Wedding in pirate style

Wedding - a long-awaited, unforgettable event forany man, so I want to celebrate it a once in a special way to remember this joyous day of not only young, but also their loved ones. Make an unusual wedding is quite real, it is important to want. For hopeless romantics, adventurers quite suitable wedding in a pirate style: vivid impressions, endless fun, recklessness robber waiting for all on this wedding. You are invited to a pirate schooner welcome everyone here!

How to organize a wedding in a pirate style?

When organizing a wedding, like any otherevent, the first issue of the venue there. For impressions of the wedding in this pirate style were really stunning, rent for weddings pirate ship. Let it be a small boat, schooner, frigate, the main thing at a wedding - really feel the taste of the sea, swing on the waves, to feel a part of the hot pirate company.


If you live far from the pond or notpossibility to rent a boat, while the banquet hall is suitable for a pirate wedding. It must be properly decorated of a pirate ship or a tavern, as shown in the photo, and all its furnishings to hint that this is not a simple wedding, so the audience is lots of surprises and surprises.


To configure invited toa certain way, it is necessary to take care of the invitation card, make them relevant topics wedding. We invite you to make a wedding invitation with your own hands. Let it will not be the usual cards for the wedding, to which all are accustomed to, and the pirate whistles wrapped yellowed paper and tied with twine. For greater effect can clog them in bottles of champagne.

Decorate pirate invitation to the wedding seashells, sea pebbles, sand.

Used for the production of invitation topirate style and other attributes: old maps, great home-made coins with the names of the guests invited to the wedding (at the entrance of the old pirate chest filled).


The image of the bride and groom

The groom at a wedding plays the role of leader of the pirates,therefore, as a real pirate king should look accordingly: luxurious gold or classic black coat, a white loose shirt, tie, scarf or frill. Black trousers, high boots sailor, pirate hat, cocked hat or bandana complement the image. And it confirms that he is a thief, a sword attached to his belt or pistol. Accessories - pirate patch, earring in one ear.

Attire bride leaves room for imagination.

  1. The first option - a rich lady, a princess kidnapped by pirates. For a pirate wedding suit beautiful white dress any variations or round hat cocked.
  2. The second option - a girl from the same pirate gang, her short leather skirt, sailor's vest, boots, cocked. Additional suit a wide fan.
  3. A bouquet decorated with seashells.



The decor of the banquet hall in pirate style

To your friends to a wedding plungedin a pirate atmosphere, you need to how to work on the decoration of the banquet hall. Let him look like a pirate ship, mysterious, unpredictable, which inevitably awaits danger. For this purpose, use a variety of pirate props:

  • hanging rope ladder,
  • pirated network
  • rope,
  • the curtains of the sails,
  • vintage card with encrypted seat of treasures
  • Traditional chest of piastres.


Wedding in pirate style is colorful, ifRoom decorate the aquarium algae, live fish, preferably medium and large sizes. Wedding invitation charm alive talking parrot ara, boldly straddling their shoulder. If you do not live parrot, can be used at the wedding inflatable parrots, as well as to make the palm, fish, crabs from balloons or other scrap materials.


Tables decorate thick cinder candlesseashells, starfish, small boat. Alcohol pour in a large bottle, affix the inscription "Rom", which you can print yourself. Well-decorated room in pirate style will be black and white photographs, attached to the hanging fishing nets. Photos can be a picture of friends or relatives, make up the pirates captured the day before, or just scenes from the movies pirate theme.


You can make a banquet hall for the upcoming pirate wedding with their hands, but if you do not have free time, it is better use the services of a designer.

Thematic decoration of the banquet hall, as well as an interesting decoration of tables, see the video.

The dress code for the guests (PHOTO)

Please note that when giving invitationsfor wedding guests need to warn you that the wedding in a pirate style wear certain clothes. To create a fabulous wedding dress little atmosphere in a pirate style bridal wedding will be boring and uninteresting. Everyone should also look like true pirates. Pirate style involves a large selection of dresses, see the photo below:


Men, pirates will have to wear the vest,waistcoats, bandanas, scarves to tie around the neck. Women can afford chic dresses with tight, corsets, layered skirts, jewelry, scarves or hats, gloves, boots. On pirate wedding permitted bright carnival makeup. Examples of such suits are shown in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean." Here are some photos:



All suites at the wedding in a pirate styleare chosen in a certain color palette - black, white, red, golden color. For the hapless pirates that do not find themselves in the right clothes, supplies, wedding bandanas, gloves, scarves, blindfolds, hats, pirate swords, guns.

