Wedding in Moroccan style

Southern Kingdom of Morocco on both sides byThe Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This Arab country is rich in its traditions, customs, fine oriental culture. If, during the wedding ceremony you want to surprise your guests, create an unusual bright atmosphere, the wedding in the Moroccan style - a perfect solution. Richly decorated rooms, elegantly dressed future spouses, the abundance of all sorts of colors and fragrance of the mysterious East will make the event memorable.

How to organize a wedding in a Moroccan style

Before an organization Moroccan weddingheroes of the occasion to be acquainted with some of the traditions of this country. The main thing to remember, Moroccans - a Muslim nation that strongly differentiates them from our wedding culture. Earlier engagement was long before the wedding, and then the young had to meet at least a year to go to the conclusion of the marriage contract, and after - in the event of marriage.

Interesting gifts during the period of meetingsthe groom presents his future wife - a sugar, symbolizing their sweet life together, and milk, which is the epitome of purity of the bride. She, in turn, also presents the hero of the occasion gifts - her dowry. In Morocco, the dowry usually paid in cash to the family of her spouse could buy furniture and other useful items for the family life of the young.

Traditional Moroccan wedding

A few days before the wedding the bride is bathed inmilk, her hands painted with henna beautiful patterns. Future Russian spouses necessarily follow all the traditions, but some of them can be pleasant during training. For example, bathing in milk - is not only beautiful, but also good for the skin. Consider items that will help to organize the wedding event in the Moroccan style:

  • Choosing a place of celebration. East is best to plan a wedding in the summer, because then all present guests with the newlyweds will be able to really feel the ambiance created. Ideal for the celebration of Moroccan wedding suit tent on the beach, river or lake. Light colored fabrics that fell to the ground, comfortable seating, pillows for guests, beautiful nature around - what could be nicer than a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle?

For the perpetrators of the wedding celebration, decided to celebrate the event in the winter or cool in the other months, ideal choice of restaurant or hotel, decorated in Moroccan style.

Celebrating Moroccan wedding under a tent
  • Invitation cards. According to Moroccan customs pending invitations, even on the contrary - it is considered offensive. By tradition, each family is invited newlyweds call or a personal visit to pay his respects. However, the future spouses necessarily follow this tradition - enough friends and all your favorite cards decorated with oriental designs.

Decorate cards beautiful Arabic script,Arrange prints African animals, oriental ornaments. Style of invitation guests hint about what style of celebration will be held. If the dress code is planned, notify your guests for a month or two.

Invitation to Morocco style
  • Dress code. Guests do not have to dress entirely in the style of the wedding theme: men can come in classic suits, only slightly diversifying outfit vivid detail, and women - to complement the image of the major accessories of gold or bright jewelry.
  • Menu. It may include traditional Moroccan dishes. Be sure to decorate the table with numerous fruit plates, lodge guests couscous, chicken puff pie, meat with prunes and nuts. Oriental sweets - also an important part of the menu. If guests do not like too sweet taste of the East, must be submitted, and something more familiar.

Interesting Moroccan cuisine
  • Alcohol. According to the Moroccan wedding traditions are forbidden to drink everything but the juices and mineral water, though few heroes of the occasion will be used for soft experiment. Pour wine in the beautiful indoor pitchers for juice, purchase colorful fragrant infusion to the table looked decent, but did not deprive the guests pleasure.

Making room in Moroccan style

We should also discuss the design of the ceremonialhall for a wedding - it should be lush and bright. To start pick up the color, do not hesitate to experiment - Moroccan interior characterized by bright colors and unusual combination of colors. Use a pleasant eye fuchsia, combining it with orange and bright green, create an unusual palette of crimson, burgundy and yellow color. The combination of colors - almost a fundamental condition of the Moroccan atmosphere.

The colors on the Moroccan wedding event

Be sure to use the beautifulOriental patterns in the Moroccan style - they can paint the fabric, which should be decorated lavishly celebration, napkins, tablecloths. To enhance the decorative effect, put the East of the screen, where the patterns are carved in a tree. One of the most important parts of the wedding in Moroccan - tables and seating for guests. It is necessary to put the low tables and invited guests sit on comfortable cushions.

