Wedding in style Chicago

Every couple dreams of their jointholiday was originally - for this young people often turn to stylized thematic activities. For passionate, energetic natures, who do not know life without adventure is ideal for a wedding in the style of Chicago 20-30 years - the reign of gangsters and mafia. This unique style of the festival will make a memorable event, leave a good impression among the participants of the process.

How to organize a wedding in the style of Chicago

Who is the beginning of the last Chicagocentury? This is the time when it was brought to an extreme reign of crime, seized power and mafia gangsters. The Government has established a dry law prohibiting the supply and use of alcohol than skillfully used the bandits. Organized underground casinos, there smuggled alcohol - often helped supply deal with people who are in public service, for which he had a good percentage.

These gangsters gangster Chicago

Chicago syndicate, flourished in those years, there is littlewhat looked like traditional mafia gang. This union gangsters formed on the basis of already existing organizations in charge of the brothels, so the members of the syndicate did not perceive each other as family. Because of this, the gangsters in Chicago even "own" were much more severely treated each other harder. Chicago Syndicate managed to create a truly powerful corporation casino manager, underground clubs.

How to organize a wedding Chicago:

  • Choose a place of celebration. If the event is taking place in the summer, a young couple may organize a wedding in the street - the fresh air, beautiful nature like guests. In cold weather, the perfect solution would be rent the banquet hall of the restaurant if you do not stylized at Chicago, then at least having a common part with this style. Suitable premises, trimmed in red and dark wood, with small windows and a massive curtains.

Chicago Restaurant for a themed wedding

It is also an excellent solution will eat the hotel,rooms where guests can stay after the wedding. Gangsters of Chicago lived luxuriously, so do not reject the options of the ornate rooms of expensive restaurants.

  • Inform guests about the dress code. If you are planning to organize a fully themed wedding Chicago must notify the guests about the style of clothing in which they should appear. It is retro image: men can wear classic suits, made of gray, blue or black material, they can decorate the print strip. Complement the image of the male hat. Women can wear a stylish dress with low waist, boa around his neck, pearl jewelry, make a retro make-up and hairstyle.

Guests of the Chicago wedding dressed in style
  • Think over the festive menu. The main positions of the upcoming menu should be American cuisine, popular in the days of Chicago 20s: a variety of steaks (medium, full of roasting, blood), lamb, veal, pork; fried chicken wings, legs, barbecue. For a lighter version of the kitchen suitable fish dishes, salads and other snacks.

The main wedding dessert, birthday cake, shouldIt is made according to the style of the holiday - in the spirit of gangster Chicago. Book a tiered treat with components conforming to the style: guns, hats, scraps of newspapers, bottles of alcohol.

Wedding cake in Chicago style
  • To purchase a drink. A separate menu item is alcohol, it should be emphasized, because the prohibition was introduced in Chicago early twentieth century, which is prohibited to sell alcohol. The hosts clandestine clubs casinos never sold openly drink, they always brought in kettles, drinking with the help of tea cups. Perpetrators can arrange celebrations like alcohol "representation". On the table should stand whiskey, rum and other spirits.

Whisky - the main drink of the Chicago wedding
  • Order the wedding procession. The ideal solution for a Chicago-style wedding will be the order of stylish retro car. If the tenants do not give a motorcade, future spouses can order only one car for the wedding to occur effectively in it and leave after the wedding ceremony. It is difficult to find a model of car, like we were in Chicago the 20's, that's enough to find similar in style and appearance.

Wedding procession Chicago celebrations
  • Order services of a photographer. Chicago Wedding - it is not uncommon, so many professional photographers will not only find the right props for photo shoots, but the portfolio, in which you'll have to evaluate previous work with this style. You can make a color-shooting or ask for professional black-and-white photos. You should also call the operator, who after the wedding will mount an interesting video.

Making the hall in the style of Chicago photo

When selecting the venue, the perpetratorsChicago celebrations can enjoy the holiday decor. To create the atmosphere of the casino Chicago, the future spouses must make the most dim ballroom. Well, if a restaurant or hotel is now coming in style and located in the basement. If not, the window should be issued heavy dark curtains, create a subdued, soft light, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Then choose a color scheme: against the backdrop of a tree, which must be present in the interior of the wedding can be allocated three colors associated with gambling - red, black and white. White is not necessary to use, or you can make it a hint of some of the details. Good design element of wedding Chicago will be the piano, which invited the pianist to play some jazz tunes.

The colors of the underground casino to Chicago wedding

The walls of the hall for the wedding the bride and groom candecorate pictures in heavy frames, aged newspaper clippings, printed with portraits of the newlyweds and guests, stylized ad investigative Chicago gangsters. A great wall decor will also be posters of old movies, black and white photographs. Further details of the decor room - Casino chips, playing cards with garlands, artificial money.

