Wedding in hippie style

Themed Wedding - is the choice of manycouples. celebration style is selected, depending on the desires and interests of future newlyweds. I enjoy nature and freedom, and, at least, feel the hippie at heart? Then, you might want to stick to the marriage of this theme. Wedding in hippie style - it is unusual and bright. At the heart of this subculture is freedom, harmony with nature, the principle of non-violence. How to arrange a celebration in the style of a hippie?

Wedding image of the bride's hippie style

Current hippies attracted some young people,because it is based on love and peace. Adherents of this subculture are sometimes called "flower children." Hippie peaceful and adhere to the principles of nonviolence, which was taken from the ancient Indian Vedas. Representatives of this subculture is easily recognized by special symbols and lifestyle. They do not divide people on any criteria, because they preach the idea of ​​equality and freedom.

Hippies prefer to wear simple clothes,devoid of luxury items. When choosing items for the bride's dress, prefer comfortable, free and inexpensive things. Girl in the style of "flower children" looks romantic, feminine and original. Inherent flow hippie specific decoration must be present in the image of the bride.

Wedding Dress

Create an image of "flower children" will help the bridethe right choice of dresses and accessories. The outfit is better to choose a bride with ethnic motifs, with a free cut, without lush multi-layered skirt and dragging loops. Excellent will be in harmony with the theme of the celebration of a girl with clothes embroidery elements, lace or fringe.

Length wedding dress depends on the preferencesBride. It can be any length, but without luxury decoration. For the bride dress is perfect for a holiday type cotton sundress or a transparent dress. The shade of the bride dresses in the "flower children" can be any style, even with a pattern. Hippie clothes like jeans, so these elements can be present in the image of the bride.

Attire bride hippie

Hair and accessories

If the wedding is outdoors, the bride canbe without shoes. And if walking barefoot on a celebration not work, choose sandals, ballet flats or boots denim. Hairstyle a la hippie - it carelessly loose hair decorated with a wreath of wild flowers or a color patch with or without a bud. More appropriate would be a girl to braid 1 or 2 braids with the effect of negligence. In this case, the hair is good to weave colored ribbons.

Bride Hands must be decoratedbracelets, Baubles, because these attributes show the person belonging to the current "flower children." The bride herself can master the technique of weaving baubles and make such accessories for yourself and the groom. Give the bride a spectacular view will help a variety of metal pendants, colorful shawls and scarves, beads.

Accessories and hairstyle bride hippie

Wedding bouquet of the bride

Bouquet of the bride in the "flower children" style shouldbe nice and natural. It consists of various field crops. Beautiful bouquet of roses will, tulips, peonies, anemones, daisies, cornflowers, sunflowers. Manner of flower arrangement is simple: it should be a lot of field plants and herbs for decoration. Bouquet well decorate with ribbons, feathers.

Bouquet at a wedding with a hippie theme

The image of the groom in a hippie style

Clothing groom must remind the hippie style. Holiday tuxedo is not suitable for a themed wedding. But free cut shirt and jeans, light pants are appropriate to the groom at a wedding "flower children." Hippie Style welcomes freedom in everything, so "young" clothing may be different, as long as it was convenient. If appropriate, the groom at a wedding can be barefoot or wearing light shoes.

The image of hippies groom

Ideas designed themed wedding

Wedding in hippie style involves informalatmosphere soaked freedom and love. Guests can support the celebration theme and come to the wedding in the "flower children" clothing. Since hippies respect the freedom of choice of each person, you can be invited to dress in any color, style. A bridesmaid wedding will give greater color, if will put on a lot of bright accessories, typical of the hippie culture. It can be colorful scarves, ropes around their heads, colorful bangles, baubles, beads.

Special hippie flavor will give the triumph LoveBus. This colorful bus with images of flowers and slogans. If you can not find the type of transport Lavbas, but take on a bright car, attach the paper label with expressions of love and peace. Rock-n-roll, sounding at the festival, will create a special romantic atmosphere. Perfectly suited recording the Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Dylan. Even better, if the wedding will be played rock and roll played by guest musicians.

Wedding invitations for guests

Hippie style should be viewed in alldecoration celebration. Wedding Invitations - a great way to inform guests about topics of the upcoming holiday. For their bright design is good to use denim appliques, laces, ribbons, pieces of leather, wool, flax, beads. Invitations can be made in a simple style on cardboard, decorated with string, feathers, branches of flowers. They are easy to make yourself, to transfer guests to their feelings, positive attitude.

Invitation to the wedding in hippie style

Decor wedding venue

It is best wedding in the "flower children," Styles makeOutdoors. Perfect holiday get on the lake, river, sea. To arrive at the venue by bus will effectively love, ornamented with flowers, hippie icons. To draw beautiful piece of nature to celebrate, use bright ribbons, garlands, strings. The wedding arch for the wedding ceremony would be appropriate to decorate with colorful fabric strips. The backs of chairs, if desired, tied with colored ribbons.

If the celebration of the outdoors, the guestsstay on the bright blankets, pillows on the grass. Wedding tent on the beach or in the woods will hide the guests from the bright sun or rain, so it is advisable to install in place of the holiday. Several curtains with ethnic patterned blinds with bright ribbons, beads help to emphasize the theme of celebration.

For a festive banquet served on tablesNature. It is advisable to use the dishes with ethnic décor, handmade cloth napkins. Tables necessarily decorated with plenty of wildflowers. In the evening an extraordinary triumph of romance can make a bonfire divorced, around which can gather all the guests, and a guitar to sing their favorite songs.

The decor of the wedding hippie place

Video: conducting the wedding hippie

How to organize a wedding in the "flower children" style? Learn how to do the other couples. Some of them organize a celebration directly in nature, while others - in the restaurant, which is decorated with a hippie bright ribbons and special symbols. How to create a harmonious image of the bride and the wedding theme to emphasize? What to wear to the celebration guests in hippie style? What are the interesting ideas you can use when creating a wedding video? The answers to these questions, you'll learn by watching video:

Photo hippie weddings

Wedding "flower children" photos mustdifferent creativity, love. Harmonious and original footage obtained by the river or a lake, a forest glade with wild flowers on field with ripe gold wheat near Painted under the style of the wedding car, or in an abandoned house, which is filled with old things. Unusual and impregnated by love hippie wedding will be remembered for the newlyweds and their guests at all times, and photos from the festival will help to recall the brightest moments in many years.

Options marriage in hippie style