Wedding in classic style

Classical Wedding - a celebration, whichthe dream of every girl from an early age. Luxury crisp white dress, elegant bride in a dress coat, stylish vintage cars, elaborate dressed guests - all features of the traditional wedding event. Adherents conservative style encouraged to organize a wedding using the simple elegance of the decor. But the choice of the classical ceremony does not mean that the holiday will be deprived of individuality.

How to organize a wedding in a classic style

On the organization of their choice classical weddingstop the couple wishing to spend a luxurious and refined at the same time a celebration. This style involves consistency in every detail and decor elements. The classic wedding requires careful selection of the image of the couple and ways to decorate the banquet hall, creating thematic invitation cards, purchase the appropriate bouquet for the bride, wedding cake.

Classic style for a wedding celebration

Decide on a color scheme of the classicalwedding. White color - is a timeless classic for a wedding, but it can be different shades. So, will the classic elegant wedding colors ivory, pearls or pastel colors. The selected shade should be traceable in the design of the restaurant, floral arch, seedling cards for guests and other details. Experienced stylists, decorators and florists will help you to choose the thematic materials, fabrics.

The image of the bride and groom

The classic style of the bride and groom meanrestraint in the details. Unacceptable bright outfits pretentious style with an abundance of color decoration. Bride's wedding is to be made of expensive materials, such as satin or silk. It can be direct, close fitting or lush cut, but not necessarily in the long floor. It is recommended to choose a dress with a train. Harmoniously will look dress with lace and hand-embroidery. Handbag and shoes matched in tone to the outfit. Preference was given to classical shoes on a thin heel with a closed nose.

Classic style in the image of a bride

Attire for the bride in a classic style wedding

The groom is necessary to match the image of the bride. To do this, fit suit or tuxedo. It is appropriate to be and three-piece suits (with vests). As for color dress, in addition to black, choose costumes dark blue or gray color for a classic wedding. With this style blends well as a white and pink or blue shirt. Rounding out the classic image of a tie or bow tie. The groom is recommended to make high-quality styling and the bride gather hair up or leave locks flowing over her shoulders.

Classic style for the groom

The dress code for the guests

Sending invitation cards for wedding,the couple alerted its future guests about the dress code. For the classic event will be appropriate evening wear. Guests are recommended to men to put on their suits or tuxedos. Women should choose the evening dress and make the appropriate hairstyle. Pay special attention to the accessories: a bow tie to the strong half of humanity, hats, veils and neat clutch for the ladies.

Dress code on the classic wedding guest

Apparel Reviews for classic-style wedding

Separately, consider the classicdress code for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Elegant and refined will look photos, which depicted the couple surrounded by close friends, dressed in the same outfits in style. Optional bridesmaids wear the same dress. Looks beautiful outfits from the same cloth, but styles of dresses will be different for every girl. Friends of the groom is not necessary to dress in the same outfits. You can do the accent in their outfits on the same type of funny shirts and bow ties.

Classic-style wedding

The selected style must be traceable toEach celebration details: from newlyweds dresses to a wedding convoy. Classical Wedding - a harmony of restraint, refinement and elegance. It should not be present bright elaborate details. Classic - is that always true, regardless of time. The focus is on a lush, elegant wedding ceremony.

The classic style of the wedding ceremony

Classic-style wedding

The decor for a banquet table in classic style wedding

Decorate using floral celebrationcompositions, flowers, preferably rose. Selected stylistic decision manifested in the decoration of the banquet hall, reception area, with a decor wedding table for guests and honeymooners. The main decorative elements for a classic wedding - a florist with fresh flowers and fabric draping (satin, chiffon, organza, silk).

Wedding invitations for guests

With the invitation cards of the guestsfuture ceremony is familiar with the upcoming celebration. Card itself should be part of the wedding decor, be designed in classic style match the color scheme. In the manufacture of invitation cards for a classic wedding it is recommended to use a nice heavy paper with stamping, smooth, with a pattern or cut fringing.

Invitation wedding cards in classic style

Complimentary for guests at a wedding in a classic style

Invitation in classic style

Preference was given to the official style of letters,although for a small wedding ceremony held in a narrow circle of friends, humorous appeal allowed in the invitation, but not desirable. Whenever possible (when invited to a lot of people do not) make invitation cards with their own hands. To decorate these products use satin ribbons, bows, polubusiny, crystals, small artificial flowers.

The decor of the banquet hall

Decorating banquet hall in classic style,you need to eliminate the use of excessive massive vivid detail. The decoration of the room should be simple, but elegant. Visitors to this event are seated at a separate table, which is covered with beautiful tablecloths, the color coincides with the main range of holiday. On the tables are arranged a vase of fresh flowers. A mandatory attribute of the wedding are considered nominal boarding cards for the guests, who are made in the same style as the invitation cards.

