Wedding in the style of a fairy tale Cinderella

What is it - Cinderella? Gentle, cheerful, affectionate ... In short, a real princess. It's all about you? Cinderella Wedding in style help make their dreams a reality! Wash floors yes sew clothes for naughty nurses do not have to. Organize a delightful wedding ball, which you and your loved ones will appear as the heirs of a kingdom. Pumpkin, glass slippers, a coach and a wand attached. Decision is made? Then boldly for the cause! Here are some tips to help you organize a holiday.

Palette for a wedding in the style of "Cinderella" fairy tale

For the preparation of the wedding ceremony in the style oftales will take much more effort than the usual classic celebration. Agency for organizing such events offer a lot of options, but if you are creative, energetic, try to become the director of your own wedding. The main thing - the prince on a white horse and a magic wand, or rather the love which creates miracles - you already have.

The ideal venue for your wedding styleCinderella will be a country residence or palace. Rent a bit pricey? Dont be upset! Create a fabulous interior in the banquet hall of the restaurant does not present much difficulty. The wedding will take place in the summer? Organize on-site banquet in a beautiful location in the city or outside it. Yes, about the "royal residence" look around: make a gorgeous photo session in the style of Cinderella and her Prince will be cheaper than renting the castle for the day.

Wedding Cinderella style palette

The color scheme in the design of a stylized celebrations

The main tone of the wedding style will be soft,pastel shades of blue, cream, pearl gray. Cinderella with dark skin, dark hair to the face are gentle olive peach tones. Depending on the color preferences Pick up decorations wedding ceremony, consider your own image, help the groom with the choice of attire for the wedding.

Fairy-tale image of the bride

A fragment of a fairy tale

Pick an unusual image of a romantic personfor a wedding in Cinderella style. Working dress with apron and neat cap on his head, leave for a photo shoot. Today you - the prom queen, or rather the princess. What do you need?

  • Magnificent wedding dress pastel colors give grace, emphasize the youth and beauty of the bride.
  • Fabulous glass slippers. Modern designers offer wizards literally crystal shoes, but it is preferable to choose a wedding elegant shoes, in harmony with the style of your dress.
  • The snow-white veil, shrouding thinnest cover from head to toe. Elegant Tiara Princess accentuate the current status.
  • Satin gloves up to the elbow that can enhance the beauty of your hands.
  • Wedding bouquet of roses that love Cinderella "will give" one of his unmarried girlfriends.

Wedding Dress

Snow White princess dress, embroidered with gold,decorated with pearls celebrate charming form figures of modern Cinderella. Lightly covered shoulders, tiny waist, accented corset, full skirt, decorated with ribbons, embody the image of a mysterious princess, dropped a glass slipper. Innocence, mischievous, sensual style will delight the bride and the guests invited to the wedding.

Pale blue fairy dress "a la DisneyCinderella "will accentuate the bride's blue eyes shining like stars. Air ruffles, petticoats, tight corset will add sophistication. Creamy beige dress with a long train, trimmed with embroidery in pastel colors will make you feel the real princess at his own wedding. Especially, when there will be a favorite "Prince", who gave her heart.

Wedding dress for Cinderella


Without which there can not be held wedding styleCinderella? Without crystal shoes! It is tempting to look chic and exquisite shoes Christian Louboutin, in the style of Disney fairy tales. If the good fairy godmother incurs financial costs, do not hesitate to agree. Otherwise - choose elegant transparent shoes, inlaid stones, pearls, rhinestones. If the wedding dress is richly decorated, the beauty of your legs accentuate neat pumps, style suitable to the dress.

Crystal shoes, elegant pumps


The ideal completion of an image in the style of Cinderellais a simple elegant hairstyle: elegant knot hair collected with a scattering of small pins, shimmering like stars. Gently and romantic look long ringlets framing the pretty face of the bride. Fairy crown, tiara will give royalty to your appearance, and the veil of mystery adds a modern princess. Satin Gloves remind of the era of elegant balls, sincere feelings ... and fairy tales.

Accessories along Cinderella

The bride's bouquet

At the wedding in Cinderella style is preferredbook a discreet bouquet of white roses, cream freesia, orchids. If your heart is conquered roses, give up the bright hues of red. The white buds decorative design florists will perfectly look in hands of the bride. Your choice fell on the composition of colors created by designers from satin, beads, stones? This bouquet will never wither, for many years, reminding of a fairytale wedding.

Bouquet for the bride in the fairy-tale style

The image of the groom

What dress modern princes toown wedding? The classic three-piece suit of black, snow-white shirt, dress shoes - traditional, but somewhat dull image. Add zest style help:

  • costume change to a lighter color tone: gray, beige;
  • replacing the traditional tie a scarf on elegant, suitable style along Cinderella;
  • bunch of flowers, pinned to the lapel of his jacket.

The image of the groom Prince

If the groom has supported your efforts to organizecostume party wedding, help to dress the prince will be able to shop or company who give hire fabulous clothes. Tight pants, high boots, royal tunic with knots in turn beloved prince from a fairy tale "Cinderella." Crown heir to the throne, sword worthy finish unusual image corresponding to the style of the wedding.

