Wedding in the European style

A wedding in a European has become increasinglypopular among today's youth. What is the difference between a wedding in a European style familiar to us from Russia? Think foreign serials, their marriage ceremony imbued with the spirit of the other, are especially elegance, style, good taste, uniform color scheme. There are no self-made elements of the decor, colorful dishes, dolls by car, the cheap ribbons. Everything is done professionally, rich, stylish.

How to organize a wedding in a European style

If you have made a responsible decision to makewedding in a European style, then keep in mind that the wedding ceremony and wedding ceremony held in a single day. Correctly calculate the time that it was enough for a walk, a photo shoot, a celebratory banquet. European wedding involves slowness, regularity in all the rush and bustle here is unacceptable.

Decide on a color scheme for your wedding. The selected color and its various shades drawn banquet hall, wedding arch, flowers, dishes on the tables, bride's bouquet, nursery cards for guests, invitation cards, wedding cake. It will help you to organize a holiday experienced stylists who work with the wedding accessories.

Making European wedding in pink

The image of the bride and groom: photo

Europe - this is, above all, classic andfinesse in everything, is no exception and dresses young. The bride wears a wedding dress before the snowy floor of extraordinary beauty. It can be embroidered with jewels, rhinestones, sequins, beads, decorated with lace. Elegant veil necessarily long, stretching even train on the floor. The groom - preferably in a classic tuxedo, but if it does not exist, in a stylish black suit, waistcoat, white shirt, tie.

Dresses wedding the newlyweds on the European


The decor of the banquet hall European-style

The highlight of the European wedding was that itcelebrated in nature, in some beautiful scenic location. For this purpose, suitable park, river, blooming green meadow country house, and even a passenger liner. If the cold weather does not allow it, then the venue for the wedding is chosen restaurant with a spacious banquet hall.

The style banquet hall - restrainedelegance throughout. The room for European wedding decorated with garlands of fresh and artificial flowers, picked in a single color. Europeans choose light colors such as white or cream, which is diluted with any other bright color. Around the tables for the guests is a lot of flower arrangements, they symbolize the creation of a young family.

The color design of the hall for a European wedding

In the hall there are separate tables for 6-8 people,space for each guest seedling indicated on labels. Guests are seated "Interest" - the married couple sitting apart from the free boys and girls. Young wife prepared a magnificent table, located on a hill.

Tables and chairs draped with light transparentfabrics, satin ribbons. The room is modestly and tastefully equipped with illumination - elegant chandeliers, garlands of lights, candles. Prepared room resembles a place for wedding prom royal couple, all kind obliging visitors to look the most elegant and beautiful.

Prepared for the European wedding hall

The dress code for the guests

On the Russian decided to choose a weddinga witness and a witness. The Europeans have a different tradition - from the bride and groom a lot of friends, girlfriends, all of them at the same time considered to be witnesses. The bridesmaids wear dresses, stitched or selected mainly wedding color. Styles and fashions clothes may be different, they depend on the characteristics of women shape. They are in the hands of the same flowers. The same colors decorated with bridal bouquet and boutonniere groomsmen.

The bridesmaids at a wedding in the European style

Friends of the groom just have to look atEuropean rich and stylish wedding. They choose the same tuxedos or suits and ties and waistcoats are trying to pick up the same color as the dress from the bridesmaids. Newlyweds together with witnesses like constitute a single composition, strictly in harmony in color. The rest of the wedding guests are free to choose an outfit to your liking, the only requirement - men in suits, ladies - in a chic evening gown.

Friends of the groom at a wedding in the European style

wedding scenario in the European style

All European weddings are aboutequally, with one scenario. If you have chosen for your wedding, this style, think in advance all the details. At this celebration is not detail, every nuance of his playing a role. If successful staging the wedding will be a great holiday that you will remember for a lifetime.

Getting young wedding meeting

On the morning of the wedding the groom's motorcade drove to the houseBride. At the entrance they met friends, who accompany the groom to the hall of the house. His heart trembles with excitement, is now a favorite will come to him. Five minutes later, the bride with her father out of the room, the groom gets to one knee, said her words of love, gives the bridal bouquet. Before you go to the venue of the wedding ceremony, it is advisable to cover small buffet.

