Wedding in Las Vegas style

More and more couples prefer to organizeinteresting thematic celebration, which becomes a unique event in the life of all its participants. If your taste brightness, brilliance and passion, it is a wedding in Las Vegas style - perfect event. This magnificent event will be a real adventure for the guests the celebration, which will plunge into the atmosphere of a night of fun, bright lights, gambling, chic cuisine and endless holiday in Las Vegas.

How to organize a wedding in the style of Las Vegas

Las Vegas - a city of the western United States,Located in the middle of the desert. Thanks to a thriving gambling Las Vegas has become a magnet for gamblers from around the world, but it is popular not only for its magnificent casino. Rich entertainment industry has made Las Vegas the capital of fun, vibrant nightlife, colorful events, but there is in this city a place for romance, it is no wonder so many in the city are playing weddings annually.

Wedding Hall in Las Vegas

Organizing a wedding in the style of Las Vegas - is, first of all, the creation of amazing show that will not leave anyone indifferent. What you need to do to organize an event:

  • Choose a place for celebration.

In the summer a wonderful option forevent a la Las Vegas will be a holiday in nature: Remove the country house, hostel or small hotel to break the tent on his lawn. The large space is good because it will organize a lot of fun entertainment place improvised casino area with mini-golf.

If you are celebrating a wedding in the winter,the ideal option would be a spacious hall of expensive restaurants, where it is desirable to arrange the scene. It is also a good place for a winter celebration will be the hotel: it allows guests after the noisy events will not go, because the party in the style of Las Vegas may well be delayed until early morning.

Lawn Decor: Style Las Vegas
  • Send out invitations.

Invitation to the wedding - it is an important steppreparation of the celebration, after all themed invitation cards - the first thing that guests will see the future. Invitations should immediately make it clear that the process is waiting for the participants. It is best to perform a card-style things related to gambling, which are typical for Las Vegas: it can be a roulette chip from the casino, playing card or a rectangular card with the casino images.

If you plan to comply with certaindress code, you must report it, prescribing rules on the invitation cards and sent them zaranee- the past month, and it is better two before the event, the guests had time to prepare.

Invitation to the original celebration
  • Determine the style of the dress code.

Wedding a la Las Vegas allows participantsprocess dressing up according to their tastes and preferences, the main condition - it should be bright! Women can choose how long evening dresses and stylish image of Marilyn Monroe, and the men instead of tuxedos are quite capable to dress in the style of Elvis Presley. Las Vegas - a city where everyone can be who he wants.

  • Choose a festive menu.

celebration menu - this is the kitchen, which should bechoose according to taste heroes of the occasion, but at the same time taking into account the tradition of Las Vegas. This may be fine Italian and French cuisine, or a classic American menu - a variety of steaks, delicious cakes. However, the protagonist of the wedding menu will be a great cake, decorated with symbols of Las Vegas - playing cards, dice with numbers, casino chips. Sam cake can be made in a roulette style.

American cuisine for wedding
  • Alcohol - it is a prerequisite party,because in Las Vegas, he flows like water. On the table should stand champagne - winners drink, expensive whiskey, sparkling wine. A good option is to set the bar and order the bartender services that will make guests a variety of delicious cocktails.
  • Wedding procession. Style wedding convoy - simple. Do not over-decorated car with flowers, ribbons. Well, if in the motorcade will be presented to the American model of high-class cars, decorated cards, chips. After the wedding the heroes of the occasion can go by car, which adorns the back label «Just married».

American wedding procession
  • Order Services of wedding photographer.

This bright event, like a wedding inLas Vegas, even if it is not in America, should not go unnoticed, so be sure to invite a professional photographer, who will pick up the necessary props. Not bad and find a videographer. Thanks to these people after the wedding you will long enjoy the high-quality photos and a video clip beautiful celebration.

