Wedding in the English style

Choosing a particular style forwedding started not so long ago in Russia, but this trend from year to year is gaining its momentum. Original ideas and inventions related to the wedding celebration, are becoming more widespread. Wedding in the English style allows the newlyweds to plunge into the traditions of other countries and to organize a non-standard holiday that is sure to be remembered for a long time been invited. If the bride and bridegroom settled on a theme celebration, you should find out how the British decided to hold the wedding ceremony.

How to organize a wedding in the English style

At first glance, the couple seem thatto organize a wedding in a certain style is expensive and time consuming. You have to select the decor, buy it and use it properly, and not going beyond the subject. It is not so difficult! The question of cost depends on the wishes and possibilities of the newlyweds. You can opt out of the decorator services, because many of the details of the wedding decoration can be done to it - it is essential to reduce the cost of the preparation of the celebration in the English style. However, if you plan to note the wedding in style, then spend still have.

If the couple is uniquely decided to holdtriumph in the English style, it should look for inspiration on the Internet themed photos such ceremonies and pictures associated with England. This will contribute to ensure that you are imbued with the right emotion, which later will help to create a common wedding entourage. Remember that you can not apply for registration of the English marriage dismissively: if you decide to follow this style, all the triumph must be imbued them - costumes, accessories, cake, invitations, cards or even a nursery car.

The image of the bride and groom

When choosing a dress for the bride is important to observeBritish inherent restraint and elegance. Wedding in the English style includes classic long snow-white dress for the bride, but the use to create other colors of the wedding dress is not allowed. We must not forget that the English mentality inherent restraint, no frills or glamor, but the general view of the bride is supposed to be luxurious and somewhat stiff.

Irreplaceable wedding attributes Englishthe bride will be the classic high-heeled shoes, long white veil, a bouquet of pink. For the wedding ceremony the bride traditionally wears stockings on two blue garters, and one of them young ostensibly accidentally loses on the way to the registry office, and unmarried friends newlyweds pick it and tested with finding places around the marriage with jokes and rhymes. It is believed that the English custom ensures young family healthy offspring.

Another immutable wedding English tradition- To take something old, new, borrowed, blue, and put 6 pence in her shoe. The bride before a ceremony can take the old mother's necklace, wear a blue garter, to borrow his sister hairpin. New wedding dress will make the young. And do not forget the sixpence. The modern bride is still in the solemn day, wear a wrist decorative horseshoes.

Traditional wedding groom attire - a suitor pants with a shirt and vest, with an English wedding permitted podkatannye shirt sleeves. Style celebration requires a groom on a white garment. White may be the whole suit or individual parts, for example, a butterfly, a cylinder, tie, handkerchief. Jewelry for the groom serve things from traditional English symbolism - cufflinks engraved with the flag, butterfly or socks, painted national colors, etc.

Wedding dress in the English style

Dress code for the bridesmaids and guests

bridesmaids on the English canons shouldbe at least six. They traditionally wear clothes one style that the bride chooses. But my friend is always selected, it lays down the obligation to keep the wedding rings until the newlyweds exchange them. Also, he should take care of all of her friends of the bride during the wedding banquet. His outfit often takes the form of the classic dark suit triplets, but the British are often sew groomsmen dress in the same color as the bridesmaids dress colors.

Guests at the celebration can come in the eveningdresses and classic outfits. Do not opt ​​for the English wedding bulky jewelry or colorful accessories - stick to low-key style. By tradition, the head invited to the wedding ladies should be covered by a cap, modern women prefer flirty hats or light shawl. But bridesmaids cover their heads is not required.

Bridesmaids costumes for the English wedding

English-style wedding

Newlyweds need to decide what style theyThey want to hold a wedding - a luxurious Victorian cottage, or more democratic. If the bride and groom are supportive to the first option, then you need to look at the relevant items of furniture and decorations made of wrought iron. Fans simplified style is to stay on the wooden benches and white unpretentious arches decorated with flowers. Newlyweds are encouraged to adhere to the traditional wedding color scheme and the British used for decoration celebration blue, white and red colors.