And in the secret place is already an arch decoratedgarlands of flowers, drapes transparent fabric. It is an arch path for her young will go to the altar. On both sides of the tracks are arranged chairs for guests and floral arrangements. Leads European wedding toastmaster is not, and the administrator - manager, gives some guidance, coordinating processes at the wedding. Sounds solemn music, the administrator announces the beginning of a touching action.

The scenery of the European space wedding

Progress wedding contests which are suitable for guests

Groom with friends expect narrowing at the altar whereit goes hand in hand with his father. He symbolically conveys her future son, thereby expressing the hope that he would take care of her, take care of trouble. Ahead of the procession are the bridesmaids for their little girl in a white dress, sprinkle track petals of roses and a boy carrying a pillow wedding rings on.

An essential attribute of European wedding

After a short speech newlyweds priestexchange rings, say words of the oath, expressing their feelings, hopes for the future. Oath young underline confidence in their choice, willingness to be with her husband until his death. This is a very touching moment, causing tears of emotion from all those present.

After the ceremony of marriage registrationthe bride and groom leave the wedding walk and photo session. To do this, choose a beautiful place in nature, in the background that will get bright colorful photos. Guests can satisfy their hunger, organized by a light buffet. Not bad invite for a walk several musicians performing light lyrical melodies.

At the appointed venue banquet weddingtuple expect the assembled guests. They are along the track alive corridor, rose petals showered the bride and groom. Hall of the restaurant meets the newlyweds and guests pyramid crystal glasses with champagne, playfully shining rays of glare. Young take the top two glasses tied with a ribbon, the other glasses are guests. All are suitable for honeymooners, take the glasses, congratulated them with the creation of a new family.

newlyweds Congratulations to the European way

Leading invites you to go for a holidaydesk, guests are placed according to transplanted or tablets, begin your meal. There have toasts and congratulations, plays light jazz or classical music, artists perform pop numbers. At the wedding, be sure to have the floor groom's parents, after a pause - the bride's parents. Performed the first dance of the young, sounds of a love story, a modern slide show or movie.

Wedding in the European style: the first dance of the young

Leading announces competition Suite undercalled "romantic encounter". He asks three questions the bride and groom should not hear, because at that time listening to music on headphones. The bride answers to questions about their first meeting. Then these same questions are asked the groom. To the applause of the guests, he answers them. Young plays the very music that first date, they dance.

During the wedding offered another interestingcompetition called "portrait". Entertainer asks friends on a piece of paper to draw a portrait of the bride and groom. Guests at a time suitable to the sheet and dorisovyvayut one piece. When the masterpiece created together ready, it is put up for auction. The money earned goes to the young fund.

How nice to finish the evening

When the climaxEuropean wedding in a hall off the light, under the solemn music make a chic wedding cake. Around the cake lit sparklers, firecrackers. In this prestigious circle includes the bride and groom. They cut the first slice of cake, to the loud applause of the guests eat it together and kiss under the cries of "Kiss!". On young top flying rose petals, small balloons. After that, every guest receives from the newlyweds a piece of cake for a nominal amount of money.

The culmination of European wedding - a huge cake

The familiar tradition of throwing a bridal bouquetIt is present in the European wedding. Bride standing with his back to the unmarried girls, randomly throwing bouquet. It is believed that caught the bouquet of bride's hands, soon she will marry. Groom taking off wife's garter, she throws her unmarried guys. Ends wedding "dance of desire" - for young music sounds, and while they dance, each guest speaks for them a wish. After that, the guests accompany newly couple on their honeymoon.

Video European-style wedding

Wedding will pass quickly, will not have time to look back,both end banquet, will disperse guests. But it will forever remain in the heart of the fireworks of feelings and emotions, a kaleidoscope of events of this unforgettable day. Treat yourself to the pleasure of being extraordinary, is not similar to others, choose for themselves the wedding as Europeans!