The dress code for the guests

Party dresses for ladies, coats, suitsfor gentlemen - ask dress code in the style of Cinderella guests of the festival. Beat this time as a royal decree issued on parchment. Apply these things to the disposal of the invitation to the wedding. Disobey and do not fulfill the will of the king dare not everyone. A delight young ladies, dressed like a fairy princess, there is no limit.

Wedding dress code for guests

Ideas Your wedding in the style of a fairy tale "Cinderella"

The solemn ceremony of the painting, visitingCheck-style fairy tale "Cinderella" would not be complete without a little a page, feed engagement rings. The pad, which are crystal shoes with rings - a constant element of the holiday. Suggest nephew, younger brother role, from which he can not refuse! In place of the fairy wedding party invite leading show.

If you are planning to arrange a wedding in the openair, the best option will be to organize a festive buffet with musicians and dancing. If you have free time Cinderella and Prince before the banquet, arrange horse riding Suite. The white tents decorated with garlands of flowers, wedding arch with living sculptures, a huge pumpkin at the entrance, reminiscent of the unusual reincarnation, underline the atmosphere and style of fabulous action.

Making Cinderella wedding

Wedding Invitations in the form of scrolls

For guests just hit the ball and the princeCinderella, prepare well in advance for a wedding invitation. Stylized antique scrolls tied with ribbons with wax royal seal, they will delight guests. Unusual solutions are printing postcards with the image of mice, coachmen turned into the coach, pumpkin, glass slippers, Cinderella lost during his escape from the palace. The text of the invitation email to the old-style calligraphy.

Invitation in the form of postcards or scroll

The decor of the banquet hall

Decorate the venue for the wedding of Cinderella ball will help:

  • flower garlands;
  • unusual lighting, creating a fairytale style;
  • flickering candles, antique candlesticks, giving comfort;
  • furniture, decorated in the style of a fairy tale.

Emphasize the magic atmosphere of the wedding liveMusicians playing charming music. Wedding Honeymoon table Arrange with the help of balloons as a coach, crowned royal arms. Chairs-thrones Suite, antique furniture, chandeliers, chandeliers, appropriate style of a fairy tale "Cinderella" will take present at the reception in honor of the marriage of Crown Prince.

Wedding Decor

Wedding table in fairy-tale style

Dishes worthy of kings; cutlerycoat of arms; vases with fresh flowers - indispensable attributes of a wedding feast in the style of Cinderella. Figures mice, unusual candle-pumpkin carriage candy, decorate the table for the guests of the ball. Crystal shoes, candy boxes will please the kids. Emphasize the enchanting atmosphere of the wedding exquisite porcelain figurines of the main characters of the book.

Ask the chef to prepare meals,reminiscent of a fairy tale "Cinderella": salads, decorated like a clock face with the hands; cookie-like pumpkin-carriage; sweet jelly "mice". Pay special attention to the main table decoration sweet wedding - fantastic cake that the form of the royal castle or multi-storey tower, topped with a pad of "crystal" shoe. Talk about a wine list with a sommelier: refined drinks will adorn the banquet in Cinderella style.

Decoration of wedding table in a fairy tale style

Decoration wedding convoy

What should be a wedding crew of Cinderella? Certainly an elegant carriage, drawn by four horses with graceful festively dressed coachmen. The coach is not an option? Choose the right solution:

  • Retro car with an open top, decorated with delicate bouquets of fresh flowers;
  • Limousine styled carriage to the wedding;
  • Classic luxury cars, the hood of which is decorated with figures of the heroes in the style of a fairy tale.

Tuple for Cinderella and Prince

Wedding photo shoot in the style of "Cinderella" fairy tale

Wedding heir to the fairy kingdom -good excuse for unusual, extravagant images. Make unforgettable images of Cinderella heavy joyless days before he met with Prince preferably before or after the wedding day. But dress with apron is not hide: the delightful photo fitting shoes lost in the fairy-tale style will hit a wedding album. Former manor, chateau are gorgeous backdrop for a photo shoot:

  • A wide staircase will entourage to the scene of the heroine escape from the ball-masquerade;
  • Apartment Residence will add photos of aristocracy;
  • A well-maintained park, lake in the territory will roam imagination of the young.

Wedding photos in the style of Cinderella Suite

Ideas for a fabulous photo shoot

Variants of photos from the wedding in the style of Cinderella

Lightness, photo Cinderella-style humor will addfunny pics newlyweds, performing in a fairy-tale love story against the background of my grandmother's quilts with homemade crowns. The most important thing - the feelings, and not the presence of palaces and wealth. Do not forget to emphasize the style of the wedding: crystal shoes, shoe, pumpkins, watch, fairy fairy with a magic wand welcome.

Ask a professional to make a few shotswith "Cinderella": flowing hair, light make-up, natural postures enhance the beauty of the bride. Let the brave prince will present the beloved lost shoe. The final image of wedding photography should definitely be a fabulous kiss lovers in front of admiring "subjects", the appropriate style of a fairy tale.