Wedding in the French style

Wedding in the French style - a dream of everysecond bride. So why not put this idea into practice, giving the most important day in your life unique charm and charm of Paris? You do not have to be French. It is only necessary to understand the three elements on which rests Parisian chic - elegance, sophistication, elegance. If you can bring these elements into the ceremony, the unforgettable atmosphere transports you to France, with its triumph of taste and unique sense of style.

How to organize a wedding in the French style?

Sophistication, luxury capital, Parisian chic -these are elements of a French wedding. Triumph you can arrange in the estate, restaurant, always chic, status, refined. The entire wedding style should be soaked romance of Paris. From dishes and ending with the groom's buttonhole - Chic felt around on a stylized wedding. Making room in the French style is to create a background for the winning pictures are appropriate flowers, chocolate figurines, balloons. This decor will allow to beat the variety of subjects.

Wedding in French

Wedding in the French style should becarefully considered, especially images of the newlyweds. For the bride the perfect option - pastel close-fitting dress. Fortunately look white, coral, pink, violet colors. Preferred headdress, for example, surround the flower with veil. In celebration design should adhere to the pastel colors - peach, light green, pale pink, cream, pale yellow.

To support the French-style weddingsend this elegant invitation guests, which depicts the iconic architectural monuments of Paris. The main dessert festive table can become the Eiffel Tower, composed of sweets. This will be an excellent alternative to a traditional cake at the wedding. Such objects in the frame look extraordinary, advantageously, once again recalling the French style.

The image of the bride in the French style

The French are trying to organize everything without unnecessaryhassle, steadily and slowly. They are carefully prepared for their future life together. The image of the bride in the French style is thought out to the smallest detail. You should take care in advance about the selection of suitable outfits and accessories. How it should look like a bride in the French style? First of all, it should be synonymous with the image of sophistication, elegance and charm. After all, the French all over the world are known for their manner of dress. These images always have something attractive, exciting.

Wedding dress and shoes

French style represents a particularfemininity. But do not confuse it with sexuality. Typical for the fatal temptress attributes in the form of a very tight dresses, mini, vertiginous stiletto real French woman would never allow. She chooses a quiet femininity, expressed in fitted silhouette, emphasizing the waist line dresses, stable, comfortable and at the same time high-heeled shoes, accessories, which put the beautiful and spectacular point in the whole image.

For the French ideal wedding dress longmidi cut which can be direct or diorovsky New Look with a narrow bodice and very full skirt. Apparel may be flowing with an open top, a classic sheath or in the spirit of old France with a corset, skirt volume. A characteristic feature of the selected fashion trends is a combination of different things, layering. How is it to bring the image of the bride?

You can make your appearance in the Frenchstyle based on the dresses, hats, fur coats, veils, interesting shoes. Winter and fall seasons provide an excellent opportunity to effectively, but at the same time perfectly to beat wedding attire different wardrobe items. For example, the French are crazy about all sorts of handkerchiefs, shawls. Handbag and shoes should also be on top. And do not think that under the long hem of her dress no one will notice what you are shod.

Choose a high-quality, good, stylish shoes. A small clutch ideally complement the image, giving it a touch of French chic. When you create your wedding dress, remember that less is better, but at a high level. Therefore, in the form should not be hype. Restraint and moderation - the characteristic features of French fashion. But if you arrange a wedding in the style of Versailles, is richly decorated corsets and skirts - just something that will play in your favor.

To create a well-known French charm onwedding suit fabric flying, direct free silhouette, medium neck, lace. Feel free to dilute the image of veils, hats, which like to boast Parisian ladies at social events. The color scheme should not be screaming. Matching colors - cream, white, black, beige, blue, black. Without fear bring to the image of pastel colors, for example, a muted yellow, pale lavender, the color of a tea rose.

My attire French bride

Hair and makeup

French style offers two hairstylesdirections. For the first is characterized by simplicity. But this does not mean that the bride need to comb your hair and get out into the light. The style should be the highlight of which will play on the contrast with hair without complex parts, with the admiration and attract attention to himself. The second trend - a stunning extravaganza. French bride can safely choose hair smooth, add to it a spectacular accessory or a little gloss. You may use the greased back hair, large and bright décor styling.

Through the use of various accessories youinstantly turn into a charming Frenchwoman at the wedding. Use a hat, veil-the veil that adds a charming elegance. Choose a wide-brimmed hat or a tablet. This is especially true harmony of the bride, who is in love in a retro. French veil adds to the image of glamor, femininity and vintage. She stabs herself to flower hair, feather, or other accessory. The veil must necessarily be small or large grid.

French style does not put forward a lot of requirements tomake-up of a young bride. It should be natural, but not without a touch of elegance. Cleverly done make-up should emphasize all the advantages of the bride. The emphasis put on one thing - your eyes or lips. Together with the veil look luxurious velvet lips of wine color. For the wedding is permitted to add a slight blush to highlight the young bride.

Hairstyle for the bride French

The bride's bouquet

An important part of the wedding concept in Frenchstyle is the bride's bouquet. It's not just a vector that defines the direction of the whole floristic decor celebration, but also a key part of the image of the bride. Flower arrangements should be according to the rules. It is important to take into account the wishes of the girl, does not contrast with the celebration theme. French bouquet - an elegant, small, made up of white or pastel spray roses, small peonies, orchids, while blooming buds combined with unblown.