Details of the Chicago wedding decor

A few details of the upcoming celebrations,suitable to the Chicago style: fabric draping red, criminals figures. Banquet table will decorate bouquets of bright red color, but then the plants should be in the bride's bouquet. For later in the evening will be a wonderful decoration of candles, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Invitations to a wedding in the style of Chicago

Separately should think about invitationscards, because this is so that visitors learn about the style of the upcoming wedding. For the invited participants of the event to understand the theme, you need to create an interesting décor of invitations, for example, would be a great idea cards, made in the form of ads in the newspaper about a crime with the place and time of the wedding. Also heroes of the occasion may send a small note-cards with aged paper.

Invitation cards for wedding Chicago style

Over budget and easiest option - classicalrectangular invitation, which depicts the elements of the Chicago style: roulette, playing cards. Well, if the card will deliver a courier, dressed according to the theme wedding. The invitations to write about the wedding dress code and send it for a month or two before the day of the event.

The image of the bride and groom

The image of the groom - Chicago is a luxury and impeccablestyle. Gangsters 20s did not allow himself to look even "on chetverochku", in their way was all perfectly. Ideal ironed suit, shoes polished to a shine - to their style was impossible to find fault. Mostly men sewed costumes currently on order, so perfect outfit sitting: hero of the occasion should learn from this tradition or purchase hem suit. Complete the look of Chicago gangster wide-brimmed hat.

Stylish image of Chicago groom with friends

The man should be put hair, wear an expensive watch and cufflinks, just because they are able to emphasize its high status, as well as fix the holster with a revolver on his belt.

For the female image of Chicago 20s wasa turning point: the ladies began to abandon the lush dresses with a tight corset, preferring the convenience and sophistication, so the crinoline skirt on the need to forget. Elegant light-colored dress with low waist accentuate the elegance of Chicago culprit celebration, its original style. As the shoes perform well pumps shoes, ballet flats or low pointy shoes with low heels.

The image of the bride Chicago

Makeup Girl Chicago - a bright, dedicatedlips, cheekbones, dark, neat hand. Hairstyle also should be made according to the style of retro: hair lay cold waves, popular during the 20's of Chicago, put them into a smooth neat hairstyle. The final part will be a bandage on his head brooch decorated with feathers and veils, or stylish.

Newlyweds Chicago celebrations

Chicago-style wedding Scenario

Chicago Wedding begins with an interesting purchase. The bridesmaids can prepare now view based on the transfer of a future spouse to another gangster group. The head of the bride's family, the owner of a large criminal corporations, not too happy about the fate of this daughter, so the groom will have to prove their worth, intelligence, resourcefulness, and the main thing - the love of a girl. Watch interesting videos, which held ransom Chicago:

When finished redemption, future spouses go onregistration, after which the newly newlyweds guests professional photographs. At the end of the thematic style photoshoot Chicago bride and groom go to a banquet, where they are waiting for the other guests of the event. Well, if the heroes of the festivities Chicago will hire a professional facilitator who will be a unique scenario with contests, tasks for the guests, reflecting the style of the wedding.

Newlyweds at the wedding photos Chicago style

On the Chicago classic wedding necessarilypass bride kidnapping. This is an interesting statement that will leave all the interesting experiences. How is: in the middle in the banquet hall break animators dressed as gangsters, they are armed with toy guns and want to rob the guests, the head of the gang and sent to the bride and takes her with him. Suddenly the groom with friends pulls water pistols and "hit" the criminals who leads the police. Finish the party will turn colorful fireworks.

Music and congratulations for a wedding

The main musical accompaniment Chicago weddingshould be blues and jazz compositions. They need not be the past, create entourage and more modern versions. Perfect will order the services of the musical group, in the arsenal of tools which has a saxophone, piano, guitar, harmonica, and its participants an excellent job with the repertoire suitable to the Chicago style.

Live music during the Chicago wedding

Congratulations on the wedding guests and the toastmaster maybe varied: classic suit toast with sincere wishes and congratulations interesting, emphasizing the style of the wedding. For example, if during the festival unites two clans, the guest can be on behalf of a group congratulated the newlyweds show their pleasure in "a new family, with which things get even better, and the enemies will be even less."

Video process

Wedding in the original style of Chicago -event, which does not lose popularity due to the fun atmosphere of excitement, passion, adventure. Perpetrators of Chicago celebration, choosing the style of the holiday can be sure that he will leave an unforgettable impression on all present. Take a look at the video, an example of a wedding: