Wedding in medieval style

Modern wedding - it's not just the scalefestival with dozens of guests, but also the opportunity to realize their secret dreams come true. If as a child you have read all the books on the royal courts, beautiful princesses and knights fighting for their heart, a wedding in a medieval style - what you need to with your partner. This action will create a truly unique atmosphere that will impress guests with its beauty, refinement, long time will leave an incredible experience.

How to organize a wedding in a medieval style

The ancient times were not as rosy asdescribed in the books. The famous plague of those years, a poor standard of living of poor people, who were subordinate to the powers that be, the Inquisition - all satellites of dark medieval times. Despite these terrible things, this era gave humanity a unique architecture. And yet, in those days, I was born a real romance - think at least knights, who did their best to defend the honor of his ladylove.

The picture with the image of the inhabitants of the Middle Ages

Perpetrators of medieval celebrations optionalreflect the brutal culture of the time: it is better to focus on the beauty of the palace interiors, magnificent, rich costumes, royal court and entertainment. What you need to plan, to organize a medieval wedding:

  • Choose a suitable venue. This style of wedding requires a certain interior, making it a long-gone time, so the future spouses need to seriously try to find the ideal venue. If medieval bride and groom have the financial means, the perfect solution would be for rent country hall of the castle or manor, which uses the interior of the time.

Castle - a perfect wedding venue

If this is not possible,future spouses can rent the restaurant for a wedding, full of wood and stone details. Also guilty of a medieval celebration can always arrange a holiday in the tavern, with an emphasis on gay life of the poor formation. If the wedding is held in the summer, it will carry out in nature under a tent somewhere in a beautiful location.

  • Send the invitation cards. Invitations - this is what is intended to provide information about the style of the upcoming wedding, so their establishment should be treated seriously. It can be sealed with wax envelopes with the coat of arms of the royal family, where a letter from the calligraphic font will be invested. Another interesting option - made old scrolls tied with twine to seal. Well, if the card courier deliver disguised a page.

Medieval invitation cards

The presence of a medieval wedding dress codeBe sure to write in the invitation, and send cards for a month or two before the celebration, the guests had time to think over the festive style and prepare gifts.

  • To think the dress code. You can give guests the opportunity to look for a costume that will be found in costume shops, or to help them with this difficult task. At the entrance to the banquet hall can be a stand with clothes: men's capes, plastic swords, cloaks for ladies chic, elegant hats. Let each guest will pick up something that will please him most.

Dress code for wedding guests
  • Create a family coat of arms. If you decide to celebrate the royal wedding or simply noble, family crest you need - how to emphasize the status of a medieval couple? You can entrust the matter to the artist or draw a symbol of the future of the family on their own, to come up with the motto of your pair. This emblem will decorate the festive hall, it can decorate the invitation cards for the guests.
  • Choose a festive menu. To create a unique atmosphere for the wedding, you need to carefully prepare everything, even festive menu. On the table must be such dishes: steamed vegetables, baked game, all kinds of soups, different kinds of fish dishes. The decoration of the table will be the center of roast goose or suckling pig. As for fruits, give up exotic options, opting for grapes, apples. As a dessert fit flan.

Food for wedding party
  • Buy alcohol. Alcohol is basically a variety of wines, cider, fruit liqueurs and bitters, so decorate a table them. As a strong drink can speak fortified wine or brandy.
  • Order the wedding procession. For such an event does not fit today's cars, because in those times they simply did not have. An excellent replacement for the classic cortege would be a real coach or horse-drawn carts. If young people have the skills of horse riding, you can ride them yourself.

Medieval Wedding cortege
  • Order services of a photographer. Unusual wedding will certainly be beautiful, wonderful event, so it is sure to capture on a photo. A professional photographer will help to find a suitable style for this photo shoot props come up with staged footage. When funds are available, will hire an operator who mounts an interesting video about your medieval wedding.

The image of the bride and groom photo

To create unique images of the centuries, the groomthe bride will have to work hard. Some costume stores provide dresses and outfits for men in this style, but to find a garment that fits perfectly on the figure and flawless looks unlikely immediately. How should look like the image of a medieval bride:

Beautiful images of the groom with the bride at the wedding
  • Dress. wedding dress is a perfect sitting, tight corset, full skirt, long sleeves. Sleeves - mandatory item, they are perfectly underlined the medieval style. If the wedding is celebrated in summer, prefer a light, flowing fabrics and puffed sleeves. In winter, the bride can wear a warmer outfit, sewed with a heavy satin and velvet - it matches the style of holiday.

