Wedding in fairy-tale style

Many young couples choose to make your holidayunforgettable, unique and memorable. For this fit this idea, like a wedding in a fairytale style. However, this event is not easy to arrange, because the need to elaborate a scenario. Impeach this creative process of his friends, distinguished visionary. Then the training will turn into an exciting experience, and do not need help fairy godmother and magic wand, because the magic is in the hearts of lovers.

How to organize a wedding in a fairytale style

For the organization of the wedding fairytale style you need:

  • define the concept, that is, select a specific fairy tale;
  • make invitation cards, which by its design will send a guest to the selected style;
  • select the location of the banquet, wedding ceremony, think about interior decoration in the style of a fairy;
  • decide on the costume of the groom, the bride's dress, the dress code wedding guests fairytale style;
  • to consider the role that will perform close and native to the fairytale wedding;
  • choose the appropriate transport for a walk, a trip to the registrar for the wedding fairytale style;
  • ensure that, to the triumph of fabulous style embodied operators and photographers.

Elf fairy tale wedding

Tale - is a world that can be different. This theme has hundreds of embodiments, it is simply limitless! Among the most interesting of fabulous celebrations are:

  • "Alice in Wonderland" - in the morning and groomBride on a journey through the looking glass, when they were the heroes of fairy tales come home. Invitations to the celebration venue offers a variety of transformations, jokes, surprises. Invitations may be issued in the form of a stick or disk where the video is recorded: an invitation to a fabulous style to the Tea Party in the county of the Cheshire Cat.
  • Elven wedding is the air,delicate, fairy-tale story of two loving hearts. Marriage shall be executed in pastel colors. Bride appears in front of a huge flower guests, runs a fantastic wedding ceremony, where guests dressed in costumes of elves, and registration is their queen. This fairy tale looks very nice.
  • "Cinderella" - the groom as Prince Charmingarrives at the old carriage with white horses for his beloved. In the fairy-tale wedding guests met the king, various lords. The event program includes dances (Polka, Minuet), surprises and tricks from the magician. The leading role played by the good fairy and evil stepmother, entertaining guests sparkling jokes and unexpected twists script.
  • East fairy tale - in the organization of a weddingyou will be draping the room airy fabrics, candles, lamps, carpets, a variety of magical items. Newlyweds and guest must be appropriately dressed.
  • The tale of the medieval style - great scenery will be the entourage of the hotel chateau style. Create a romantic image of the old help shields, swords, knight symbols, meal by candlelight.
  • Russian fairy tale wedding - prepared mix ofknown folk tales with a variety of characters, depending on the time of year and space. The groom can be tested in lieu of foreclosure, fighting the evil spirit. He finds a casket with a key from the heart of his beloved. Goldfish in the triumph fairy style can meet the desires of guests.
  • Wedding in the "Wizard of Oz" style fitto organize in any season. The main colors are gold celebration, crimson and emerald. Wedding style is a fabulous journey to the land of Oz, where the young will find their happiness. Venue - a trendy loft, castle, mansion, a classic restaurant. To combine retro decor and fabulous details such as the magic shoes, magical stardust, jars of potions. Guests held a show of soap bubbles, the predictions of an astrologer, magician illusionist performance.
  • A wedding in the style of "Sleeping Beauty" - the bridewakes up from a kiss beloved prince. Since then begins the celebration. The main wedding attributes become thrones for newlyweds, red poisonous apples, colored bulbs, candle holders. For the photo shoot is to choose a scenic landscape.

A wedding in the style of Alice in Wonderland

All of these scenarios are based on fairy tales witha set of magical elements, distinctive characters, special atmosphere. When the concept is chosen, it is necessary to think about the venue. Find the picturesque corner, for example, a beautiful pond, forest edges. For the warm season the perfect solution - a fabulous wedding style in nature. For colder weather, choose old mansions, castles, palaces. Find a place that will reflect your idea of ​​fantastic action:

  • For Russian folk tale suitable rustic surroundings, a cafe in folk style, forest landscape with a river or lake.
  • For the organization of weddings oriental style, choose Arabic restaurant, a picturesque place in nature, where the need to build a stylized tent.
  • Bright room palace style suitable for anyfairytale wedding. During the day it has to be filled with light and reflections in the evening shine luxurious chandeliers. Candles, lanterns, garlands help recreate the special atmosphere.

The image of the bride and groom

Selection of dresses for a wedding fairy style -a lot of room for imagination. If you are a creative person, then enthusiastically start watching your favorite fairy tales, cartoons, scroll through favorite scenes books. Can you sketch out thumbnail and go to implement it to the tailor. Depending on the chosen theme the bride can one day become:

  • Russian princess in the headdress and embroidered sundress;
  • refined European princess in a white magnificent dress with crinoline, bare shoulders, crown, veil with tiara;
  • eastern beauty in silk, organza, brocade with precious stones;
  • medieval lady in a long dress of dark luxurious fabrics.

The spouse also need to decide on the way:

  • for the Arab tales make European costume deuce, filled with oriental luxury;
  • medieval theme will suit elegant velvet coat;
  • suit and bow tie - for the groom fabulous European style.

