Wedding in style Gzhel

Wedding Fashion is gradually disappearing from the classics,stereotypes and templates. And most of those couples who adhere to traditional style, bring him something new, corresponding to modern trends. Wedding in gzhel style - a fashion trend that is increasingly gaining popularity not only in Russia but also in the West. Colorful Russian blue-white motifs managed to catch the fancy wedding decorators from around the world. If you want to make your holiday in Gzhel style, we first take care of the costumes the young and the decoration of the banquet hall.

The image of the newlyweds for a wedding in the style Gzhel

Wedding Gzhel - a triumph, made inRussian folk style. Since its main colors are white and blue, when you create the costumes of the groom and the bride not do without them. When planning a holiday theme, the young should be forewarned guests to enable them to choose the appropriate attire to meet these requirements. And before to choose their own costumes with Gzhel motives, the bride and groom need to decide whether they want to recreate the old traditional costumes or decorate modern model of ethno-patterns.

Dress for the bride

Girls who want to hold a celebration inGzhel style, it is worth considering not only the options dress with embroidered white and blue pattern, but also all the classic models. They can be supplemented with a suitable accessory by category: scarf, bag, belt. And the wedding dress can be a classic or unique, sewn to order and introducing in the product Gzhel items. Common style bride must meet all the components of the image, from shoes, ending hair and manicure. But do not burden the suit a large number of decorative details.

Attire bride Gzhel

The suit for the groom

Traditionally, the wedding should be brighterbride to her riveted all eyes, but the bridegroom often has a more discreet way. However, deciding on the style Gzhel young may depart from this rule by making both of the image is equivalent to a colorful and bright. And yet, the man must yield the right of first refusal sweetheart and pick yourself outfit to match. If the bride prefer folk style Gzhel traditional embroidery, the groom should wear a shirt and trousers, a classic suit with a tie or a stylized butterfly.

Young has a much smaller selection of weddingdress than the bride, but there are always alternatives. Russian blouse - great if the bride prefer a simple ethnic sundress. If the image of the girl more formal and solemn, the man is not necessary to dress in rustic style. Do not be afraid to experiment with images, you can stay on the classic suit of dark or light color, white shirt and colorful sleeveless. Clock Gzhel ornament will be relevant, practical product and will be reminded of the happy day.

Attire Groom Gzhel

Ideas Your wedding style Gzhel

Wedding in Gzhel style imbued with folkfilled with colorful traditions and atmosphere of Russian villages. For many the word "Gzhel" associated with the beauty of porcelain, which is famous around Moscow masters. Young, who are close to this palette, celebrate their wedding in white and blue colors. Traditional motifs Gzhel painting - it's flowers (cornflowers, roses, bells), herbs and other plants. Made in white and blue color patterns are the basis for the concept of marriage.

Invitations for the guests

When the young are determined with a wedding day,should be invited guests. It needs to be suitable for the style of invitation cards. Since the triumph of the age-old Russian will be held in the key, the card should contain the elements of Russian subjects. To suit their decor cones, dolls, berries, painted scarves, cakes, rolls, samovars with dryers, pancakes, candy-cocks, etc. A good budget option and would be uncomplicated soft background of thin paper, made in Gzhel-style coiled tube and tied with blue ribbon.

Wedding invitation style Gzhel

The decor of the banquet hall

Choosing a banquet hall for weddings Gzhel betterstay at the institution, performed in Russian folk style - with wooden furniture, samovars, stuffed animals on the walls. Otherwise, rent a regular restaurant and engage its decor. With color gamut is clear - Gzhel involves the use of white, blue and blue colors. Find the right table cloth, vintage dishes, banquet cards, napkins, flowers in vases and other decorative elements. Develop menu, seating plan, set up the table number plates.

If young gzhelevskuyu decided to organize a wedding,the situation in the banquet hall should be appropriate. Triumph, made in this style looks very nice and original. Due to the abundance of traditional items, which is rich Russian culture, your wedding has the ability to become very bright and remembered by guests for a long time. Famous Wizard created not only dishes, but also decorative panels, dishes. So why not decorate their room? As the epicenter of the festival to a greater extent are banquet tables, their decorating needs special attention.

Decorating a banquet hall for weddings Gzhel

Decoration of banquet tables

To decorate wedding tables usefulTraditional Russian souvenirs - samovars, towels, dolls. Remember that the primary colors for decoration should be white, and blue (blue), so vases, dishes, cutlery and cloth have to keep Gzhel painted or be themed colors. Decorate the banquet table is white or blue candles, napkins, vases with colorful wild flowers. Nursery cards can also contain gzhelevskie painting.

The ideal option for this kind of wedding willorder dishes gzhel production. However, the holiday will be the best one for an ordinary white porcelain crockery with gold. Bottles of champagne (moonshine), glasses, boxes for money, napkin rings bride in the presence of creative abilities can paint GZHEL manually or make stylized decoupage.

Table decoration for wedding Gzhel style

The bride's bouquet

A suitable composition of the bouquet willraznosortnyh fresh flowers with a superior number field. If the wedding will be held in the Gzhel style in winter, it is better to give preference to frost-resistant varieties of flowers or create a bouquet of mountain ash branches - it will perfectly complement the image of the bride and the contrast with her outfit. Original, stylish look artificial buds handmade by using marble, clay or paper. They are no less beautiful than natural, but do not fade and do not break.

Flowers for the bride who chose Gzhel

A wedding cake

Sweet culinary masterpiece will be the culminationwedding celebration. cake form Gzhel wedding can be completely different: round, square, rectangular. Baking can be single-tiered or have multiple stages. The main thing - that the cake was born in the main motives and was delicious. The original cake alternative (or addition to) can become Russia's traditional sugar cookies or cupcakes modern, decorated with a cream corresponding color.

Gzhelevsky wedding cake

Wedding photo session in the Russian style Gzhel

For the photo shoot the bride and groom who have chosenfor your wedding style Gzhel image, you need to be a beautiful winter or summer landscape, because of their unusual, stylish appearance requires no additional attributes. However, you can find a more interesting place for a wedding shoot. In some cities there are specialized institutions that represent national culture. They are the ideal solution for carrying out of competitions (for example, the bride price) and a photo shoot.

Wedding photo shoot in the style Gzhel