Wedding in oriental style

In the modern world fashion trend is consideredthematic weddings. If the couple dream of a bright, memorable ceremony, the decoration ceremony in oriental style - this is what you need! Inviting the East will create unusual and magical atmosphere at the wedding ceremony. For a wedding in the Oriental style is successful, you should choose the right clothes, snacks, beautifully decorate the hall. How to organize a holiday with a touch of Oriental?

How to organize and conduct a wedding in the Oriental style?

Wedding, resembling oriental holidays inmany associated with the tale: the groom, bride, young guests will be pleased to plunge into the colorful oriental feast. To arrange it, all the Eastern traditions must be observed. Colours outfits and design of the hall should correspond to the topics of the holiday. Next, decide the dishes that you will entertain guests. Note that even on details such as the car and Oriental Suite entertainment program for guests.

National color: Wedding Oriental

The image of the bride and groom: photo

Dress code - the most important component of anyholiday. The bride should look like a truly luxurious: bright red, white, pattern, blue or golden dress, complemented by unusual accessories and jewelery, will create the image of the east. There is only one "but" - the dress should not be any open fitting. Note the dress of Arab dancers are specimen of the style - their outfits embroidered with beads and gold thread, which gives a woman of charm and mystery. This dress is considered ideal for culprits celebration.

Do not forget about creating eastern makeup: East beauty using bright, juicy shades to create an intriguing image.

  • Base makeup matte foundation will no shimmering sequins.
  • For centuries, draw an arrow or a black pencil eyeliner.
  • Eye makeup should be done lilac, dark blue, black.
  • Lips nakraste crimson or dark red lipstick, when it is not necessary to use a lip pencil.

The man recommended to wear a white suit,which in the East is a traditional dress of the groom. Encouraged a large amount of jewelry, especially rings and rings: so man showing their wealth, social position. Wedding in an interesting oriental style can not do without the traditional male headdress - turban. Select turban variegated colors, decorated with rhinestones and sequins.

The traditional colors of oriental wedding dress

The menu for the eastern wedding

In the East, decided to organize a wedding with a richholiday table. Fragrant food, flavored with spices - the main attribute of Oriental cuisine. If you want to play as much as possible the kitchen of this country, please be various spices, because they respect the Arabs.

  • Welcome guests with green tea, which is considered the national drink in many Arab countries.
  • The eastern holiday table is always a noodle called "Udon", flavored with chicken and vegetables.
  • It bears will become a delicacy sushi or rolls.
  • Traditional oriental sweets such as halva, sherbet, delight delight guests.
  • Multi-layer wedding cake pineapple as the main dessert will satisfy even discerning sweet tooth.

Pay special attention to the lamb - majoreastern component of the wedding. Know that Muslims do not eat pork, so the dishes out of it would be inappropriate. Also, enjoy a cooking pilaf in a cauldron, which was subsequently allowed to be used as a side dish to main meals.

Making wedding and invitation

Venue of the wedding is to choose, based onof the time of year during which the celebration will be held. If the eastern ceremony is scheduled for the summer or spring, equip a large tent on the spacious meadow. But if you are planning to celebrate a wedding in the fall or winter, suit and the usual cafe or restaurant.

Bright colors in the eastern wedding decoration

Floors should be carpeted with fancyornaments. Ordinary tables and chairs will replace a low table and cushions instead of chairs. The interior will add a lot of heavy curtains yellow, burgundy or red. Make sure that during the wedding dominated suitable oriental scents: eucalyptus, rosemary, clary sage and sandalwood. Decorate the room with fresh flowers.

Properly Apply for invitation cardsguests. Invitation to the wedding can be done using postcards or cards with a predominance of red, purple, burgundy. Decorate invitations sequins, beads, bright pictures then will be invited to look forward to this unusual celebration.

Invitation for wedding east

The dress code for the guests

Wedding in the fashionable oriental style suggestscatchy, but not too revealing clothes. Invited people recommended to wear suits or dresses made of expensive fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, velvet, which will allow them to look no less brightly than the heroes of the occasion. The image of the girl at a wedding consists of items such as air flying from the top fabric and trousers. Also suitable long dress embroidered with silver threads. Men should wear ordinary cotton trousers and tunic, adding to the image of colorful vest.

Women should cover the head shawl accordingEastern customs. You must choose a modest outfit that covers all the intimate parts of the body: arms, shoulders, legs and neck. The dress should not be deep neckline and outright cuts. A man will be desirable for a wedding in a headdress, as provided Oriental customs.