Wedding in the English style includesDecoration way down the aisle with flower petals or baskets with fresh buds of roses. Unusually will look wedding car decorated with not a doll, and a couple of well-known in England Teddy bears. To add a colorful celebration, it is necessary to find a wooden carts or wheelbarrows, paint them bright paint and fill flower pots - this will create a cozy, warm atmosphere at the festival.

English wedding design style

Invitations and cards for guests

The next step - the creation of invitation cards. With their help, the newlyweds may hint to the guests about the style of the planned celebration. It is necessary to clearly read by British subjects in the design of the invitation. Wedding cards should decorate the national symbols, the bride and groom may decide to portray the famous Tower of London, Big Ben or the portrait of Shakespeare. Be sure to include postcards in the place, date and time of celebration.

Wedding Invitations in the English style

The decor of the banquet hall

When making a wedding banquet is important to observesense of proportion inherent in the English refined style. Traditional balloons, ribbons, bows, leave aside - instead newlyweds better to decorate the area with fresh flowers. On the English wedding need to use vintage tableware, tablecloths, utensils. The perfect complement to the established celebrations coloring will long white candles in old candlesticks.

Wedding in the English style is traditionally heldoutdoors - in country cottages, rented the old estates and other scenic spots. The ceremony is to feel the atmosphere of a refined English. This will contribute to selected newlyweds decorative elmenty: books, red candy boxes, models of telephone booths or bus, which is famous for the United Kingdom.

An important detail of the celebration will be in the English styletable decorations. The bride with the groom should take care of creating or buying a suitable flower arrangements. Newlyweds can stop the choice on round cacti decorated with fresh flower buds, or make compact "bath" in which small candles will float. If the couple are able to, they can collect wild flowers and put them in a nice basket.

English style wedding decor

The bride's bouquet

A bouquet to survive in the English style. White or red roses - a classic version. Allowed to choose other flowers - lilies, calla lilies or orchids, but in England, roses symbolize love, so it's best to stop them. Do not burden the bouquet a variety of decorative elements, the composition should get an elegant, gentle, low-key. Interestingly, the British decided not to throw the bouquet at the end of the solemn feast, instead of the bride's brother throws his shoes. The girl, whose words shoe will soon find your soul mate and get married.

Traditional English bridal bouquet

Treats and traditional English tea party

The English wedding is not carried out without the tea party, which provides for such traditional desserts such as:

  • Pudding of dates under the caramel sauce.
  • Eton strawberry dessert with cream and pieces of meringue.
  • Charlotte.
  • Sillabab (fruit sauce with white wine and cream).
  • Victorian cake (biscuits with a layer of jam or fresh berries), which is served to us instead of the usual wedding cake.

Besides various fruit desserts on the wedding tableusually served duck, puddings, casseroles, all kinds of sauces, fried pork. However, the main dish of a celebratory banquet will be an English-style baked lamb fillet with vegetables. Newlyweds need to stock up on plenty of drinks - champagne, red and white wine.

Wedding feast English

Video: holding classic-style wedding

Wedding celebration in the English style givesfreedom to manifest the future bride and groom its originality, organizing a memorable event for all guests. Newlyweds have the opportunity to feel yourself a very different culture from the inside, to get used to the image of the true British. If the groom with the bride has always been like adherence to traditions and canons, family values, a sense of tact and a classic in any manifestation - hence the wedding in the English style suits them best.

Wedding photo session in the English style

The conclusion of the wedding party should bestylish photo shoot. Perhaps the couple decides to go for that purpose in London, where they will hold your personal photoshoot on the background of the famous English architecture, or pick up the necessary decorations and remain in his hometown. Whatever decision took the bride and groom, wedding photos will look like frames romantic films, and the album will become a family treasure. Then you'll be proud to show pictures of their children and guests.

Wedding photo session in the English style