Wedding in autumn style

Autumn - it's time to enjoy a nice, praised by poets. Nature shines bright autumn colors, yellow and red fallen leaves delight us, giving the holiday a special solemnity. Wedding in autumn style will be an unforgettable event rich home comfort, warmth and natural beauty. Not for nothing because a huge number of couples opt for wedding, these beautiful days, and advises the church to choose this time.

How to organize a wedding in autumn style

If you decide to hold a wedding in the autumn, the bestit will be time for "Indian Summer", when the sun warms even in summer, but there is no sweltering heat. This length of time is not so easy to catch, but the result will exceed all your expectations. Look around: you are surrounded by warm colors - yellow, orange, red, brown, gold. They are the leading colors of the wedding, but first think about preparing for such an outstanding event.

It starts with the wedding invitation cards, theirthe first to see the guests. Your task - to create offers light, fresh autumn mood on a hot, really summer day. The symbols before they are hatched yellow maple leaves and cranes key fly south, but you can use other - bright fruit and vegetables, autumn flowers, viburnum and mountain ash brush. Let your invitations full of these pictures, made in bright, saturated colors.

Ideas for autumn wedding invitations


The image of the bride should also be autumn. It is better, if the dress is golden, chocolate, copper, orange. If you are confused by the bright colors of the dress, stop for pastel shades in rustic style, which dilute the contrasting accessories. Also looks nice traditional white dress with autumnal accessories. Bridegroom suit the classic three-piece suit London dandy of wool, cashmere, flannel, and a spectacular tie of the same color as the bride's dress.

The outfits newlyweds in autumn style


Autumn bouquet selected in yellow-redshades, there is present as autumn flowers and leaves, berries, fruit. Use bouquet bunches of viburnum, mountain ash, which for its red beads give it originality, vivacity, accentuate good taste. Fringe amazing color and shape of the dried leaves make a bouquet of light, airy.

A bouquet for the autumn wedding

Making the hall in autumn style photo

Decorate the banquet hall in the autumn style mucheasier than you think, because of natural decoration lie right under your feet. The main colors in the design of the fall of the hall are warm shades of yellow, bronze, orange, gold, brown, purple, red. For room looked elegant, not spray on a multicolored, use two or three colors.

The main decoration of the hall - the flowers, they should bea lot of. Choose those that highlight its distinctive style. Will be pleased with the bright colors of the beautiful asters, dahlias majestic, fragrant chrysanthemums, ornamental sunflowers, roses ubiquitous. Worthy decorate room garlands of autumn leaves and ripe wheat spikelets.

Autumn style of the wedding hall



Decorate autumn wedding in one of the three traditional styles:

  • Classical. On the tables brown tablecloths, for snacks and fruit are selected straw plates, other meals are served on a plate of orange or ivory. Most of the fresh natural flowers yellow and crimson shades located on the central table, there are tall candles in a vintage clay candlesticks.

Classic style table setting
  • Formal. Top colors - purple and gold. Purple is the color used for tablecloths, napkins, glasses, gold - dish. On the central table dark roses, tall candles in the heavy wrought-iron candlesticks. The style chosen for late November wedding.

The formal style of table
  • Modern. This brown tablecloths and tableware yellow shades. Central table lined with flowers in vases and pots predominantly yellow-brown color, and the addition of the original are small candles.

Modern style decoration autumn wedding table

Use to decorate the room and ripe fruitberries, eg apples, viburnum, for autumn - time to harvest. You can dilute them bouquets and garlands on the walls or chairs, or you can use as a basis for the original seedling cards. Pumpkin will be elegant vase for a bouquet or an unusual chandelier. How do you arrange a celebration, look at the video.

Scenario wedding in autumn style: interesting ideas

Autumn - time for hopeless romantics, becauseAutumn wedding requires refinement, sense of proportion and taste, elegance throughout. Make your wedding extraordinary, unlike any other. Beautifully it beat the inventing for myself a story that you like. Of the four options proposed ideas wedding scenario you are bound to pick up a suitable option.

  • The script for "Grandmother's Garden". Make a wedding in September or early October, the venue - a large garden. The evening was cool, so just be any indoor space - a banquet hall, a tent, gazebo.

Autumn wedding in the garden
  • The script for "Legends of the Fall." Arrange a holiday in the old chapel or near the mill. The bride will drive up to the venue in a carriage, and the groom - on the noble steed. There is also relevant vintage wedding ceremonies and games.

Wedding after the "Legends of the Fall"
  • Screenplay based on Halloween. Arrange a costume masquerade and poshabashte really. And if you do not want unbridled Sabbath, then you can use only certain attributes of Halloween, such as pumpkin candleholders.

Autumn wedding based on Halloween
  • The script for "Family Hearth". Organize your wedding in a rustic house, built a fire and spend an evening among friends and relatives. The ideal would be grilled dishes, homemade compotes, cooked treats of summer jam, bright berry fruit liqueurs.

Venue of the wedding scenario "Family Hearth"

How to make a wedding in the autumn style real miracle, look at our video.

Video process