Wedding in country style

The youth of today has become more originalpreferences in how to conduct his own wedding, and what such an interesting surprise invited guests. Thematic ceremony painting lately become so fashionable that their variety does not get tired to surprise, for example, a wedding in the style of the country. This is perfect for those honeymooners who appreciate naturalness, comfort and closeness to nature. This wedding can become a truly impressive sight for those who are accustomed to the traditional holidays. So, how does this look wedding?

Where to hold the wedding in a country-chic style?

Country style, many associated with the ruralterrain, nature and wooden accessories. The first thought that may come to mind about the venue of the country-chic wedding - it's nature. In particular, it may be a cottage, open-air restaurant or catering in the middle of the field clean. The options, in fact, the mass, it all depends on the capabilities of heroes of the occasion, their preferences, the ability to dream.

Venues country wedding

Wedding image of the bride

The image of a bride in a rustic style leaves veryinteresting, thanks to the specific details of rustic roughness, which are mixed with lush fabrics chic wedding dress. The appearance of the bride should get a gentle and simple at the same time. For this wedding dress is good to use such tissue as cotton or linen, preferring sunny shades. A few recommendations for a country-style image of the bride:

  • Take a lush and layered long skirtWear with denim blue shirt. At the waist tie up a brown belt. This image will be combined well with the brown leather boots.
  • Did you enjoy the gentle white dress with a cardigan, decorated with bright yellow flowers.
  • Complete image of accessories, such as a dried ear of wheat in her hair, wooden beads, bridal bouquet with wild flowers.

Country Style Wedding bride

The image of the groom in country style

The groom on wedding country can dress beautifulcowboy. To do this, he will need a cowboy hat, jeans and a light shirt, a brown leather jacket and matching boots Cossacks. If your partner prefers a classic style, offer him an option, similar to the famous brand Burberry: checkered suit, possibly a straw hat, plaid tie, white shirt and classic shoes.

The bride, dressed in country style

Ideas designed themed wedding

Wedding in country style implies unusual forTraditional celebrations solution. You should consider every detail and arrange it so that it corresponds to the end of the general theme wedding. Uniform style country-chic at your wedding is to be traced, from the newlyweds and guests of images, before registration of the banquet hall, all kinds of wedding accessories and birthday cake. So check out the below video clip where you will find an interesting idea of ​​how it is possible to issue a thematic wedding.

Wedding invitations for guests

In order to beautifully decorate a weddinginvitation to guests who are not necessarily to splurge on expensive paper and materials: all really create his own hands. Important - please be inspired, some materials and a good mood. And here are some tips on how you can brilliantly create invitations for guests at the wedding of country:

Country Wedding invitations for guests
  • Stock up in advance the necessary materials. To create a country theme, use natural fabrics and details, for example, flax, cotton, leather, etc.
  • Make a small message in pouches. Inside lay a letter of invitation text and candy, tie a red satin ribbon or denim.
  • On an ordinary white sheet write the invitation and wrap it scroll using flax cloth or brown leather.

The decor of the banquet hall

During the festive decorations venuebanquet, carefully think through the details of which will correspond to the style of country music. Banquet Facilities must meet the maximum the image of natural beauty, naturalness and chic party atmosphere. In this issue you will drape fabric, vibrant wildflowers, wooden furniture. A few ideas to help you arrange a banquet hall:

The decor of the wedding hall in the style of the country
  1. For the touching wedding ceremony, erecting a wedding arch. Decorate her living wildflowers.
  2. Above the wedding table, create a makeshift tent or canopy. On the sides you can drape frame burlap or linen curtains.
  3. Hang around the perimeter of the wedding hall garlands of conventional light bulbs, which can pre-paint in different colors.
  4. To festive atmosphere was felt in full, hang on a banquet table huge crystal chandeliers.

Decoration of the holiday table

Festive table - wedding person, soyou must make every effort to try to decorate this important attribute of the wedding celebration. Here you will need a lot of lace, silk, linen, crocheted napkins and much more. For more information about how maybe you arrange a banquet table in country style, see below:

Wedding table decoration country style
  • Tables cover the aerial silk tablecloths, flowing to the floor.
  • Along the top of the table linen tablecloths can lay brown stripes.
  • Decorate the table large silvercandlesticks, bouquets with wild flowers, which stand in wooden vases. Originally in the evening will look great candles on the tables, inserted into the case of a street lamp.
  • Each guest is put a beautiful lace or crocheted napkins.
  • The backs of chairs can decorate interesting compositions with straw and living wildflowers.

The bride's bouquet

To create an original bouquet for the bride,the relevant country-style, use the unusual composition of fresh flowers interspersed with wild herbs, possibly vegetables. This is an unusual solution, which will show your bright extraordinary character. Some beautiful examples of wedding bouquets that will fit harmoniously in a country style.

  1. Make a wonderful bouquet with hydrangea, basil, lemon balm, Brussels sprouts and roses.
  2. Another interesting option a wedding bouquet under the country style suitable composition with hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, Brussels sprouts.
  3. Use a lot of field of daisies, make ainteresting compositions with straw, cornflowers, lavender. It is not only the beauty, pleasing the eye, but also a pleasant aroma, pleasantly soft enveloping your wedding image.

Wedding bouquet in a country style

A wedding cake

Wedding cake - one more unique opportunity,which will allow you to realize all your wildest visions, fantasies into reality. Express your creativity and create a unique cake in a country style, reminiscent of a multi-tiered flower bed with flowers in the ground, for example. Here are a few country-style ideas for wedding cake:

  1. Try to create a delicate wedding dessert country style, with two boots - one of the bride with a veil, the other - the groom with a black cowboy hat.
  2. With a simple biscuit you can createan incredible work of art, richly decorated with colorful dessert edible flowers, various fruits and vegetables. It will emphasize the theme of country style of your wedding.
  3. Decorate wedding dessert bright red poppies, daisies, and the tip of the Crown bridal figurines, dressed in embroidered shirts. So you get a Ukrainian wedding country style.

Cake on a country wedding

wedding accessories in country style

What a pleasant holiday without the details thatmade in a single country-style wedding? Be sure to consider how to issue bonbonniere guest, do not forget the nursery card. All this will help you create the perfect holiday atmosphere of a country style, set up on the fun all invited and feel comfortable. A little advice about the wedding accessories in country style:

  • For registration cards use small seedling hemp thick branches. Make a small opening, and insert the card to the guest's name.
  • Bonbonniere be issued in the form of sacks of coarse cloth. Garnish with thin laces and ribbons.
  • Candy boxes can serve as miniature jars of jam. On top of the lid povyazhite beautiful knitted cloth and a note with gratitude.
  • For the numbering of tables use small frames with lace edging.

Wedding accessories Country style

Theme wedding photo shoot

Another interesting part of the wedding celebrationcountry-chic style will be themed photo shoot. There certainly is a huge scope for creative professional photographer who will create a lot of beautiful frames. This memory will be a wonderful addition to your wedding and it will still be warm your fond memories, stored in a wedding photo album. For example:

  1. Honeymooners in the hayloft. Let the huge rolls of hay will provide a soft bed that comfortably accommodate a couple. White wedding dress on the contrast of orange straw background create incredibly beautiful pictures in the style of the country.
  2. Invite the whole group of friends together and do funny pictures and put them on each floor of the old barn. Such country adventure will leave unforgettable impressions.
  3. Use a palette of colorful landscapes of the countryside and be photographed against the backdrop of infinite field or orchard.

Wedding photo session in a country style