Wedding in style chamomile

Every couple dreams of that weddinga celebration was held in an original and interesting. Great idea for a thematic event selection symbol or color, which will be accompanied by all the details of the planned event. Wedding in style chamomile - this celebration, the main element of which is a gentle, romantic wild flower, has long been considered a symbol of loyalty, strong family ties. Solar chamomile triumph will long be remembered guests, give beautiful commemorative photos and videos.

How to organize a wedding in the style of chamomile

If you have decided exactly what the character of your futurewedding - chamomile, is to find out more details about this lovely flower. In the world there are more than 300 species of this fabulous plant, and in Russia grows about forty percent of the total. Due to this high prevalence, with a flower associated with many superstitions. For example, it is believed that daisy blooms where a star falls, a bunch of these plants symbolizes love.

The couple who choose chamomile style, notregret their decision - they simply will decorate the hall, this flower is one of its kind suggests an interesting idea for a wedding. How to organize an event chamomile:

  • Choose a place of celebration. For holiday perfect nature - except that the fresh air is a beneficial effect on the body, it helps to have a good rest, this is a real storehouse of chamomile decor. Perpetrators of celebration may well save, celebrating a wedding under a tent in the summer, because surely grow near the flowers, which you can decorate the event.

Celebrating beautiful events in nature

Despite the fact that the daisy - saving plantdecor with this element will look great in the winter, when everyone was tired from the cold and want to at least glance feel the warmth of the bright sun. In this case, the heroes of the occasion may remove the restaurant hall, suitable for decoration.

  • Invitation. When it is decided where the sun daisy wedding, it's time to send invitations to guests will be held. It is necessary to make sure that the card contained a picture of a flower or wedding themes mentioned there: so guests will immediately have an idea of ​​the style of celebration. If you plan to dress code, warn guests in advance (for one or two months), so that they have time to get ready.
  • Dress code. As a dress code for visitors can act costumes bright colors and yellow palette dresses - from sand to bright lemon.

Dress code bridesmaids wedding-daisies
  • Menu. The couple can choose the menu for the event according to your taste, but the main hero of the banquet - a cake should fully comply with the symbol of the holiday. The ideal solution would be tiered confection daisies in colors (yellow, green and white), decorated with live plants and flowers of sweet pliable putty. The menu should also add herbal chamomile tea along with classic black and green.

Excellent options for the wedding cake with daisies
  • Wedding procession. Check out the wedding procession chamomile style is simple: this pure white car to be ordered, and before going to decorate his yellow and green ribbons, living chamomile flowers or a single large plant, cut from paper.

We should also talk about holiday clotheschamomile culprits celebrations. The image of the bride in chamomile style - it is very soft. For such events are perfect curvy dresses a la Princess, delicate lace, light, flowing materials. A girl can choose a classic white outfit, complement it with a weightless veil, and chamomile style display contrasting elements. For example, it will look good times are light yellow or lemon color shoes.

The image of the bride with the main colors of the celebration

She can also sew a beautiful dressdelicate daisy patterns. As for the hair, better to choose a simple, natural hair. Beautifully will look curls, creating the effect disheveled, hair not combed, free beam, gentle Malvinka. Be sure to decorate the hair with fresh flowers chamomile or make a wreath with wild herbs. The bride's bouquet can be used not only a symbol of the holiday, but other colors are suitable for shades.

The festive costume of the groom with details-daisies

Bridegroom suit classic evening dress,which will decorate the bright camomile buttonhole. It will also look great bright outfit made with natural fabrics. Accessories for this suit will serve as a yellow tie, socks or breast pocket handkerchief.

Making a wedding in the style of chamomile Photo

When we made the main case and resolvedorganizational issues, it is time for the most pleasant experience of preparation for the wedding - the creation of the style of decoration of the room. Ideas for decorating the banquet hall in the style of a lot of chamomile, but, first of all, to create the mood of the event will be in color. Shades of camomile wedding - it's yellow, green and white. This solar gamma must be accompanied by all the details of decor, creating a warm atmosphere excellent.

Sunny chamomile decor banquet hall

Decorate the room to get a variety of weddingfabrics - the organizers of the event chamomile can make beautiful drapes pale yellow light, decorated white room bright green curtains. On a white tablecloth will accommodate contrasting napkins yellow or green. Beautifully will look white covers, put on the chairs, and huge yellow ribbons of light fabric on them. A great decorative element will serve as a fringed ribbons that adorn the walls and the entrance.

Nice design details - cloth and flowers

Do not forget about the live gerberascolors, can not be too far from it. Put small bunches with a sign on the plate of each guest - even if they are transplanted cards, larger bouquets place at the table. Milo will look flowers, daisies, standing in improvised vases: the capacity for them can serve as teacups, thick glasses, a half-liter cans.

It is also worth thinking about the unusual candy boxes forguests as a present a small wedding parties may make homemade soap chamomile, seeds of this plant, the packaging of tea and biscuits in the form of a charming flower.

Offering bonbonniere during holiday

camomile Wedding Script

Wedding in style chamomile may extendclassical scenario: the early morning starts bride price, which will be organized as a quick game. For example, on the petals of a large daisy bridesmaids write questions about the future wife: these questions groom must answer correctly to get the bride. Great idea - ransom-style flower shop, where the hero of the occasion will be fighting for the precious flower.

Visiting daisy registration

After foreclosure future spouses gobe registered in a registry office or visiting the wedding ceremony. When the marriage is concluded, newly minted newlyweds can go on a photo shoot in the chamomile field, and after - at the banquet, where guests at the entrance osyplyut spouses petals of this plant. Well, if the wedding will hold a professional presenter, who will use the symbol in the holiday toasts, speeches, games and competitions.

For such a nice, sunny holiday perfectsuitable instrumental live music with strings, brass and percussion instruments (violin, guitar, cello, flute, tin whistle, bells).

Video process

Wedding in style chamomile - a bright, colorfulan event that will bring warmth to all those present. The couple who chose a daisy symbol of the holiday, can count on a strong family, a long love and endless romance, just because it symbolizes a touching flower. Daisy wedding guests will remember for a long time, leave a nice mark on the hearts of participants.