Wedding disco

Over the last ten years in the fashion firmly establishedthe practice of organizing thematic weddings. Various stylistic solutions allow us to make this event more "alive", to engage in the game of guests by thematic competitions and a dress code, but the main thing - to realize the old dream, visiting your favorite image. There are many interesting ideas weddings, but if the couple want to make it really fun and electrifying, then a better option than a wedding disco, just do not find. How to make a wedding disco stylish and harmonious?

Where to organize a wedding in the style of disco 80's?

Organizing a wedding disco, you muststart by selecting the room. Since this area is a dance overtones, the perfect choice for a wedding is a cafe and a mini-club, originally decorated with the style of Disco, which has sufficient capacity, the dance floor (podium, stage or separate area for dancing), color music (disco ball) and other equipment for discos. If available for rent institution has the above advantages, you have to compensate for this decor literate and technically equip it on their own.

The image of the bride and groom in a disco

Thoughtful design, the script featuresthe event, the couple can go to the selection of their wedding dresses, which should combine the two main areas: the attributes of the disco style and classic wedding suit:

  • For the bride. Good ideas apparel for the bride to be short, a magnificent wedding dress, put on a bright colored leggings and blazer, lifted up hairstyle cocoon, bright massive decorations. Another option - a long white dress with a skirt-suit, trousers and shoes on a high platform.
  • For the groom. He fit suit white with sequins on the sides flared sleeves and pant legs, shirt not buttoned the top two buttons, shoes with heels. You can use wigs, such as African-American, rounded like a disco dancer. However, the image should be unobtrusive to preserve natural, inherent personality of the groom, because the suit for the wedding, but not for the carnival.

Options outfits for newlyweds disco

Wedding dress reviews

For the wedding was beautiful disco,harmonious, it is necessary to think and costumes invited. It is better to invite a professional stylist, but if this is not possible, you should pay attention to the following important points:

  • The degree of identity disco style. Decor can completely recreate surroundings disco parties or only remotely resemble it, keeping abstract colors or combine with other stylistic decision. This means that guests can wear suits, completely repeating fashion disco '80s, and even smart clothes with attributes such decor. Suit and usual holiday things color scheme or style of those years.

Wedding accessories with disco
  • Dress code. Decide whether all the guests are obliged to adhere to the dress code in the disco, or it will affect only witnesses Suite and close friends.
  • Decorative attributes, stylish solutions. To costumes guests like the fashion disco '80s, using the following elements: wigs, bell-bottoms, platform shoes or heels, bright jackets, casually disclosed together with the shirt, worn under the chain, spare glasses with rims, repeating the shape of hearts, stars, bands (for men); trousers straight cut or flared from the hip, shiny or bright leggings, tops, blouses, short dresses, embroidered with sequins, rhinestones, bandage on his forehead, long or massive jewelry, boots, colored blazers or jackets, glasses with a bright rim, sequins (for women).
  • Balance. When choosing costumes for participants of the ceremony, do not forget the sense of proportion, because otherwise outfits will look ridiculous and tasteless. They should not be unduly variegated, disparate, individual elements need not discordant with each other. All costumes should be a shared line, creating different decorative nuances of a single harmonious picture. This can be achieved at the expense of tones, colors, lighting, creating hairstyles and costume designer, and one other.
  • Quality. It is better to abandon the costumes and wigs acid shades, and from cheap plastics. Use a more expensive, high-quality fabric - they will give Q-dresses will look natural, effectively, as a festive costume, not a circus uniforms.
  • Style. When choosing an outfit for the guests pay attention to a style of products to all of them emphasized the dignity of the figure, not disadvantages. Therefore it is better to invite a designer who will work with each guest individually, perform necessary measurements, select all the appropriate version of the suit.

Apparel guests at a wedding disco

Cake for wedding disco

The most common element of the cake forDisco is a sweet wedding disco ball, which is installed in place of the upper tier or at him. The sides of the cakes are decorated with cream-colored metallic, shiny stars, silhouettes of people dancing, making the dance floor in tiers like. The disco cakes design prevails geometric, bright colors, the severity of the elements that sets them apart from the classic wedding treats. Large cake can be used as a wedding surprise if it will jump out of a singer in a magnificent wig and sing the disco hit.

Examples of wedding cakes Disco

The decor of the wedding hall and Accessories in disco style

The decor of the wedding hall disco can beanything but a mandatory attribute of any of the options - a mirrored disco ball (one or more). It's better if the ball will be applicable at the designated time and start working - it will add wedding celebrations even more courage. This attribute is suitable for any room decor option, without spoiling the elegance event, even if the style is only slightly indicated in the wedding decoration.

A popular decorative element in disco styleare vinyl records, which can be decorated walls, backs of chairs, tables (playing the role of supports for plates). They can be used as an invitation to the wedding, if the corresponding text will be applied to the paper circle or cover. When making a room can be used by the style elements of techno, shiny wall decoration and accessories, especially in the area of ​​dance, the presence of the maximum number of techniques to create special effects (smoke machine to create steam, color music, etc.).

Wedding disco decor

Ideas for the wedding photo shoot

A significant role is played on any celebrationphoto shoot, and themed wedding disco style is particularly spectacular. Volume wigs, flared pants, colorful and shiny clothes, stylish and unusual surroundings - all this creates a large field for experimentation. Since the disco - this is, first of all, dancing, the best footage obtained during the execution of specific dance moves. More ideas for photo shoot on the day of celebration in the disco look at the photo below:

Wedding photo shoot in the style of disco

Video: wedding disco 80s

Wedding in the disco '80s - isfiery, unforgettable experience that will allow everyone to have fun from the heart. Bright colors decor, hot dances - all this improves mood, creates a fun atmosphere itself. The beauty and originality of this wedding will be remembered for a long time, and the newlyweds and their guests, and in addition, this triumph will remain a bright trace on the wedding photos and video footage. You can easily make sure that to organize a wedding in the disco style - it is a good idea, watch the video: