Wedding in style loft

Loft - a modern western trends, whichjust beginning to gain popularity here, but for a long time in great demand among the European citizens. Wedding in the loft-style - is creative, interesting and unusual. Simply put, the loft - is an urban style, a combination of new, trendy and contemporary pieces with old. Wedding this style will excite his extraordinary, extravagance and creativity. Such celebrations format remember.

How to organize a wedding in the style of a loft

The organization of such a wedding takes a lot of timeand it requires a huge, careful preparation and knowledge. All the complexity of the organization lies in the fact that this format is still in the development stage, not all aware of how to apply it, prepare for it. It is important to find the right location that will match the style of loft.

The ideal room for a loft - is abandonedfactories, the House of Culture, shops. These loft-site is now restored, take on a completely modern look, and then leased. Putting this style - it is an open space, high ceilings, metallic structures, untreated wood, brick, big panoramic windows. Therefore, the first step in the development will be to find a suitable place for the celebration.

Making restaurant loft-style

Complimentary for guests should be doneminimalist style. This may be a small white card with a neat black font, with no extra parts - concisely and simply. You can also add images or sketches or other megacities thematic elements. The main thing - it should be restrained, stylish and transmit the atmosphere of the future of the holiday.

The image of a bride in a loft-style does not implyfluffy dress with sequins and rosettes, massive rings. Style dress should be simple, neat, but the dress must have its own flavor: creative cut, lace inserts, embroidery. Attire should be complemented by major accessories, including necklaces, earrings or rings.

Bohemian chic - the best choice for the bride image. Particular attention should be paid to her hair: the hair is collected in a sleek bun, make smooth curls or choose styling a la bohemian chic. Bouquet should be as unpredictable as the celebration itself: as a rule, it includes the metal parts, wildflowers. The main thing - the brightness, unusual.

The image of the bride in the loft

The main colors of the wedding loft- green and burgundy,so the groom can safely choose this costume colors. Maroon jacket, light shirt, jeans - a great choice for a loft style. No shimmering costumes and strict maintenance of the classics. Wedding this style - is the embodiment of freedom, a combination of old and modern, for a strict tuxedo will look ridiculous on such a celebration.

Groom dress for a loft wedding

Scenario wedding in the style of a loft

Just the concept of wedding celebrationsloft-style shows voluminous figurative subjects. An excellent idea to be all sorts of quests, to enable most of the guests, but not bad and limit conventional wedding contests. Wedding in the loft includes creative and unusual approach to everything, so the free loft space specially equipped with different zones:

  • Chill out, where guests can sit on soft chairs, relax, enjoy a delicious champagne and a chat.
  • Zone equipped with karaoke, board games, video games.
  • Themed room with a shop, tattoo parlor. It is sure to please guests, and especially the female half.

Entertainment at a wedding in the style of a loft

For a wedding in the loft may not be necessarystandard scenario, but instead may be leading the witness with the witness or other close friends. This holiday format is far from the standard representations about the wedding. The triumph in the loft-style - is improvisation, embodiment of all the ordinary ideas, a nod to modernity. If you want to organize a wedding in a style discard standards, stereotypes and make this holiday a truly unpredictable.

Making room photo

First you need to decide for the design of the hall with the color scheme, and choose basic materials: wood, metal, etc. Consider the two main areas for registration:

1.Teplye tone. Great will be combined shades of copper, dark green, burgundy and peach motives. This interior create a welcoming and comfortable environment. You can add a candle and a fur track for greater comfort.

Wedding Loft in turquoise colors

2.Holodnye tone. For cooler design can be chosen shades of dark blue, gray, silver, blue. Use lamps or general lighting in the room is blue, to create a loft atmosphere in cold tones.

Wedding Loft in cold tones

To create the atmosphere of the loft, regardless of the color tone, it is important to follow a few main rules:

  • Lots of greenery, flowers and vases. A nice solution is to fill the space on the table an abundance of colors and compositions of plants.

Floral decor for loft wedding
  • Lighting. All kinds of lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendant light bulbs, garland.
  • Decor. The loft may be present items from all eras. It could be an antique clock, antique vases, modern fixtures, metal figurines, photos, menus in sheet form. Do not be afraid to combine incongruous.
  • Furniture. Can approach tough tables in an industrial style with metal legs, but instead of chairs is to use wooden boxes, barrels, iron stools.

Making room for a wedding in the style of a loft

Each room Zone can have itsindividual design and color. If you want to combine style loft with classical style is to abandon the bright parts. Against the background of the brick walls will look great light chairs in their cases, beautiful tableware, candles and old musical instruments.

Ideas bright loft atmosphere of the wedding hall

Video process

Choosing a wedding in the loft-style - it's one of the mostcreative options for such celebration to date. But this celebration requires a lot of investments, as well as the quality of the work of these professionals. The triumph in the loft-style - the perfect solution for today's unconventional couples who are looking for unusual options to celebrate this momentous day.