Wedding in cowboy style

Surely all seen spectacular films in the spirit ofWild West, where the beautiful main character is the personification of strength and courage. Sound of horses' hooves, the scorching sun is bright, the creak of the stirrups and unique music: if you and your partner enjoy the unique atmosphere, the wedding in cowboy style - this is what you need. Arranging cowboy event, you can be sure that will be a great celebration, a colorful event that will forever be remembered by all stakeholders.

How to organize a wedding in cowboy style

If you do not fully imagine whosuch cowboys, except that they wear high boots and big hats, should learn a little history of this image. At the end of the nineteenth century in the United States there was a need to disperse the herds of wild bulls at special pens, but for this job required strong men, while skilled riders. It happened in 1865, after which the shepherds that make this work became known as cowboys.

Photos of the cowboy

This image became popular, and in the 30sthe last century has become glorified: cowboy made films, wrote books, made music videos, used for advertising (remember the famous Marlborough?). Thus cowboy came into our lives and become invariably associated with freedom, strength, heroism, and the phrase "Wild West" did not know the child. What is needed for the organization of cowboy-style wedding:

  • Choose a place of celebration. To highlight the focus of the festival, better to hold the event in the summer or early autumn, when the leaves begin to fall, yellow grass, creating a feeling of a bright western sun scorched land. The ideal solution would be the choice of the venue of the wedding in the countryside. The couple may find the country estate, a ranch with horses, rent area equestrian sports complex, or simply go to a picturesque place for weddings.

If you can not go on vacationnature or wedding takes place in the winter time, it was good to stay in the restaurant, the style reminiscent of cowboy saloon, or rent a house, made mostly using wood.

Cowboy wedding in the territory of a country ranch
  • Invitation - the first thing that guests will see inthe eve of your wedding, so the approach to their production and thinking through the details need to seriously. It can be classic postcards depicting household items - high boots with spurs; saddle and stirrups, stacked on a table next to a glass of whiskey. You can use the image of the police or sheriff's Indian, and to deliver invitations to the wedding hire disguised in cowboy style carrier. Excellent ideya- order or invitation to make a cowboy hat, it's a very original way to give an idea of ​​the style of the wedding. If there is a dress code, it is required to warn in advance, which means that it is necessary to send invitations earlier than usual: for a month or two before the wedding.

Ideas for the cowboy invitation
  • Menu. Thinking holiday menu, it would be nice to turn to American history unconquered times of the Wild West, because then there was an abundance of products. The main dishes are meat: the famous steak with blood, baked stuffed turkey (it can replace the chicken), appetizer of bacon. Served by experienced chefs offer to cook boiled and roasted beans. other dishes with beans, pumpkin porridge. For starters fit the original baking - yellow corn bread, tortillas. Although the focus of a cowboy is not necessarily used at the wedding only meager meals cowboy menu, it is better to modify and diversify. As for dessert, a good option - a multi-tiered cake with member items (boots, saddle, sheriff's badge, with longlines, belted leather straps).

Details cowboy cuisine
  • Alcohol. Mandatory part of the table at a wedding - alcohol. Cowboys topple loved one or another glass of whiskey in a saloon during a break between primary activity, so the whiskey should be the main drink festive menu. other kinds of spirits is also suit - vodka, rum, and for the ladies something less strong - for example, a delicious red wine.
  • Wedding procession. The real heroes of the Wild West are not necessary for the movement of vehicles at the time of the wedding, the style of the event will emphasize the coach or wagon, decorated with antique and drawn by two horses. Even more interesting if the future spouses arrive at his own wedding, riding horses on their own.

Cowboy wedding procession

Making room in cowboy style photo

For good fit cowboy weddingrustic style of decoration. Organizers, decorating the banquet hall or a tent on the nature, should pay special attention to the furniture: you need to put long wooden tables made of rough planks, covered with checkered tablecloths made from natural materials. During this wedding natural fabrics in general should be an important emphasis on interior decoration - suitable burlap, cotton, linen.