Scenario wedding in pirate style

Wedding in pirate style similar to the originaltheatrical performance, because it must take place on a pre-prepared script. You can write it yourself, or you can use the proposed contact the wedding scenario, adding it on your own.

wedding Home: meeting young

At the entrance to a pirate wedding guestsmeet leading - fearless pirate Jack attached to an artificial shoulder parrot and his assistant sailor. They shoot up from the children's guns and the cries of "hip hip hooray Pirate frigate called "Love" welcomed dear guests! "- Escorted guests to the hall.



- We are pleased to see all aboard piratefrigate "Love", at this time we sail in search of the island "Family Happiness". We will sail under the command of the newly-fledged pirate family (called the newlyweds names) and that he may abide with us luck! Let us solemnly meet them!

To meet the newlyweds prepare: a loaf, two big clubs, big bottle of rum, rose petals, small coins.

When the bride and groom arrive, pirates showered themrose petals, throwing small coins under his feet, all accompanied by a loud cry and pirate whistle. Someone mimics the voice of the parrot and loudly shouted: "Pieces of eight, piastres!". The bride and groom are suitable for the parents: mother holding a loaf, dad - a barrel of rum and two pirate mugs, tied with burlap.


- Welcome to the young pirate's family: the terrible corsair (groom's name) and his beautiful princess (bride's name).

chorus Pirates welcome heroes of the occasion.

- From your faithful friends pirates take the loaf as a symbol of your oneness. Feed them to each other, annoy his half last time!


- Dear children, the day came when the windchanges pulled your sails. Prior to that, you floated independently in different seas, but from that moment everything changes. After the wedding, your total ship begins sailing on one big ocean. Suppose you do not meet the Bermuda Triangle, sidestep the terrible storms and terrible ninth wave. Keep always a fairway, never get stranded. May there always be a quiet, welcoming your bay! Council and love you!


- Dear Sirs pirates! We go along with the captain and his young wife on a pirate schooner "Love" on a journey for treasure. The most precious treasure - this is happiness! So let's find this island! But before sailing drink rum from the barrel of a pirate for our newfound family! Let volleys of sound in their honor!

Pirates shoot from the existing weapons and guns (confetti), shouting: "All hands on deck", "cast off."

All are invited to the table.

wedding Stroke: What competitions will be perfect for guests

Pirate Entertainment has always been famous for their reckless, unrestrained joy. From our suggested competitions you are sure to choose something for her wedding.

  • "Who will perepoet". Pirates are divided into two teams. Toastmasters offers them remember pirated songs or songs about the sea. Teams take turns singing, the winner is awarded the title of People's pirate ensemble.