Comfortable cushions for guests Moroccan holiday

To create the right mood, decorateBuffet meals with a gold border, made in the Moroccan style, as well as other oriental elements - water pipes, lanterns. About Moroccan lanterns should be discussed separately: a great lighting design add a wedding comfort, help organizers identify the correct zone, adjust the space and decor unusual lanterns will be fabulous decoration of photos and videos.

Light decor Moroccan wedding

Beautiful Moroccan decor element -colorful plants. Moroccans are not afraid of bold bright colors combined with the decoration of celebrations and they have learned to do it perfectly. The bride can take note of interesting combinations to create your bouquet. Look at the photo wonderful wedding decoration in the style of Morocco beautiful plants:

Flowers - an important part of Moroccan decor wedding

Fragrance - is also important for the festive decorMoroccan wedding. Incense sticks with spicy oriental fragrances will create the right atmosphere, but must first ask the guests whether anyone allergy or dislike for these products: the sharp smell may cause a headache. It is best to use fragrances in nature, where they create a light haze of sentiment rather than overload the air heavy odor.

The image of the bride and groom photo

Bride on the Moroccan wedding looks bright -her dress, usually colored, embroidered with gold or silver thread various patterns. The material for the creation of such a dress - silk, muslin, satin. Traditional Moroccan style bridesmaid dresses - easy, does not hinder traffic and closed, symbolizing innocence. Complemented by way of all sorts of luxury accessories. To fit the bouquet bright flowers: irises, roses, jasmine, peonies.

The traditional image of the Moroccan bride

Much attention is paid Moroccan beautyeye make-up - they fed the black arrows, causing bright colors shadows, and his hands are decorated with henna painting. Hair is usually hidden under a hat national dress for the wedding. Hero of the occasion of this event, not necessarily be based on the traditional decoration of the dress, adding a bright enough detail in the upcoming celebration of color.

During the Moroccan wedding, the bride is five to seven times to change the order: this is the future wife can take note and prepare a few dresses.

Bridegroom suit comfortable suit made athelp light natural fabrics - silk, chintz. The dress can be bright as the future wife's dress, or supplemented by contrasting elements. If the restriction does not want to give up the classic dresses (White dresses and ceremonial costumes), you will need only a little to diversify its: use bright tie, lapel handkerchief, put on a chic cufflinks.

Suit for the bridegroom in Moroccan style

The script and wedding customs in Moroccan style

Traditional Moroccan wedding lasts threeup to seven days - this is due to the wealth of the family, organize events, as well as the number of family members who wish to congratulate the newlyweds. Guests usually comes very much: any person who knows about the wedding, can visit the bride and groom to congratulate and celebrate with them.

Prospective spouses, celebrating a wedding, it is bestsuitable exit registration, decorated in Moroccan style. Later culprits celebrations can go on a photo shoot, and then meet guests at a posh banquet.

Visiting registration of marriage Moroccan: photoshoot

When there are Moroccan couple,It begins the holiday with songs, dances, live music. To create the perfect mood for the wedding, future spouses can call a band, performing music in oriental style. The music should make a chic sweet cake that you must decorate Moroccan patterns: a meal for a long time will not be forgotten by guests.

Great cake decorated in a Moroccan style

Some more interesting Moroccan wedding customs:

  • Bride four men bring on a special throne, and all the evening guests celebrate it as a real queen. All strive to be photographed together with a beautiful girl.
  • Throughout the celebrations held readings of the Quran with the prayers.
  • When the holiday is over, the perpetratorsMoroccan wedding is still not considered to be a husband and his wife. They slowly come to the house, and when it will reach, the bride should walk around it three times - only if the marriage is concluded.
  • On arrival home Woman treated milk with dates - a sign of love and a new family arrangement.

Video process

Weddings in Moroccan style - a uniquean event that will be your colorful pages of our common history. Choosing a style celebration, you will provide a fun pastime for visitors and relatives, give everyone present a bright mood.