Musician cowboy wedding on the background of a suitable interior

As seats will look greatwooden benches or well-connected stack of hay, covered with dense tissue. Sen will also be good to sprinkle the floor of the restaurant, if the wedding takes place in the room, or the ground if outdoors. An interesting idea for the decoration of drum-cart with an awning. As for the dishes, you need to give preference to the clay, wooden materials dishes, tin plates, cut glasses. Each menu item cowboy is to come up with an interesting name, for example:

  • "Steak Dirty Joe"
  • Salad "Under the whip"
  • "Cowboy swipes"
  • For fish dishes - "Catch the sheriff"

Plants to be a cowboy weddinga little: suitable bouquets of field herbs, flowers and the most suitable option - a lot of pots with prickly cactus, it will emphasize the style of event-westerns. If the heroes of the occasion can not give up flowers at the wedding, should come up with an interesting capacity for them - glasses of whiskey, cowboy boots.

Details of the holiday cowboy style

Other details cowboy style wedding thatcan decorate a room - everywhere hanging hats, these boots with curtains hanging on the wall of the saddle, horseshoes for good luck, placed on a table or painted. Intimacy event will give a spark. You must also pay attention to the candy boxes for guests who can simultaneously play the role of seedling cards - it can be calico bags of candy, box-hat.

Beautiful decor elements of cowboy

Pay attention to the upcoming wedding colors: the main colors of the event - it is brown, yellow, beige, cream, white, golden color. Use them not only in the decoration of the room, but at the time of selection of cowboy outfits style.

Apparel guests and newlyweds

On what should be a dress code cowboywedding, guests should be forewarned, sending invitation cards. Perpetrators of the upcoming celebration may be used only subject or allow guests to dress according to some other image of the Wild West - then invited can dress up in the style of the sheriff's police, to try on the Indian costume. The main thing - the clothes should be comfortable and not interfere with the movement.

Western outfits wedding guests and newlyweds

Then the bride to choose a dress,appropriate cowboy style. It can be a light, airy short dress with a train and corset, leather laces are tightened. With a short dress will look good comfortable boots and complement the image of stylish hat adorned with sequins, beads, and a denim vest - a stylish combination will certainly appreciate the present. The bridesmaids can wear the same dress appropriate color with cowboy boots.

Western bride and groom

For the groom will be the ideal user-friendlyoutfit: nice jeans with a leather belt and large buckle, stylish plaid shirt, leather vest with fringes, high boots with spurs. The image have to decorate a hat, a belt groom can fix artificial leather holster with guns - where cowboy without weapons?

Cowboy outfits for wedding

wedding script

Wedding begins with the redemption, the ideas for which the set, given the cowboy style of the wedding:

  • Redemption cowboy bride in a hostile Indian tribe.
  • Bride - criminal, which grabbed the sheriff and jailed for theft. Bridegroom will release her.
  • Betrothed - daughter of the sheriff, and he was not too happy to marry her term.
  • The future wife - the daughter of the leader of an Indian tribe, to get that cowboy groom will come out only after severe tests.

Photo session during the holiday cowboy

Perpetrators cowboy celebration may themselvescome up with ideas, following the theme wedding. After foreclosure, the future spouses are sent to the registrar or marriage registration, where the official marriage. After registration takes place thematic photo shoot with a professional who will remove the commemorative photo album for the future and create interesting videos. When the photo session is over, the young leave the saloon, according to cowboy mention the wedding.

Gala banquet decorate presenceprofessional-leading toastmaster who hold exciting contests with a cowboy theme, will prepare a cheerful scenario of congratulations and toasts in the spirit of the Wild West. It should also pay attention to the musical accompaniment of the event - a live country music with banjo, guitar, percussion will be a wonderful decoration of cowboy wedding.

Video process

Organizing a wedding in cowboy style - itfascinating process that will create an original fun event. The resulting themed holiday guests will long be remembered, it will be a landmark event for the newly-married couple.