French bouquet for the bride

Wedding image of the groom

Images of Suite have a French-stylebe in the same key. Make sure when choosing every detail mentally compile all together and assess how it will sound together. For the celebration of the French subjects fit tuxedos, elegant jackets that will make your chosen one a unique style. Permission is granted to dilute the suit matching accessories - watches on a chain, gloves, ties.

The image of the groom in the French style shouldas clearly as possible to assert his masculinity, elegance. The final part will be a boutonniere. Made in the overall scheme of the wedding flowers, small and elegant, it should blend in with the bouquet of the bride, the other components of the celebration. Hairstyle in the French style, select strict, concise: no tousled locks. You can comb your hair back, permitting the length, make them special styling tool smoothness.

The image of the wedding the groom in French

The dress code for the guests

Dresses girls present on the Frenchwedding should be elegant and graceful: cocktail dresses midi length skirt flying, underlined graceful waist belts. Underline the selected style can accessories. The invited ladies are allowed to use in creating the image veils and other headgear, which are characteristic of the French style. It will look good if the bridesmaids will be dressed in a dress of the same color scheme or silhouette.

The male part of the invited to the French weddingGuests must arrive at the refined, classic suits twos or threes. In accordance with the style, instead of a tie, they are allowed to use the beautiful Neck scarves. Under the jacket, wear elegant shirt or sweatshirt with a high neck. But do not forget that among all men benchmark - the groom who must effectively stand out for its elegance against other males.

Dress code for wedding guests to Paris

wedding decoration in French style

Create a small island in Paris easy eitherplace, just need to properly arrange all, consider the atmosphere of the celebration. Wedding decor is dictated by the French stylistics: candles, crystal chandeliers, rose successfully emphasize the glamor. The highlight of the design can be a golden fruit. In general, you must use more pastel colors: pistachio, beige, white, pale pink, and other nice looking colors. Visually they make the space more attached to raid the French romance.

wedding decoration in French

Themed Invitations for guests

The French are renowned throughout the world for its impeccabletaste. They are considered the creators of elegant understated beauty in everything - art, fashion and architecture. Invitation cards in the French style for guests Apply for this: on the front side must be an image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or another symbol, and type the text inside. It is better to use an uppercase elegant font that complements the style of your wedding. You can decorate the invitation to the wedding all that leads to the novelistic thought: lace, ribbons, ornaments pink.

French Wedding Invitations

The decor festive table

An important element of the French design weddinga table setting. For it is better to use low decor floral arrangements. They should not be cumbersome to remain a space for socializing and meals. It can be both high and low vases. It is important to choose the right form of, for example, a good choice - a vase in a martini style. The long thin leg does not interfere with the balance of dishes, guests communicate. Add French romance help candles, decorated with a satin ribbon, beads. You can immerse them in water or in a high place the long candlesticks.

Add Parisian chic wedding table will helpalignment between devices of small statues of the Eiffel Tower, Amurchik. After the holiday, guests will be able to take them as a souvenir. Tablecloths, chairs decorate luxurious ruffles, which will bring French chic. As the candy boxes for guests may make surprises with eclairs, chocolate, small bottles of perfume for women and souvenir bottles of the elite alcohol for men.

table decor at a wedding in French

Decorating banquet hall

Banquet hall in the French style should beluxurious, elegant. Create an atmosphere to help the appropriate clearance. Notice the variety of drapery fabrics, pastel, gentle tones. Tables decorate with rose petals, figurines, bouquets. The room decorate arches, composed of fresh flowers. Draws its inspiration in the French fashion magazines, movies.

In general, the French wedding decoration should bewithstand rigorous style of luxury. Choose beautiful dishes, crystal glasses, learn the correct serving tables. For the decor is supposed to apply a small amount of pearl. The unique atmosphere will help to create vintage magazines, books, writing in French, original glasses with colors, gorgeous candlesticks.

The decor of the banquet hall in the French style

Wedding Menu in the French style

Delicacies on the French marriage must berelevant - canapes, snails, a variety of cheeses, delicious desserts, zhuleny. Take care that the wine list matched the chosen style, because at such a celebration can not do without French wines and brandies. The main treat - a wedding cake can be stacked, with the image of the French character, decorated with flowers, figurines of the bride and groom with their suitcases in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The menu for the wedding in French

Video: conducting the wedding in the French style

Wedding Celebration in the French styledesigned for those who prefer the bling. This reflects the charm of the wedding, the luxury of Paris. Every detail has to impersonate a slight refinement of France. Intuitively, all this you can see below in the video festivals in this style: the bridesmaids, dressed in the style of Coco Chanel in a little black dress with a string of pearls, items for decoration, nursery cards, which are penetrated by the French chic, suitably decorated photo shoot area, a place of exit ceremony cars.

Wedding themed photoshoot

Photo shoot in the French style will bring youlike a lot of fun during the actual shooting, and then, when you see the finished photographs, reminiscent of the most magical day of your life. For photoset suitable outdoor terraces of restaurants, cafes, parks, beautiful squares, streets. You can arrange a photo zone: marked up a large poster with a picture of a better location in Paris, a graceful set dressers and chairs, adding to their statuettes, you can recreate your favorite shots of French cinema.

Wedding photo session in the French style