Wedding in Soviet style

In anticipation of the happy moment of marriageMany newlyweds and their parents are puzzled by the organization of a wedding celebration. All concerned the same question: how to arrange a holiday that will appeal to young and old? A win-win option that can combine two or even three generations, will be themed wedding in the style of the Soviet Union. The older generation will gladly plunge in the days of his youth, the Soviet era, and young people interested in the traditions of the Soviet Union, with which they have never experienced.

How to organize a wedding in the style of the Soviet Union

First of all, it is worth remembering the specifics ofTime: an abundance of symbols of the Soviet Union (Komsomol badges, Lenin bust, a banner in the corner), especially clothes, modest by today's standards a menu, invitation postcard. But first things first.

  • Wedding procession in the Soviet Union style

Ornaments of wedding cars in Soviet style

Ideas for car decoration for a wedding in the style of the Soviet Union
Decor elements for wedding cars

During the wedding the young go to the Palacethe car "The Seagull" in black. You can use the "Volga" the same black or white. These cars were a real luxury, but they are rarity in our times. The car decorated with ribbons along the hood, and it certainly is seated beautiful wedding doll. the vehicle roof is decorated with wedding rings - a symbol of wealth. In the palace wedding the young go in one car.

  • Rings in the Soviet Union style

Wedding rings Soviet times

The bond of marriage in the Soviet Union were fastenedmodest ring in yellow gold, almost always without ornaments. In fact, the ring may be subtle or provocative volume, but it is worth remembering that they are worn for a long time, because it is necessary to choose only those that like newlyweds. Allowed engraving on the inside of the ring with a declaration of love, couples names, name of the future family.

  • wedding

Style registrar USSR

Join young marriage is always carried out inregistrar offices, no outreach. Traditionally for such a moment it was all that the young couple should stand before their marriage is registered. Bride compared themselves with other beauties, everyone considers himself stylish and best dressed. Worker registrar necessarily uttered pompous speech about the importance of the conjugal union for the strengthening of the Soviet people's.

Making the hall in the style of the Soviet Union

After signing the marriage contract newlywedstogether with the guests go to the banquet. For these purposes should pick a restaurant or dining room, as it was before, and it all depends on the material prosperity of the spouses or their parents. Decoration of the hall made sobbstvennymi forces, it involves active friends newlyweds.

Banquet tables put the letter "P" - is the traditional location for the USSR. Guests are seated at long tables on the understanding:

  • to create a friendly atmosphere relatives from the bride and groom are seated at long tables facing each other,
  • for short central feature of the groom, bride, witnesses, parents of the young.

Serve guests have a waitress in a cap andwhite aprons. To create the illusion of those years allowed learn some girls not to give guests and sometimes upsetting a bitter word, as was typical of the Soviet waitresses.

Ideas design of the hall in the Soviet style

Hall, stylized USSR, can be decoratedartificial flowers red and colored balls. Another option allows for hanging decorations in the form of photos Party leaders and posters with slogans and jokes.

Case attributes

Behind the bride and groom put Red Flag or a portrait of Lenin.

Ideas of decoration of the banquet hall in the Soviet style

On the tables in crystal vases put chocolates. Sami bowls and wine glasses decorated with red bows, carnations.

Elements decor for the thematic celebrations

On the tables are placed cans with scarce at the time products. There may be as original banks and dummies.

As the main dessert is offered all the same a traditional wedding cake, but with the difference that this cake is decorated with an incredible amount of roses and flourishes of oil cream.

Soviet cake for the wedding

The image of the bride and groom

Ideas for Style Suite

Images of the young must not contain any excesses.

  • The groom wears a suit-deuce, at least three,necessarily black. Decorate a wedding dress young great white artificial flower or twig with small flowers, pinned to the collar of a jacket or top pocket. These flowers decorate costumes and witnesses. Hairstyle groom - a short, severe hairstyle.
  • The bride wears a wedding modest brief littleor in the long floor dress, shoes, veil or a wide-brimmed white hat. Veils can be both short and long. Replace dress can be bright two-piece - a jacket with a skirt. Bride Makeup contains a minimum of makeup, and makeup like all the invited women. For the bride hairstyles encouraged to do "chemistry" or high "bun".

Scenario wedding in Soviet style

Redemption of the bride in the spirit of the Soviet Union

Traditional Soviet wedding involves the following steps:

  • bride price;
  • marriage procedure;
  • feast.

With the redemption of the bride wedding begins. It consists in checking the groom on its compliance with the relatives and friends of the bride. Redemption in the Soviet Union style for the groom is also a party conformity standards of society. We offer to beat any option until the "treatment" non-party groom the communist faith. The young must become a pioneer, a Komsomol member. To become worthy, the groom goes through a series of tests:

  • It makes charging or pressed a number of times;
  • performs pioneering song ( "Soar bonfires ...");
  • It lists the best qualities of the bride.

Finally he pays the ransom soviet coins.

About the marriage procedure we have already said,therefore go straight to the feast. Young families think through in advance menu, which contains the main dishes of the Soviet vpemen - original salads. Delicious considered not only "Olivier" and "Dniester", but also crab salad, herring under a fur coat, drgua. Actively used in Soviet times, meat and fish cutting, even determined on the level of her wedding, because fillets and sausage, salami and basturma were a real deficit.

Soviet wedding featured a genuine joy anda large number of speakers. During the greetings they gave young gifts, money to help start to lead his life. To keep the style of the Soviet Union, invited greetings contain the idealistic component of those years: "For the Motherland, for the Party, for Lenin."

At the wedding, stylized Soviet musicsupport of guest musicians perform with a repertoire of popular Soviet groups - Gems, Pesnyary. Approx Soviet era compilation of songs Rotaru, Pugacheva, Okudzhava and foreign music stars: Dean Reed, Joe Dassin.

Tamada shows the film with footage from the familyArchives young reminiscent newsreel program "Time", the most popular program of the USSR, praising the newlyweds - worthy builders of a new cell of a communist society. Ends event speech congratulating the entry into a new bright life.

Video process:

Triumph, stylized in the spirit of the Soviet Union, is a gift to all those present at the wedding. It will bring together two different generations. It fills the heart with joy and gladness.