Wedding in the Greek style

Greece has long been punishable romantic natures scentsclear sea, where the water is so transparent that it is always see the bottom, bright, warm summer sun, leaving tan, light cuisine. Many couples have a desire to go there to spend a gorgeous wedding. Wedding in the Greek style - this is a budget alternative for dreamers, which involve the treasures of ancient Greece, a similar event will long remain in the hearts of those present.

How to organize a wedding in the Greek style

Greece is at a considerable distance fromRussia, its culture formed long rich history, but not looking at the big difference in cultures, many wedding customs in common with Russian. For a wedding in the Greek style was a success, you need to intelligently approach the organization, study the characteristics of the event, consider the unique scenario of the upcoming celebration. For the organization of the wedding should be:

  • Celebrate summer. Summer time is best suited for the celebration of Greek-style wedding - it will allow guests to future spouses to wear light clothes, to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere of Greece. Suit also warm spring months, if not the promise of heavy rain, the early months of autumn to the cold weather. If you are going to celebrate a wedding in the winter, think about choosing a suitable restaurant or hotel.

Summer Greek wedding celebration
  • Choose the venue. To create the atmosphere, the future spouses must choose a place near the water, it is better if it is a sea coast. Another option - a holiday by the river or a large-scale organization of the banquet in the territory of the ship. If your city does not have a suitable place, find the area near the fountain or podyschu restaurant with Greek cuisine, decorated with colonnades, marble statues.
  • Invite guests. Invitation cards for the guests of the event must be one of its kind report on the subject and style of your wedding. A good solution will be invitation-scrolls tied with an elegant ribbon. To scrolls were similar to ancient Greek, can be specifically "wear" paper for invitations. Cards need to send guests in advance if the future spouses are planning a themed wedding with a dress code.

Original invitation to the Greek style
  • Establish a dress code. It is not necessary to ask all the guests to dress in a Greek tunic dresses and men - is only distract attention from the main characters of the holiday. Invited girls better to wear pastel-colored dresses on the floor or above the knee, to men - light suits. Avoid standing green and shades, which the Greeks considered mourning.
  • Think over the wedding menu. Wedding in the Greek style has a simple menu selection. Greek cuisine is diverse, rich in vegetables, fruits, seafood and meat. Traditionally, the wedding baked bread flavored with spices (rosemary, basil, saffron, mint) - a meal is like Russian wedding caravan. The obligatory dish on the table will be a Greek salad.

From appetizers newlyweds can arrangeGuests bowls with delicious olives, feta cheese, seafood - small dishes with these ingredients are called "meze", they are usually served with alcohol. A good desk decoration will dolma, which is analogous to the usual cabbage for us, where instead of the cabbage leaf is used grape. The second main course can be souvlaki - pork kebab on wooden skewers, served with lemon and bread.

Varied menu for the Greek wedding

Choosing alcohol, prefer a light semi-sweet wines, citrus liqueurs. Strong drink is served in the Greek ouzo, having similarities with absinthe.

  • Order an unusual wedding procession. To fully support the theme of celebration in the Greek style, the future spouses can enjoy an unusual transport - a Greek chariot. If the restriction will not find such a tuple fit plain white carriage, decorated with white flowers. For the winter version of the ideal solution would be the white car decorated with ribbons with Greek ornament.
  • Arrange a thematic photo shoot. For photos and video of the holiday long delighted the participants unusual props, vivid detail, colorful costumes, it is necessary in advance to find a photographer who will help organize a thematic photography.

Beautiful Greek photoshoot

Making room in the Greek style photo

Wedding in the Greek style requires no pretentiousdesign of the hall for the celebration. Pay attention to the color. If the event is celebrated in the room, remind guests of the wedding theme soft blue, white and blue colors - the colors of pure Ionian Sea. Golden Greek ornaments, pastel lemon yellow palette casts associations with the warm sand, gentle southern sun. Beautifully will look white color in combination with any soft shades.

Making a banquet hall for celebrations in Greek

Greek wedding does not need contrastaccents, will be the main decoration of the details of natural nature. For example, choosing a room with a colonnade, future spouses can enjoy an artificial vine - the element of decor perfectly fit into the interior. A suitable decoration become lush branches of olive, laurel. On the territory of the banquet hall will look good white flowers, which are present in the bride's bouquet.

Details Greek processing facilities

Beautiful elegant amphorae, trays and bowlsfruit, wine goblets, pottery snack items will be suitable to create a Greek-style wedding. Well, if the hall will be decorated with imitations of Greek sculptures and statues. Magnificent details for your wedding decor - light, flowing fabrics, shaking even from slight gust of wind.