  • The image of the bride and groom

It so happened that in Las Vegas couples get marriedspontaneously, so the main part of the image of a girl marries - veil. Fatou in the city you can buy in any store, and the bride often emblazoned on the ceremony in the usual jeans or a simple dress lightly. Hero of the occasion in a bright style of Las Vegas not necessarily follow that tradition, here are some ideas for a festive way to the wedding:

Elegant dresses spouses on the Vegas wedding
  • Dress. the bride's dress should be gorgeous, elegant, richly decorated with all sorts of ornaments - satin, beads, pearls. Well, if it will be present contrasting elements of the red or black colors, such as red belt and black embroidered skirt. As for style, it is better to choose a straight silhouette style "mermaid", or Greek dress.
  • Accessories. Accessories style of bride Las Vegas - bright luxurious details, such as a stylish necklace with crystals, pearls or real diamonds, bright red flower in her hair, fine gloves. Bridal bouquet should be performed in white-red or shades of red.
  • Make-up and hairstyle. Bride Makeup for a wedding in Las Vegas should be bright: the ideal solution would be a bright red lipstick and thin arrows on the eyes, so as not to overdo it with the accents. As for the hair, the girl can make a stylish hairstyle high or put the hair with cold waves.

A beautiful image of the bride for the wedding a la Las Vegas

With the way the groom at a wedding ceremony-imitationIn Las Vegas things are simpler: a man better wear classic suit with a bow tie, a black tuxedo and white shirt, and complement a festive outfit for the wedding contrasting details. For example, a good solution would be bright red boutonniere or shawl lapel.

Details of the image of the groom to the Vegas wedding

Making the hall in the style of the casino Photo

Making room for the wedding begins with the selection ofcolors. Las Vegas style perfectly emphasize the combination of white, red and black. Use these colors everywhere: for example, with a white tulle will be perfectly contrasting red curtains, tablecloth and light color can be decorated with black cloths. The organizers, wedding decorating a room can make light chair covers, top tying them bright red bows. White, black and red palette would be ideal for creating the right mood on the Vegas wedding.

The colors of the festive decoration: imitation of Las Vegas

The main condition for the upcoming wedding decor inyour personal Las Vegas - a luxury accented by details. Expensive dishes, crystal glasses, lamps, decorated with gold, bright long candles - even on the wedding style says it all. Arrange around the small room interior elements, hinting at the city of Las Vegas. Playing cards can be transplanted cards, let the chips are on the table, recalling the wedding theme, but the main part of the banquet hall - casino.

Details of the original American wedding

A small mobile casino is required to beto establish in the territory of the banquet hall or on the lawn, if the wedding is organized in the style and images of Las Vegas, is held outdoors. Instead of these chips guests can issue plastic circles with your image. After an evening of games these chips actors will be able to exchange for some interesting prizes, such as a board game casino - it will be not only a nice gift, but also a reminder of the long style of your wedding.

Merry the Vegas casinos for guests

Scenario wedding in the style of Las Vegas

Las Vegas Style easily get adapted toclassic weddings. No cost and no bride price: focusing on the theme of the celebration, girlfriends can come up with interesting competitions in the casino style. For example, a future spouse may redeem the bride from the hands of professional gambling. To complete the redemption, he must defeat them in a card game, accompanied by jobs, competitions.

After the ransom was over, the perpetratorscelebration a la Las Vegas go to the registry office, where they were painted. Then goes an interesting photo shoot the wedding, made in an appropriate style. When the photographer with the newlyweds and guests will make a sufficient number of images, newly made spouses can get in the car with «Just Married» sign and go to the wedding banquet.

Decorated car for the couple in Las Vegas

The banquet is to become a colorful part of the wedding,which includes not only food and competition program, but the bright parts of the show. For example, the heroes of the occasion can hire a magician who will entertain the wedding guests at the entrance, to arrange a real fire show, invite mime, dancers enjoy services after a wedding in Las Vegas - a kaleidoscope of fun. The event is similar to the program exactly will delight all in attendance.

Live music during the ceremony

Separately, it should be said about the music for a wedding: best if it will be a live performance of jazz and rock 'n' roll songs that the participants of the celebration were able to have a good rest, and then plenty of dancing, almost like in Las Vegas. Finish well chic wedding fireworks, and after it - a fun disco till the morning.

Video process

A wedding in the style of Las Vegas - a uniquecelebration, consisting entirely of highlights. The event, held in this style will not leave any one indifferent present, a great experience, as the newlyweds and all other guests. If you decide to celebrate the wedding a la Las Vegas - you can be sure, will be able to feast!