The scenario of the wedding

To entertain guests should callprofessional dancers who will perform belly dancing. Also relevant entertainment will be a group of illusionists that can impress even the most discerning guest. Smoking hookah flavor which creates a special atmosphere, many have to taste. Organize an event will help the eastern wedding scenario. If you follow him, a wedding in a bright oriental style will be without unexpected problems.

Riot of colors in the eastern wedding

Where the wedding begins in the eastern style?

The event does not start with the wedding ceremony,and a bachelorette party. This step involves the preparation of the bride for the wedding. Girlfriends help it become more stylish and attractive. They bathed her in a bath with aromatic oils is rubbed into the henna hair rid of excess vegetation on the body. The bride before the wedding tradition going with her friends to drink tea and enjoy delicious oriental sweets.

On the wedding day, the man goes to his parentsfuture wife to buy it. Ransom are chocolate coins or a cute teddy bear. The girl should be presented with a bouquet of fragrant flowers - a symbol of love of man for her. After a couple signs foreclosure. It is better to order a painting on the road, when the couple decided to celebrate a wedding out of town, get to the registrar will not be easy. Only after these events the wedding begins in the east.

Making tables and decor for the eastern wedding

Invite a holiday toastmaster or master to successfully carry out all scheduled competitions, and hold an event. The holiday should begin with a brief narrative:


- Dear ladies and gentlemen! I am pleased to welcome you at the celebration of infinite love and an irrepressible passion - wedding worthy name of the Bridegroom and beautiful bride's name. Today we have the opportunity to lift the veil of mystery, mysterious, irresistible East. We delve into the colorful oriental atmosphere, taste unusual dishes, feel wonderful aromas. But you must first congratulate our young valuable gifts by which they multiply their wealth.

On trays make gifts to the newlyweds by guests. At this time the sound congratulations wishes to the newlyweds. After the ceremony of donation is to begin the meal. During lunch, you need to take breaks on toast. After some time, is to make a small break:


- Dear guests, really tasting the exquisitemeals, you do not want to enjoy other entertainment? Is is possible to imagine the East without languid beauties, as well as the brave young people movement that stirs the blood? Meet the beautiful dancers, who are ready to please you with their art!

Next comes the dance group, performing belly dancing. Guests are allowed to smoke hookah during this part of the entertainment program.

What competitions will be perfect for guests?

After the dance competition begins the wedding program. Wedding in East style does not include vulgar, vulgar competitions, so make sure their content.


- After watching the dance itself wanted to have fun, is not it? So let us take part in fun competitions, so that you get a feel as possible the atmosphere of the East!

Bright and colorful wedding Oriental
  • "Turban horseman." Groomsmen need to build a turban on his head with a towel. The competition is carried out on time. One participant, who will be able to perform the first task, receives a consolation prize - a traditional oriental drink "Arak."
  • "A toast to newlyweds." It is necessary to say the original speech dedicated to the newlyweds.
  • "Eastern Song". Arrange a competition for the best performance eastern theme song. It may be known to all, "If I were a sultan" and other oriental songs.
  • "Nimble hands." The next competition is held among the women: they need to fasten the necklace to his girlfriend. The competition takes place at speed.


- We entertained a success, and now it's time to give gifts to our dear worthy winners!

Prizes must correspond to the topics of the evening: award winners desirable oriental sweets, bags of red, purple, black shades, a book of fairy tales of the Arab countries.

How nice to finish the wedding night?

Oriental wedding promises to be busy, so the evening should finish quietly, for example, the first dance of the newlyweds.


- First Dance - it is always a touching moment,during which you are pleased for the newlyweds as ever. Especially when this dance is executed in oriental style - passionate, irresistible. We all want to look at this amazing act, so I invite lovely here (Brides Name) and courageous (Groom name)!

As the theme suggests an evening melodyEast, select a track with a slow mesmerizing composition for the newlyweds dance. At the end of the whole arrange representation, running a lot of celestial lights. It is desirable that they were in the tone of the tent, where the event took place.

Starting on the eastern wedding lanterns

Video wedding in oriental style

Look at the good example of the eastern wedding video and Draw some details for your celebration:

For a wedding in the Oriental style newlyweds remembered for a lifetime, do not forget to do during the celebration of photos and videos. In reviewing them, you refresh blonde highlights wedding at any time!

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