Wedding in style love is

I'm sure many will remember what a pleasurebring tasty chewing gum love is. Moreover, these sweets were applied bright inserts, which talked about what love is. Even in adulthood, we yearn for the old times and remember about childhood, which is associated with the popular chewing gum. Create a romantic atmosphere childishness and love will help themed wedding in the style of love is. But do not miss important moments and to organize an event at the highest level?

How to organize a wedding?

In preparation for the wedding must take into account many important moments, without which can not create the right atmosphere at the ceremony:

  • Room. Please take care that there is a spacious hall for a wedding celebration. After all, apart from the usual feast to be an entertainment program, which provides for an active pastime. Do not spend too posh room - you can design it originally unaided.
  • Menu. Most of the dishes must have original decor associated with symbols of love. The highlight of the festive table will be a cake made in the form of chewing gum love is. Desirably, the taste was similar to the taste of the chewing gum love is - apple, cherry, apricot, etc.

Invitations love is the wedding
  • Invitation. Cards for guests - a wedding person. Therefore, they need to be formalized in an appropriate style. At the invitation should be printed boy and girl love is, and a lot of hearts. Then guests will be intrigued before the start of the holiday.
  • Dress code. Do not forget to inform the participants about the fact that as a dress for the wedding dresses welcome gentle, pastel shades, which have all been associated with love.

Wedding accessories in the style of love is

Create the right atmosphere for the event will help specific accessories that are attached to all guests with love is chewing gum. Here they are:

  • Bonbonniere with bubble gum love is. Small gifts in the form of chewing gum brand cheer up all the participants of the celebration. As pick up candy boxes bags or boxes, decorated in a simple style.
  • Cards with the name of each guest. It is a good idea to ensure that guests did not panic and quickly found a table (or a place at the table). Cards must be drawn hearts and other symbols of romance.

Glasses and bottles of champagne-style love is
  • Glasses. It is necessary to decorate the table data objects in a single style. Make glasses with pictures of cartoon characters, hearts, ribbons, etc. If for you it is expensive, decorate the glasses yourself: razrisuy's watercolors.
  • Wedding book. According to Western fashion, the wedding is a special order wedding book, where guests will be able to leave all the wishes of the newlyweds. But the holiday in the style of love is necessary to slightly change this tradition. Let each participant of the event will write in the book what it means to love for him.

Ideas for decoration of the wedding hall

Decorated rooms, which will host thewedding celebration, should be given due attention. The first element, which must decorate the wedding - is the inscription «love is» from foam letters. Arrange them entry to the premises. Supplement composition should be bright balloons.

Example of wedding love is

Guests will enjoy the toy girls and dollsboy with gum love is the cover. Their establishment should be ordered in special creative studios. There can create soft dolls, as well as products made of wood and foam. Toy Size, select your own, but remember that big doll look beautiful and fascinating than their smaller counterparts.

Subject love is can decorate the weddinghearts and bows. The room should prevail colors, pastel shades, which is diluted with a passionate red. An excellent idea is to place everywhere pots with bubble gum love is - guests will be delighted to such an unexpected gift. Do not forget that the color should match the style of vases holiday.

Scenario wedding love is

Wedding Theme suggests love is brightrich evening. Entertainment events program should take any and all offers, or event participants quickly bored. In addition, in the absence of a specific scenario it is possible occurrence of force majeure. To avoid this from happening, the bride and groom should think carefully about the course of the wedding. A better idea would be drafting the script. We offer you the approximate course of events in celebration.

Cake in the range of gum love is

Start the holiday should be a pleasant moment -distribution of prefabricated gifts (candy boxes in the gum) all participants in the celebration. Those, in turn, congratulated those responsible for their holiday presents. After that, the feast begins, at which everyone present expressed their wishes for the newlyweds. Feast should be diluted with contests and games (find ideas for competitions you can in the next section). Signature wedding cake love is to help end the evening a joint tea party.

Redemption of the bride and contests in the style of Love

As it is known, before any wedding ceremony ontradition is bride price. When love is themed wedding ransom must also conform to it. So, the bridesmaids, who will carry out the redemption shall be dressed in beautiful dresses romantic style. Also allowed to experiment with the creation of the cartoon image. Do not forget to prepare a speech, you will pronounce the declaration job for the groom. Words must be distributed carefully and learn.

During the feast you need to entertain guests contests and games. Therefore, the options below for a wedding contests will be useful for you:

  • "Love - this ..." The guests are divided into two teams. Each team in turn defines the concept of "love". This continues until one of the teams is not difficult to answer the question.
  • "Nostalgia". Couples who are already over 50 years old, divided curious memories with her married life. Win those spouses who, in the opinion of the audience, told a funny and interesting history.

Contest "Nostalgia" at a wedding in the style of love is
  • "Dance of love". Married couples come to the dance floor, turn on slow music, the couple begin to dance. During the process of watching the other guests, who subsequently called the couple who performed a sensual dance.
  • "Hearts Bag". Guests are given the blank cardboard boxes, scissors, glue, colored paper (everything you need for creativity). They need to own to decorate a box to your liking. The winner is determined newlyweds.

Photo Wedding in style love is

Wedding wishes book in the style of love is

Triumph of Love in the style of





Video process

Wedding in an unusual style of love is necessarilywill appeal to all parties and newlyweds prazdnika.Gosti plunge into the world of love and romance, all that will be remembered for years to come. After all, the event will allow the atmosphere to remember the old days of childhood, once again feel the spirit of childishness and relax on the full program!