Wedding in style rock-n-roll

More and more newlyweds are choosing thematicparties to organize interesting and unforgettable wedding. A variety of options on this subject very much. For example, a wedding in the style of rock 'n' roll - a perfect theme to ensure the fun, fervent, extravagant style and interest to even the most conservative-minded guests. This style is able to attract people with specific tastes and preferences. Consider options like interesting issue hall, choose outfits and more on such an unusual wedding ceremony.

The choice of venue

Catching a matter of choosing the place for a weddingrock and roll, are suitable restaurants and cafes of the same style. As a rule, this interior is made of wood, from floor to ceiling, finishing tables with some dishwashing appliances, which in itself is already a distinctive, colorful looks, even without additional decorations. These places are popular constant playing and singing rock musicians, there is a special lively, cheerful atmosphere necessary for the triumph of style. Therefore, the wedding in the style of rock and roll will be a spectacular event.

The restaurant is in the style of rock 'n' roll

Making a wedding in the style of rock 'n' roll

Take care of the decoration of the hall, where there will beheld a banquet, using the rock-and-roll style. Procure the necessary accessories to the wedding really the various markets of antiques, perfectly suited the old musical instruments (saxophone, trumpet, drums), interesting men's silk scarves of bright colors, patterned leather gloves with cut-outs for the bones in his arms. What is useful to you for the perfect design wedding party in the style of rock 'n' roll:

  • Choose bright colors of balloons with helium: red, white, pink, black, green, balls can be with inscriptions and drawings of guitars, Elvis Presley, etc .;
  • Tables decorate small bouquets compositions of the same color gamut;
  • Great to use vinyl instead of supports under equipment per person;

Wedding decoration Alya- rock-n-roll
  • On the walls hang the real guitar, engines of old cars, motorcycles or their imitations;
  • Romantic bouquets decorating the tables, decorate elements of rock 'n' roll, for example, small skulls with stones;
  • From the ceiling hang even vinyl records in different sizes, colors and material;
  • But any unusual approach for a tuplebiker motorcycle with two seats, a black Jeep with an open top. Decorate it, tied to the back bumper of a lot of tin cans on a long cord, and the front bonnet, set a huge shiny rock guitar.

Wedding procession on the theme of rock 'n' roll

The outfits newlyweds and guests

If you have a wedding in the style of rock and roll, relevantwill use appropriate outfits for the newlyweds and guests. First, guests must be notified in advance about the topics of rock 'n' roll, and that will need to dress appropriately. Do not insist on the fact that the guest looked just as important to a sense of freedom at the wedding style of rock 'n' roll.

  • When guests come to the wedding, not matching the desired style, this situation will be resolved, be prepared in advance colorful scarves, ties in uniform with the wedding colors;
  • For the bride on her own wedding perfectlysuitable dress for the knee, white lace with black wide leather belt. Pertinent to a long train that is attached to a short dress, make-up, give preference to a broad arrows, bright red lips, let alone the shoe is white, and the other - red (so you will emphasize the theme of rock 'n' roll);
  • Bridegroom to dress a rock 'n' roll a great optionis a classic black suit with leather inserts on the elbows. Complete the image of lacquered black shoes, in your breast pocket insert yellow or pink scarf and her hair lay in imitation of Elvis Presley. Do not forget to wear sunglasses yellow or red shade.

Wedding image of the newlyweds in the style of rock 'n' roll

Accessories for a wedding in the style of rock 'n' roll

All highlight is in the details, sotake care of wedding accessories. First of all, think about the invitation in the style of rock 'n' roll and their design - which materials are suitable, enter any text. Another important attribute is the wedding cake. Think about his style and idea to decide on a recipe and add decorations (figure bride and groom, etc.).

Wedding invitations

To sustain the idea of ​​a wedding rock 'n' roll should be ininvitation, so come up and make a reservation, how to make invitation cards for your dear guests. It all starts with the invitation, carefully Treat image and presentation of information, use the date decor, themed pictures, create the necessary atmosphere of celebration since the first discovery of an envelope. Here are some ideas:

  • Cut colored cardboard plate to form thereoncircular insert invitation text, insert the envelope into the square, completely mimic vinyl records rock and roll 60s;
  • Sam envelope wedding invitation you can make out a dense translucent film, black and white decorated with carved figures of guitars, shards, the first rock star.

Invitation to the wedding with the theme of rock 'n' roll

A wedding cake

Wedding in style rock-n-roll requires to sustainstyle, and with the help of a wedding cake. Modern pastry capabilities will help to translate into real life any, even the bold idea. This attribute allows you to roam wedding fantasies and create a true masterpiece. When ordering a wedding cake on a rock 'n' roll, it is extremely important to determine not only how to issue, but with the filling, and a taste of the recipe it will have. Use the guidelines below:

  1. Think in advance, draw themselves the shape and form of the future of the wedding cake.
  2. Arriving at the place, make an order, talk with confectioner what toppings you want to see, look to match style and was delicious.
  3. I think maybe it will be single storey, but a big cake, which will depict a vivid picture of rock-and-roll style.
  4. If this is a multi-layer cake, then give it the shape of a guitar, or several stacked on each other drums of different sizes.
  5. Think about what colors you will use to decorate, whether small figures standing on top of the young.

Wedding cake in the style of rock 'n' roll

incidental music

Be sure to consider the entire repertoire of music,which will be played at your wedding. It is entirely creates an atmosphere of such festivals and selected rock style of the wedding will not leave indifferent to this kind of music every guest. Try not to use the most progressive music with the style of the latest generation of rock, and look for something with the times, in the light of modern treatment.

Live music. Nothing is more impressive as a live sound of instruments and voices singing at the wedding, so do not forget about the rock music of local artists. There are many songs that are popular with a wide range of the public of all ages. Allow visitors to order their favorite songs and be able to perform their own wedding.

The musical atmosphere of a rock 'n' roll wedding

Photoshoot in style rock-n-roll

After registration of marriage in the registry office,Organize a photo shoot himself with a rock 'n' roll. Be creative, do not neglect the spontaneous moments, inspire each other and romantic atmosphere. And here are some tips on how to beautifully furnish environmental situation in the desired style:

  • Improvised rock 'n' roll. Studio wedding photography, where professional photographer must necessarily be of any style attributes. Let the bride take rock guitar, groom seated at the drums, handing sticks;
  • Photo shoot on the move on a motorcycle. Very unusual shots that beautifully fit not only in the context of the wedding, but also a memorable family album.

Wedding photo session on the theme of rock 'n' roll

As an example, look at an interesting videorock and roll themed wedding, which will give you a record a slight idea how quirky and fun to beat this subject to the end, to consider every detail, to take advantage of some of the elements and view its style. However, you must remember your wedding will most unusual, memorable and interesting.

Wedding in style rock-n-roll - reallyinteresting idea. Yes, all the preparations are very important for a perfect script special day in your life. But most importantly - it is what you are creating the mood of the day, regardless of style. Be happy, and give this happiness to others, enjoy every moment, remember it and love one another. And then the positive mood, a lot of vivid impressions of the wedding you provided.