbolizing the sweet life of young couples, so you should carefully consider its design. The best option would be a multi-storey cake, topped with figurines of the famous Barbie and Ken. When you see this work of art, the guests certainly not remain indifferent: golden-pink cake decorated with cream-colored roses, hearts, fruits, and other trinkets in the romantic style of Barbie.

Wedding cake for the bride-Barbie

Beautiful cakes for a wedding in the style of Barbie

cake decorated for a wedding in the style of Barbie

Accessories for a wedding in pink

Style Barbie distinguished luxury, glitter, brightand gentle shades, every detail is striking in its subtlety. Arrange on the table pink miniature vases for flowers, seedlings smart dolls. Tablecloths and napkins pick up the white and pink, chair covers must also contain these colors. Raspberry tone s golden reflections used in the manufacture of other wedding accessories - invitation cards, table cards for guests, candy boxes, wedding cake.

Wedding accessories in the style of Barbie

celebration decorated in pink

Decoration wedding car in the style of Barbie

Try to pick up a car for the newlywedspink, or at least with some pink fragments. This can be a retro car, and a modern limousine. On the hood, attach the doll wedding couple - Barbie and Ken at the front and sides of the car decorate artificial or living roses, peonies, bright ribbons. Excellent will look at the cars pink and white balloons.

Wedding procession in the style of Barbie

Ideas for thematic photo shoot

A wedding should be the most memorable eventHoneymoon in life, all the spectacular moments be sure to capture the photos and videos. For the photo shoot in the style of Barbie's head to the beautiful park, country house on the bank of the river or the sea. If possible, be careful with the lease of marine vessel, the yacht. Very beautiful photo obtained in the night city, which flickers cheerful lights. Run into the sky Chinese lantern and make a wish, you will come out an unusual, romantic image.

Thematic photo shoot in the style of Barbie}

The bride and groom in the image of Barbie and Ken

With a harmonious combination of all the parts and successfullyselected colors wedding will be an unforgettable holiday. Beautiful bride's dress, groom stylish suit, bright accessories, decoration of the banquet hall, the newlyweds car - all it requires good taste and a bit of experience. To help you organize the wedding may wedding agency experts. The idea of ​​such a celebration worthy of attention, it is important to keep a sense of proportion in all the right accents - and then a romantic holiday will certainly enjoy all the invitees.