Wedding in Russian style

Very popular among the last few yearsyoung couples enjoying the wedding, made in the style of the theme. This type of event allows you to create a truly unique atmosphere of celebration, to reflect the tastes and preferences of the future spouses. Many of the bride and groom in search of inspiration, turn to popular culture, because Russian-style wedding - this magnificent event, which formed over the centuries interesting rituals, customs and traditions that will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to organize a wedding in the Russian folk style

Before we deal with the wedding organizationfuture spouses should learn the history, understand the stages that made up the celebration of the past centuries. a couple of young man looking Earlier parents often contract on the forthcoming marriage was accomplished until the culprits Russian celebrations were still small children. Once he was chosen future wife, the family of the girl send matchmakers: they were in the best shape and the family of the groom, and brought gifts.

Matchmaking was a real treat for bothfamily, to his carefully prepared. Despite the fact that often the bride's parents were located to the future wife for the first time mishandled matchmakers always denied. In the second or even the third time, the messengers received the consent, if the head of the bride's family had no doubt.

Ancient Russian matchmaking

In today's world there is almost no holdcourtship ritual, because young people choose their partners, but the heroes of the occasion can spend a fun match-making representation before the wedding, where invited guests and relatives - it will be a great preparatory stage of the upcoming holiday. After a courtship in ancient times in Russia held a huddle, where they discussed the wedding date, the size of the dowry, stipulates the costs, and after all looking forward to the event.

Former Russian conspiracy

Hen and stag had also carried out,Only the day before the long-awaited wedding. Bride with her friends set off in the bath, then go to the girl home: at night they wondered, wailing about the future life of the bride, to ward off evil forces. Man, on the contrary, I went to bathe alone, and until the day of the wedding he was ordered to keep quiet. Girlfriends and friends culprits celebrations can be arranged before the wedding, bachelorette party, bachelor party in a beautiful Russian style.

What you need to do is to organize an event in the Russian style:

  • Choose the venue. The ideal place to celebrate Russian wedding in the summer becomes a picturesque meadow by the river or a lake, surrounded by pine forest or birch grove - the fresh air and beautiful views like those present. An alternative to this holiday accommodation can be eat hostels or country estate, whose architecture is in the traditional Russian style. Well, if in the interior of the tree will be present.

Restaurant with Russian interior

For the winter version of the celebration of a wonderfulthe place will be a dedicated room of the restaurant, as many banquet halls are not just stylized Russian architecture, but also provide a suitable menu. If you can not find such a restaurant, you should find a place with the interior, which uses a lot of natural components - it will be easier to decorate.

  • To send out invitation cards to the guests. Invitations should immediately give an understanding of the upcoming Russian-style celebration, because it is the first thing visitors see. It may be a simple rectangular cards, decorated with classic folk ornaments, invitations in the form of dolls, bears, viburnum twigs and other things associated with Russian culture. To write the text fit the traditional Old Russian style font.

Invitation cards in the Russian style

A great solution is to order a courier servicewho dressed in the Russian style, and will hand over the invitation to the wedding every guest personally. If you plan to dress code, be sure to include it in the text, so that guests have time to prepare.

  • To think the dress code. As for the dress code may culprits Russian celebrations will have to take care of it yourself so guests do not have puzzled over the search for suitable costumes. Certainly, in any city there are people's cultural center, or even a circle with folk dancing, which will rent sundresses for women, shirts with trousers for men. Phoned by the hotel to find out which of them need help in finding appropriate attire.

Beautiful Russian outfits for dress code
  • Create a festive menu. When the menu is not much choice of thinking - this is Russian cuisine. Traditionally, during the celebration of Russian wedding, a table was breaking from all sorts of delicious dishes - a fragrant soup, hot fish ear, meat, fish pies, pies with various fillings, snack: pickles, pickled mushrooms, herring rifled. This is only a small part of the national Russian dishes, which will be a wonderful decoration of the banquet table.

For truly the king's actions culpritsRussian celebrations can enjoy roast suckling pig or goose. As the cake can serve as a multi-tiered cake decorated with details of Russian folk style and chic cake with fruit or berry fillings - choose at its discretion.

Rich Russian national cuisine
  • Alcohol. Drink for the wedding should also be selected according to the Russian style holiday - this is the vodka in bottles with national ornaments, delicious homemade mead, flavored wines, herbal tinctures, berry liqueur.
  • Order the wedding procession. For Russian wedding there is nothing better than the old people's motorcade rental - horse-drawn carts. Such an occurrence will certainly appreciate your visit. If you are unable to remove the cart, decorate with white ribbons car with Russian ornament wildflowers.

Wedding procession on a Russian wedding: carriage with horses
  • Order services of photographer and videographer. Be sure to hire a professional photographer who will not only make high-quality images, but also will search for a suitable location for a photo shoot with props for it, and custom operator services will help create a unique video. Good photos and video from the festival will be memorable gifts for those responsible for Russian triumph, and for guests who would be happy to review them.

In preparation for the Russian wedding, you shouldtake care of the creation of the style of the bride and groom - it can be a daunting task. For the image of the bride will need a Russian national traditional wedding dress in red, complete with a beautiful embroidered blouse, stylish kokoshnik. If a girl does not want to immediately put on the garment during the wedding reception and the future wife can wear a classic white dress.