  • "The ship running." Contribute two water tanks and two boat. Setting: no hands, but only generated by the wind to fit your boat to the dock. The winner receives a gift - a gold invited to the wedding of the young.
  • "The best dancer." Leading reported that the ship is in the country of fun, where just a festival of dance "Pirates from around the world." 5 Selects the pirates who want to take part in the festival. They are represented by their nicknames. They will dance pirate dance under the proposed melody. Playing lezginka, Russian folk melody, lambada and other national melodies. Viewers choose two winners between them played the finale - Dance of the Little Swans.
  • "The most hairy leg." Lead selects two pirates, which indicates his magic compass. Target: from the water tank to catch children's lifeline with the help of a personal anchor - aluminum spoons tied with a rope. Who is faster to cope with the task, he will win. In leading the cry: "The wave went", participants must raise the leg, so as not to soak. After all it turns out that it was a competition for the most hairy leg.
  • "The richest pirate." Facilitator asks: "Do you think anyone in the newly-made pirate family after the wedding will be to manage finances?" Opinions diverge pirates. Then he offers to find out who is best able to count money - sailors or sailors. Quest - the right to recalculate piastres, scattered on the floor. Participants consider and write on a piece of paper money. The winners are recognized as the most greedy - they know how to count money. The losers - the happiest, they were never considered.
  • "The most eloquent pirate." Compete two men. They are invited to tie knots and at the same time wishes to disclose the bride and groom. Each node - one wish. Then the facilitator asks the pirates to exchange maritime knots, and a race to unleash them. The winner is the one who will do it. For each node is not a punishment unleashed - once again wish the young.
  • "Strength of mind". Leading announces that behind people, so you need to quickly inflate a life buoy and throw a drowning man. Who cheat circle faster, more powerful at that strength of spirit.
  • "The most clever." Pirates are divided into two teams, are preparing for a little brawl. The members of each team is scheduled man himself from an opponent, they must seize and bind tightly to a chair. At the same time protect your player to avoid being captured. When the process is finished tying the victim, lead makes an unexpected turn, and tells the second part of the rules - winning Pirates team to quickly free the one who so carefully tied.
  • "Endurance". Participants everyone pirates. Under the cheerful music performed pirate dance on one leg with a bandage over one eye. Who will last the longest, first served.
  • "Best Costume". In the presence of the guests at the wedding beautiful pirate costume would be appropriate to choose the best costume among pirates men and their girlfriends, to establish the most beautiful couple in the evening, and then reward her a valuable prize.
  • "On the best toast." Among all spoken at a wedding toast toastmaster selects the best pirate toast, the winner is awarded a gift.


Hereby the theater becomes the wedding, when the pirates begin to organize competitions and contests. As it happens, look at the video.

How nice to finish the evening

Beautiful finale pirate wedding will be a hugethemed cake made in the form of a ship, pirate treasure chest, a skull and crossbones. Top selling slices of cake for all your favorite pirates piastres. The money goes to the newlyweds income.

Photos: Wedding in pirate style

At the end of the banquet pirate bride throws herbouquet of unmarried girls: the one who catches it, following a wedding. We offer both men to try their fate - let the bride throws a fishing net unmarried pirates, maybe some other lucky.

Wedding in pirate style is completed by a solemn oath to love and fidelity.


- Boatswain tells us that we are already very close to theour goal - the island of "Family Happiness". Why do not we see it? According to ancient legend, the only truly loving hearts can see him and seize pirate treasure, providing eternal marital bliss. I ask the groom (the name) and the bride (the name), are you at the moment the whole pirate now, in the face of the whole world to swear in love with each other?

Captain groom:

- I promise you, my love, that I will always loveyou protected from all dangers, to do everything to ensure that you did not know sorrow. I'll be worthy of your love. Believe me, I swear to be loyal and faithful to you all my life, you are in my heart only one. I love you!


- I promise you, my love, that I love, to forgive,take care of you, I will do my best to be worthy of your love. I will be faithful guardian of the family hearth, faithful to his wife, a reliable friend you. We'll be together until our hearts beat. I love you!

The hall is an Indian chief from the island of "Family Happiness", in silence, with a nod to young hands casket. They open it, take out an ancient scroll, read out:

- Only a truly loving hearts can findin the midst of the world's oceans Island "Family Happiness". Our tribe with this scroll opens worthy of the Lord, the pirates (the names of the bride and groom), an ancient prophecy. It is only two lovers hearts connected by one of their own volition desire, can find true happiness. But this is not enough. Relatives and friends must protect its warmth after the wedding, the family home, then the prophecy will come true. Everything depends on you!

The bride and groom are turning to the guests:

- Yes, happiness is in our hands, because with us you- Our closest people. Together with you, a friendly team, we completed the search of the island "Family Happiness", convinced that together we are not afraid of any icebergs or ninth wave. With this personnel we are ready to go after the wedding in any long-haul flights. Put a valuable scroll sign. For you, our dear, run a pirate salute!

Festive fireworks display completes the festive evening.

Video wedding in pirate style

We will be glad if the recommendations contained in the article can help you organize a wedding in a pirate style you selected. We look forward to your feedback in the comments.