Honeymoon table should stand out from the crowd. His decorate fabric drapes, floral compositions, candles in glasses, porcelain statuettes, garlands with light bulbs. Appropriate to the room decor with the help of balloons, paper garlands, bows. Chairs with covers decorated with ribbons. Across the hall are arranged small shelves or small tables with flowers and other thematic decorations.

Banquet hall for a wedding in a classic style

Registration for the banquet hall in classic style wedding

If possible, set in a banquet hallflower arch at the table newlyweds. It will serve as the perfect backdrop for the colorful photo. If the wedding reception is held in the country, in a villa, in the garden, then set the special tent, which will help hide from the sun or rain. Preference is given to the white tents, which are decorated with satin ribbons, garlands with lights, lanterns and flowers.

The bride's bouquet

Choosing a bouquet, should take into account not onlytheme of the event, but also the style of the bride's dress, the material from which it is made. By the light, along with inserts of air material (organza, chiffon) make a small miniature bouquet. The traditional colors for a classic wedding deemed callas, roses, gladiolus, but fit and wild flowers (daisies, shrub roses, stephanotis), they will give the image of a romantic and touching.

Classic bridal bouquet

To give a more restrained versionpreference for floral compositions with tulips, carnations, orchids, daisies, roses, bells. Unusually, and will look beautiful bouquet of bright color, it will focus in the image of the bride. Snow-white dress of the bride can complement bouquets of red, pink, purple, lilac, orange or yellow.

A wedding cake

The final chord of the wedding cake is the removal and cutting of the newlyweds. When choosing a holiday dessert should be guided by three main principles:

  • flavored cake;
  • its relevant topics holiday;
  • its external decoration.

For a classic wedding decided to cookstacked cakes. They look grand on photos and videos, hit others with their beauty. At the end of the holiday, not all guests can eat high-calorie dessert fat, so choose lighter options baking cakes which are impregnated with butter cream or fruit. A win-win option would be cake souffle, so light and tasty dessert.

Beautiful wedding cake

Delicate cakes at a celebration

The cake should be beautiful and delight allpresent at the festival. With pastry Talk about the wedding theme, ask him to make an elegant and luxurious dessert. Traditionally, wedding cakes decorated with icing, cream-colored flowers. The top of the dessert decorated with figures of newlyweds, rings, hearts, swans. Exquisitely cake will look that the style, color and some elements in common with the bride's dress.

Accessories for a wedding in a classic style

From such important details as wedding accessoriesIt depends largely on the tone of the event, its spirit and atmosphere. In preparation for the holiday classic, you need to think about every detail, which falls into the frame. In this case, can not be trifles. Even one accessory from a drop-down style wedding, the newlyweds can spoil the mood and to sow discord in the celebration theme.

  • Tie for the groom. For a classic wedding newlywed can choose a model like the traditional tie length 132-147 cm and a width of 7-9 cm, and stop the choice on the bow tie. Both options would be appropriate for the holiday. Preference was given to accessories made of natural fabrics, preferably silk. They will look elegant, and will not give unnecessary artificial glare in the photos.
  • Basket of rose petals. This accessory is made using natural vines, paint in white or pastel colors, suitable to the chosen wedding colors. To use the classic ceremony baskets, decorated with live or artificial flowers, satin ribbons.
  • Cushion for the rings. This elegant accessory will beautifully submit newlyweds rings during registration. On the pillow should not be too much decoration, elaborate decorations. A classic accessory is a small satin pillow decorated with lace, ribbons, pearls and hand embroidery.
  • Wedding procession. Too bright to decorate the car bows, ribbons or balloons is not necessary for a classic wedding. Restrained simplicity achieved by the use of small floral compositions perimeter cars and one decorative element, for example, figures or heart rings.

Wedding accessories in classic style

Decor accessories in a restrained style

Wedding procession

Video: conducting classical wedding

In most cases, classic wedding - itfabulous ceremony. Touching the bride in a luxurious dress, elegant dress or groom in a tuxedo, the abundance of fresh flowers, elegant guest - the main foundations of the canonical celebration. On the organization of the classic wedding solved those newlyweds who want to emphasize the celebration ceremony cute and happy bride to the groom, not bright decor items. Elegant style - a pillar of classic wedding. Classical Refinement well demonstrated in the video below.

Theme wedding photo shoot

It is necessary to choose the right place for shootingwedding photo shoot in a classic style. The ideal background will serve as an ancient castle, manor, palace. Beautiful arches, marble staircases, moldings, wide windows fit perfectly into the frame. On this important day in the life of a loving couple photographer is important to convey the love and tenderness, sensitivity and awe of two loving hearts.

No less beautiful photo shoot will come in the lapNature. Assist in the natural natural scenery: river or lake, flower-filled garden, a mysterious forest, a colorful meadow. To make non-triviality in their wedding photos, using unusual props: garden swing, bicycles, large letters, speech cloud, horses, garlands.

Wedding photo shoot in the style of classics

Honeymoon Photoshoot

Ideas for wedding photos in the classic style

The bride and groom at a wedding in a classic style