Wedding in Indian style

Traditional weddings are losing theirrelevance and modern couples are increasingly choosing unusual options for a wedding celebration. Wedding in the Indian style - an original and beautiful styling that is sure to amaze guests. Oriental flavor, fiery Indian music and luxury dresses will make for a truly exclusive wedding. But this celebration requires careful preparation: selection of themed wedding dresses, music, drawing up menus, as well as many other things, so you should do the organizational issues in advance.

The organization in the Indian style wedding

For the organization of the Indian style weddingit is not necessary to comply with all Indian traditions and rules. It will be sufficient to use the basic style: in the design of the room, clothes and borrow some recipes for traditional Indian cuisine. Indian weddings are marked with different traditions, depending on the state, so you should feel free to make their own adjustments.

Organizing a wedding, the bride and groomGuests are kindly requested to notify the subject of the festival, as well as to clarify the mandatory dress code, the wedding looked harmoniously. The choice of wedding venue - one of the most important nuances, it can be a great country house, a restaurant or visiting a ceremony in tents. The main thing - a beautiful and themed rooms, harmonious abundance of details in the Indian style.

According to Indian tradition the groom comes to the brideon a light horse. In our conditions, it is difficult to imagine the groom on horseback, so the car is allowed to simply decorate different glowing lanterns and flowers. The car would be best to look white tones. The organization of such a wedding takes a lot of time, requires knowledge of the subject matter, the Indian rules and traditions.

A good idea is to buy a small souvenirlittle presents for guests. Ideal souvenirs in Indian subjects. These may be figures of elephants, golden Buddha figurines, bracelets with stones, bright earrings, spice sets, combs in oriental style or other theme options. For gifts to be added a little note of thanks from a couple.

Examples of gifts for Indian wedding

Making room in the Indian style

Wedding Indian-style luxury meansDetails: a lot of gold, purple hues, an abundance of fresh flowers, expensive fabrics. To make room on-site ceremony, you will need a huge amount of rose petals: white, red, pink. Rose petals showered the newlyweds made in our traditions showered with grain, coins. Along with the fresh flowers you can use artificial flowers. There are a lot of options, how to decorate the place of a wedding:

  • Wedding Indian style under a tent - itromantic, but requires long preparation. To exit the ceremony need a separate tent and fabric for its scenery should be light, bright colors. Velvet red fabric, vases with flowers, gold details - all this must be present in the room to simulate the real India. Instead of chairs fit voluminous cushions of bright colors: gold, red, purple.

Indian wedding under a tent
  • The hall in the restaurant. The simplest option will be to find a banquet hall in Indian restaurants, then do not have to bother too much of its design, and if you have in mind a restaurant and it is far from Indian motives, it would take a lot of accessories for its scenery. The main thing is the huge number of flowers, petals, scented candles, which will give the romance, mystery. Only need to choose a candle with a light flavor, no cloying smell.

Restaurant Indian wedding decoration
  • Hall "Peacock Feather". The main element for decoration - a peacock feather with all its colors. Luxury materials, preferably velvet, silk, perfect for a wedding. The color scheme is full of all shades of blue, green, and tables decorated with bouquets of colorful flowers, candlesticks and other items at the discretion of the groom with the bride.

Decoration of the hall in the Indian style, "Peacock Feather"


  • Red and gold room. The most traditional and classic design is considered to be the hall of red-gold colors. These colors symbolize luxury, wealth, why Indians prefer them. Burgundy roses, poppies on the table - the best decorations and chairs on which to sit the couple should resemble the real throne, so you should start searching in advance of such details. Do not forget about the bright lighting and floor rugs to decorate for full compliance with Indian traditions.

Red and gold design of an Indian wedding

The image of the bride and groom

Wedding in the Indian style - not only rightdecorated room, and Indian music, but also the harmony of all the elements. Without a well-chosen outfits for newlyweds wedding will not be its flavor. Therefore it is necessary to make the monitoring of Internet resources, consult with experts, so as not to make a mistake when choosing a wedding dress.

The classic image of an Indian bride - redsari with golden ornaments. The colors of the sari can be either purple, orange and green, burgundy. In India, all the way around, the white color symbolizes mourning, and the black is considered a symbol of darkness, so the colors are strictly forbidden. bride hair smoothly laid, lubricating oil, add expensive jewelry. Make-up at Indian bride bright, bold.

A distinctive feature of Indian brides considereda beautiful painting on the hands, which is applied on the day before the wedding - mehendi. Patterns and pattern size can be different - all the bride's request. Mehendi - it is not easy temporary tattoo on the bride's hands and a true work of art, which is applied using henna. This extraordinarily beautiful addition to the image of the girl.

Appearance Bride in Indian style

Suit groom at the wedding is called salwarkameez, very popular beige dress. A mandatory element is considered to be the gold-colored turban and a garland of fresh flowers that the groom hangs around his neck. Shoes look very pompous groom with long curved toes. In today's world of groom suit can be changed at his request, no problem to add other elements to make their ideas into the image.

Scenario wedding in Indian style

If you want to immerse themselves in the Indianworld, you do not have enough of some Indian dresses only. It is important to the creation of this thematic atmosphere, the idea of ​​the original script celebrations. During the wedding party need to come up with a variety of themed competitions, dances, performances. This is sure to amuse the guests, as well as the young.

Redemption perfectly organized as bride kidnappingIndian gang, and the groom will have to overcome the way, before you get it back. Pre-need to come up with exciting jobs for the groom. It is also good to come up with the ransom in the style of a popular Indian films, such as "Slumdog Millionaire." The main thing should be fun, energetic.

Entertainment at a wedding in the Indian way

During the banquet should warn toastmaster(Master) on the mandatory dress code, as well as advice about the wedding contests. Guests will be able to cheer a professional magician, fire show, Indian dancing and much more. It's great to start the wedding ceremony with a short video of the couple in the style of Indian film telling about dating, love, development of relations until marriage.

Video process

Watch the video, like a pair of well-spent their wedding in Indian style, and entered into a marriage:

Wedding in the Indian style - a reason to finespend time, to make this day a truly unique and exclusive. Sophisticated institutional care necessarily compensated fun pastime that visit, the organizers, the couple will be remembered with a smile on his face. Choosing an Indian celebration, you get originality, fun and exotic.