If the wedding will be celebrated on the seacoast, floral motifs, in addition to beautiful views of themselves will be sufficient ornament. For a wedding on the coast is better to use only one color for the decor - white.

Scenario wedding in the Greek style

Traditional Greek wedding is taking place on a large scaleand lasts for three days - from Saturday to Monday. During the first celebration of the heroes of the occasion get together with family for dinner to celebrate a happy event. The second day is dedicated to the official wedding ceremony and wedding. Third day - a rousing party with dances, songs, which will be the final stage of the wedding. The main part of the event falls on the second day of the celebration.

Feast after the registration of marriage in Greek

The traditions and peculiarities of the Greek wedding:

  • Redemption. The Greeks, as well as in Russia, decided to carry out the redemption. Arrange presentation prepared by her friends, in the style of the myths of ancient Greece. For example, suppose that the main character of the festival will be the daughter of Zeus, which he does not want to marry without first testing for the groom.
  • Outside registration. To fully experience the festive atmosphere, the future spouses should organize an exit ceremony. Beautiful nature, picturesque landscape and fresh air - a great option for a Greek-style wedding.
  • Noisy trip. When the young go to the ceremony, and returned to her motorcade makes a loud symphony of beeps.

Visiting registration of marriage in the Greek style
  • Coronation. During the wedding the newlyweds traditional Greek crown headdress and after the wedding of the crown take off. However, often newly minted spouses leave themselves this decoration, and the next day they were honored as king and queen.
  • Wedding. Before the wedding is held an interesting ritual: heroes of the occasion should go to church the area on foot, on the way they will meet people who want a happy family life. The more people who met on the way of the future spouses - the stronger will be the marriage.
  • Broken dish. By tradition, the couple should split the plate at the banquet, the marriage was a success.
  • Musical accompaniment. The ideal option for a Greek-style event will be invited musical groups, performing instrumental music. Give preference to the following commands involving musicians harpists, flutists, guitarists. They tied another tradition triumph: the performance in the musicians throw money to the young to live comfortably.

Musicians on Greek wedding
  • Leading. In the role of toastmaster can speak ancient Greek gods - such as Athena and Helios. Professional organizers can consider cheerful Greek script with competitions for men (Heraclitus) and women (Aphrodite).
  • Dancing. The first dance at the wedding will be newly made husband and wife. During the dance, performed beautiful Greek rite - guests gather around the couple and dance in a circle.
  • Gifts guests. Be sure to prepare the candy boxes for guests - no party celebration should not get away with anything. As a present of a small suit sweets, nuts and dried fruit.

Dance on the Greek wedding

The image of the bride and groom

The bride and groom - is the embodiment of lightness,elegance, romanticism. Bright dresses and lightweight natural fabrics make the image of a couple memorable. To perfectly match each other, the future spouses can be ordered wreaths of wildflowers and plants that will be worn during the wedding.

Bride's dress

Traditional colors for Greek bride dresses -white. Girls can also take a look at a model of sand, beige, pale pink shades, but they must be pastel. Regarding the right style can not even think: Greek style dress looks gentle, elegant and suitable for all types of figures. Flowing fabric will hide flaws full of girls, and the unique silhouette of the Empire will add low-brides a few centimeters of growth desired.

Festive image of a Greek bride

Other components of the image of the bride

bride - a part of the image. Integrity, he will be given the right veils, hairstyles, makeup, bouquet and shoes. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Fatou Greek brides choose lemon, pale blue or light pink color - it is believed that color decoration narrowing protect from evil spirits.
  • Future spouse will be easy to pick up Greekhairstyle. Splayed locks with fresh flowers in her hair, high ornate hairstyles and stylish accessories to weaving strands of pearl - all this will come to an image.
  • Makeup is better to do in the style nyud or emphasize the eyes by drawing a neat black arrows.
  • For the bouquet the bride can use any colors white or other delicate shades.
  • Perfect Shoes - is an elegant, lightweight sandals on a low move.

groom Suit

To the image of the Greek fiancé was easy,recalled the warm days give preference to natural fabrics that do not crease. The future husband will look good in a neat beige suit, gray, cream or any other pastel shades. To fully comply with the image of a Greek bride may wear a tunic.

The bright image of the Greek groom

Video celebrations

Wedding in the original Greek style -an event that will leave all attendees an unforgettable experience. Unusual ransom beautiful ceremony, a magnificent banquet with a unique Greek cuisine, themed games, competitions and a fabulous photo shoot - all this awaits participants of the Greek wedding torzhestva.Ubedites it, watch the video below.