The images of the bride and groom for the Russian celebration

Also, there is an option to combine the traditional costumewith a white dress, for example, order a wedding dress in the style of Russian folk embroidered patterns, ornaments in gzhel style, decorate classic dress with flowers and kokoshnik make light, giving it the present. As for the hair, everything is simple - to help future Russian wife come all kinds of braids and weaving, has long been considered the main decoration of folk beauty.

Options festive attire for the Russian celebration

Bride Makeup can be bright, if a girlprefer to wear red Russian sundress. Russian beauty will give the image of rosy cheeks, bright red lips, long fluffy eyelashes, but the shadows and failed to avoid the arrows. By creating a bunch of culprits Russian celebrations will show imagination: use wildflowers to add sprigs of rowan, birch and even bright red apples.

Wedding bouquet of the bride on a Russian theme

Male easier way to create: young people can wear comfortable trousers, embroidered Russian shirt designs, to complement the image of a vest, a wide belt and soft boots. If the bride prefer a white dress, barely decorated elements of the Russian style, the main part of the image can be embroidered shirt.

Male People wedding suit on Russian wedding

Making room in the Russian style photo

When the chosen venue Russian weddingIt is time to create a flat design style. One should stick to a certain color palette - it is a bright red, white and black colors, they must be present in all the details of the wedding decor, combining with each other. The background color should be white, so as not to overload the present abundance of colorful details, and black with a red tint will accentuates.

Russian folk room decoration

These colors can be solid, usedClassic folk ornaments on Russian holiday. For example, as a decoration for the tables are ideal for decorative embroidered tablecloths, napkins with embroidered flowers or crocheted napkins. The remarkable decoration of the walls will be the traditional wedding towels, they can be hung over the icons and paintings of Russian scenery and beautiful views.

Towels and pictures for Russian wedding

The tables themselves at the wedding should be along buildings, in which many national dishes of Russian cuisine and complement these tables long wooden benches. Decorate them, as well as all the surrounding space of the Russian style of wedding, you get live plants - birch branches, twigs wheat growing in the fields, mountain ash, cranberry, dried bouquets of flowers, if the wedding is celebrated in winter.

The main banquet table decor should beRussian wooden or ceramic dishes with a beautiful painting, as well as iron cups and bowls, creating a special atmosphere of the wedding, to complement the style of the holiday. The main decoration of the table will be a huge samovar, where guests will boil water for herbal or black tea.

Wedding dishes of national Russian holiday

You should also pay attention to detail, creatingRussian style wedding entourage: it will swans, has long symbolized the strong bond between the future Russian spouse. Will decorate the premises dolls (they both will be used as a box-boutonnieres for the guests with a little present), horseshoes at random, sweet cocks, you can use the motives of Russian folk tales.

Decor items Russian holiday flat

Scenario wedding in the Russian style

All the familiar scenario of traditional Russian style wedding. Here are the main stages of the festival:

  • Bride Redemption. Early in the morning the groom comes to the house of his mistress, where bridesmaids have prepared an interesting ransom according to Russian style wedding. Redemption may include funny job, competitions, designed to future husband showed their worth and love to the bride. Complement competitions cheerful ditties, folk Russian songs.
  • Wedding. When finished ransom, the young are sent to the second stage of the Russian wedding - the wedding, which lasts about an hour.

Beautiful Russian Wedding
  • Check in. Then the bride and groom need to register the marriage in the official organ: well, if we can arrange a marriage registration at Russian weddings, after which the newly minted spouses immediately get on a photo shoot.
  • Photoshoot in the Russian style. A professional photographer will arrange spouses half-hour photo shoot wedding to the guests and the heroes of the occasion were magnificent staged photo with the Russian party.
  • Festive feast. At the last stage Russian wedding the bride and groom meet with the guests, and then passes the magnificent wedding banquet. At the banquet, the young parents meet with a loaf, then comes the turn of entertainment - dances, songs, dances, folk songs.

Honeymoon Meeting at the banquet merry holiday

The ideal solution for a celebration in the folk styleis a leading custom-Toastmaster services, which will create the script according to your wedding style, thoughtful interesting contests. Well, if the toaster is not just involved in national events, he knows Russian rites and traditions, which will please the guests. You should also hire musicians - they play live Russian folk music at a wedding.

Winter wedding scenario

If you're celebrating a wedding in the winter, the script willthe same, except that the exit registration - not the best idea for a photo shoot can be cold, and the banquet will celebrate in the room. But winter nature could not be better reflects the style of Russian wedding. White fluffy snow around, colorful winter photo shoot in a cozy fur coats, scarves, hats, and after - a cheerful dinner in a warm restaurant with delicious Russian cuisine will create a unique atmosphere of the wedding.

Gorgeous Russian winter wedding

Video process

Wedding in Russian folk style - it's fun,bright event, which will leave positive emotions like the heroes of the occasion and the guests of the holiday. Funny folk songs, Russian national costumes, customs, ceremonies, interesting contests, delicious cuisine will be part of an unforgettable event, memories of which will long to please the wedding participants.