As for the color of the dress for the wedding, it is notIt should be white color, even on the contrary - I prefer a darker palette, right to your tsvetotipu. Ideally for medieval wedding attire need lavishly decorate with embroidery, lace, beads, because earlier on dress always possible to determine the consistency of the ladies. The chic outfit - the richer woman.

Female medieval dress for wedding
  • Make-up and hairstyle. Makeup should be simple, natural, because in medieval times women almost were not painted, only to powder his face to hide the shortcomings of the exterior. Hairstyle also should not be too difficult: in those days the lady dispensed with styling products.
  • Accessories. As the shoes can act neat leather pumps, ballet shoes without a heel or decorated in medieval style shoes, more importantly, to avoid modern sandals, sandals, shoes with open cape. Complete the image of stockings, elegant decorations, a small tiara, gloves, handbags and fine with whatever you like from the image of a medieval lady.
  • Bouquet. Suitable simple bouquet of wild plants, creating a soft, romantic song, but if you love roses, allowed to be included in the bouquet and them.

Great image of medieval groom

Choose a suit for the groom, perhaps even moredifficult than to create an image of the bride. Groom for a wedding can dress up in a noble knight style: easy to wear chain mail, armor, boots, armed with a real sword. This image perfectly accentuate the medieval style, but tire of the future spouse. A good option would be a royal or noble image - a jacket, soft velvet pants, boots with buckles, spacious comfortable shirt, raincoat. Apparel should be decorated with beautiful embroidery.

Decoration of the hall in medieval style

When selecting a wedding venue,You need to consider and create a certain style, to arrange the room. The medieval castle - a luxury and darkness at the same time. Heavy, massive tissue, cold stone walls, suits of armor on pedestals, huge room, where little light penetrates, rich interior trim parts - similar atmosphere will create heroes of medieval wedding.

Interior of a medieval castle for a wedding

It is necessary to choose the colors for the holiday. It should be deep dark shades such as burgundy, navy blue, emerald green, black. Shielding gloomy colors, making them pleasing to the eye will be contrasting parts: gold embroidery and stylish interior elements. Do not use light colors, they do not correspond to the medieval style of wedding facilities.

Banquet hall for medieval wedding feast

Tables decorate bouquets plants, crockery,suitable for a wedding in medieval style: this clay plates and wooden trays iron, gold and silver cups, silver cutlery, pottery, jugs of wine and other drinks (do not put alcohol in bottles purchased). Also at the wedding banquet, decorate embroidered with a dark cloth.

Beautiful table decoration in medieval style

The walls decorate the massive tapestries with imagesjousting, royal families, the coats of arms of the nobility. If the perpetrators of the wedding came up with a coat of arms, will enjoy a tapestry for the wedding, which the bride and groom will hang over his desk. The walls also can hang swords, heads of killed game, paintings in massive frames. Remember that in medieval times there was no electricity - arrange beautiful candles everywhere.

Details of medieval wedding banquet

Scenario wedding in medieval style

Scenario wedding in the style of past years will take placefun and exciting, if carefully prepared for the holiday. Will begin the morning with a bride foreclosure process, where the groom is necessary to prove that his heart belongs to a lovely lady, to fight with the best knights of the kingdom, and, perhaps, dangerous dragons - let themselves girlfriends come up with appropriate competitions. After foreclosure future spouses will go on visiting the medieval registration.

Romantic wedding photo shoot for the middle ages

Registration will spend in the registry office, butothers may not appreciate your stylized costumes, but to get away form the marriage registrar even change clothes in a robe of the priest of the Middle Ages. Once the marriage is registered, newly minted with guests newlyweds go on a photo shoot, where a professional photographer will put some interesting shots. When a beautiful staged photo shoot is over, the couple go to the guests at the banquet.

Newlyweds on a festive banquet

The bride and groom should hire a medievalprofessional wedding host, which will create an interesting scenario holiday with stylized jousting contests, jobs, come up with several tests for ladies wedding. At the same time guests are entertained by animators dressed as medieval jesters, true magicians, fortune-tellers, and ideal to finish the evening excellent fire-show.

Fire show in the spirit of the Middle Ages at the wedding

Also medieval wedding to hiremusicians who will play a beautiful old works - minuets, waltzes. The bride and groom can even learn interesting medieval dance, some courses specialize in this style. It is perfectly emphasize their love for each other.

Video process

Wedding in a unique medieval style - ita celebration that will surprise and delight guests. The original festival will cause a lot of positive emotions, impress with their magnificence, will be unforgettable for all participants in the process. Carefully prepared by the medieval event - a wonderful way to celebrate a wedding.