Images of Suite on fairytale wedding

Attire for guests

Dresses wedding guests must complytheme celebration. Basically the girls prefer the lush beautiful dress, decorated with precious stones. Be sure your hair can be decorated with beautiful hairpins. Men can choose from elegant tuxedos, tailcoats, black classic suits. But in general, the dress code for each individual fairytale theme. Discuss with the culprits celebrations wedding style: they can offer you dress up in certain characters.

Guests on the fairytale wedding

Making fairytale-style wedding

When you have decided on the venuefairytale wedding, think about how to make every guest who comes on holiday, felt like on a magical celebration. This will require appropriately arrange the room, which will host the ceremony. Style create items, so choose garlands with twinkling figures, translucent curtains, unusual lighting, magical music. Connect your imagination, and then the usual dining room can become a fabulous area.

Winter weddings especially cool to make out. Decorative snowflakes, garland from silver balls, pearl stars, spectacular composition, created with the help of snow-covered tree branches, thoughtful lighting - these details make visitors gasp in delight when they get into a real winter wonderland. Watching movies on the selected topics and try to recreate the same atmosphere at the festival, which is embodied on the frame.

Making a fabulous wedding

Complimentary for guests

When fairytale wedding scenario acquires newdetails, and the main line is already well-rayed, it is worth to think about such trifles as the invitation. Guests will understand where you are calling them, not just text. The original invitation to everyone to get it with pleasure leave a souvenir. Enter guests in a special way to your fairy tale - use different forms of greeting cards, paper, fonts. Choose invitations that will overlap with the wedding story.

Fabulous Wedding Invitations

Decorating banquet hall

Decoration of the hall for the wedding should be fullycomply with the main idea. An important role is played by the details that create a mood, consonant with the holiday. Choose carefully the materials to decorate the wedding hall, for example, transparent flying fabric - silk, satin, brocade. Unusual souvenirs, wedding decor, antiques perfectly complement the design. Think about the mysterious romantic lighting, for example, use the projector "night sky" glass garland, candles.

Think carefully about the balance of small itemswedding decor: where will lay a magic wand and fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty's spindle, standing coach of pumpkin and a crystal slipper of Cinderella, red boots cat and mouse, the magic mirror and the poisoned apple. Easy to pick up accessories, for this thing to read a story. In general, light airy fabrics for draperies suit wedding atmosphere, abundance of flowers, candlesticks.

Fabulous decor banquet hall

The decor festive table

On the tables arrange floral arrangements, candles,vase with sweets. Lace tablecloths perfectly complement the festive fairytale atmosphere. Cutlery is better to choose a classic: crystal, porcelain perfectly accentuate the fairy focus of identity. Remember that in fairy tales roll feast for the whole world. To the banquet was like a feast of kings, refer to the viands, mentioned in tales. Cups of wine, roasted quail, a beautiful table setting - it all depends on the fairy tale, which was the inspiration for the occasion of your wedding fairytale style.

Decorating the table in fairy-tale style

The bride's bouquet

Fairy bride's bouquet should be brilliant,color, bright. For its preparation, use of pearls, feathers, rhinestones, ribbons, braid, lace, decorative insects. Flowers can choose any, but more importantly, to the bouquet shape and colors were accurate. The palette of colors is dependent on the style of the wedding. To choose a bouquet of Snow White field and forest flowers, the composition of the tender Cinderella fairy tale - light purple orchids, blue roses, Snow Queen decorate bouquet of beautiful white roses.

A fabulous bouquet

A wedding cake

The pearl of the table, its main decoration isfairytale wedding cake style. Guests must be struck on the spot confectionery masterpiece of skill, which can be designed as a carriage lock. If you prefer a more traditional baking, the wedding cake can be a large and high-bay, but not bulky, and its tip is decorated with figures of fairy-tale prince and princess. The main task of the confectioner is combining beauty and fabulous taste, which in cakes this orientation using meringue and nuts, different light creams and mastic.

Wedding cake like a fairy tale

Wedding procession in fairy-tale style

No tale is not without magical meanstransport. Honeymoon task - to hit an unusual guest motorcade to move. It is unlikely that you will be able to find a wedding magic carpet, but the carriage, horse carriages at your disposal. The bride and groom can get to the registrar, to ride around the city, photographed in fabulous luxury motorcade, drawn by magnificent horses.

Fairy motorcade at a wedding

Video: conducting the wedding in a fairy tale style

As a child, each of us is loved fairy tales, presentinga magical hero, coming up with their amazing world. Wedding fairy style - a holiday filled with special magic where everyone can realize their fantasies. Presented in the video celebration - the dream of any girl who for a moment dreamed of becoming a princess, to find yourself in a beautiful castle, circling with the prince under the strains of a waltz. For the wedding It is based on this theme. Marriage registration, gorgeous decor, interesting program and a fabulous photo shoot - all executed perfectly:

Theme wedding photo shoot

Wedding photo shoot is always fantasticconceptual, obliges the heroes of the game. If you have the creativity, the survey allows to show it. Just play the selected story tales are not required, but is most recognizable play moments. However, replay, do not let the fabulous component overshadow those tender feelings that burn young. Props can serve as a rejuvenating apples, magic key, scarlet flower - it all depends on the story base.

Ideas wedding photo shoot in fairy-tale style