Wedding American style

The first joint celebration of the newly-madecouples should be original and memorable. Make it extraordinary help interesting concept of the wedding. Wedding American style- this celebration, based on the traditions, customs and superstitions of overseas culture. It offers a fascinating event, which incorporates the best parts of the American wedding celebration: beautiful decoration, soft music, a refined atmosphere.

How to organize a wedding in the American style

To organize a wedding in the American way, the future spouses will learn some of its traditions:

  • A place. As a rule, in America the wedding location varies depending on the time of year. During the summer, Americans prefer to exit the ceremony outdoors, where organizers put the chairs for guests, a festive arch, registrar table, carpet trail, along which the first groom, then the bride with her father. Winter wedding is traditionally held on the territory of large restaurants or even hotels.

American Wedding Venue
  • wedding Structure in American. The order of steps celebration in America is different from Russian wedding. Betrothal is a year and a half before the ceremony, two weeks or one week held a wedding rehearsal, two days before the holiday passes the so-called civil ceremony - marriage registration in official bodies, and then arrange a magnificent festival.
  • Wedding procession. In America, not to decorate cars with ribbons, flowers, large wedding rings. Usually around it is known that these machines are driven by the newlyweds at the rumble of tin cans tied behind, and on the plate "Wedding".

Wedding procession of American newlyweds
  • Wedding rings. Strict rules on the choice of wedding rings there is a certain style, but good omen Americans feel if the groom buys the bride.

For the wedding was a success, the perpetratorscelebrations should think about traditional American pre-wedding rehearsal - this will make the perfect event, unusual Russian mentality. Guests will know where to stand, when to say toasts, become familiar with the style of the holiday. If the ceremony involved the children (boy carrying rings on a pillow in front of the bride, and she scattered flower petals), take a few rehearsals with them.

The image of the bride and groom photo

When choosing a wedding style dresses from the bride and groom will be able to give free rein to imagination, because of strict rules regarding the way there. For the bride:

  • Dress. America - the land of freedom, so no one is surprised to see the American bride in red or bright blue wedding dress. However, the favorite color of Americans who marry, is still considered white. dress style should be selected on the basis of the features of shape, dress should emphasize the advantages of completely hide flaws.

American bride dress
  • Hairstyle. When choosing a hairstyle the bride will not be limited to: a girl can do the heavy Greek hairstyle, elegant beam of light, or to dissolve the beautiful curls.
  • By tradition, the American bride should have in your image four items:
  1. Something old. It symbolizes the relationship of the future spouse and his family (it can be a decoration inherited).
  2. Something new. It means a new phase of her life.
  3. Something borrowed. Thing is taken a loan from a married friend or relative, heralding a happy family life.
  4. Something blue. This color says about the innocence and purity of the girl.

Four of the subject in the image of an American Bride
  • Bouquet. In America, the traditional form of wedding bouquet - round. Usually it uses large roses, as well as their unopened buds, peonies. Look beautiful bunches of baby's breath, which will keep the bridesmaids.

Bouquets of the bride and her bridesmaids

The image of the American celebrations culprit:

  • Costume. To get a good fit in the style of the wedding in the American, the groom can wear a formal suit with a tuxedo. It will also look great trousers with braces and stylish vest. When choosing a suit, remember its harmony with the colors of the bride's dress.
  • Accessories. A good solution would be a stylish bow tie, a simple neat shoes. To create the atmosphere of the American future spouse can wear a beautiful hat in the style of Chicago gangsters 20-30 years of the last century.

Images of American groom

The decor of the banquet hall in the American style

Decorating a banquet hall for weddingsAmerican-style - is a serious work that requires attention to detail. The main task of the future spouses: to come up with an elegant holiday decorations that provide a fun atmosphere. Loyal assistant to create exquisite decoration of the hall will be the color: for American weddings traditionally use no more than two or three soothing colors and two shades: a contrast, and other pastel.

The refined decor of the wedding banquet hall

It should also take care of the beautiful props forphoto sessions: if the holiday is held outdoors, in the ground insert plates with beautiful slogans, "Wedding" pointers, "The Wedding of Alexander and Anastasia."

Details American wedding

Flowers - the main decoration of the hall at the time ofUS events, and live plants are needed. The lush peonies, elegant roses and other plants appropriate detail bride bouquet - all part of the traditional American style furniture. The colors have to be decorated not only tables, but the wedding arch, the registrar table, and before the flower-girl bride will sprinkle petals plants.

Flowers in the American marriage

The dress code for the guests

If you plan to dress code in the USevent, a month or two apprised holiday guests. Traditionally, bridesmaids, wedding present, should be dressed in the same dress, combined with the color of the dress or the details of the American way of culprits celebrations. This beautiful tradition will be a wonderful decoration of photos and videos from the festival.

Stylish outfits girlfriends wife

Scenario wedding in American style

The script must be an American weddingthink ahead to avoid surprises. It is worth noting that during such an event are missing the usual Russian man festival stages - for example, held a morning bride price, the registration in the registry office (she was a few days before the wedding or held exit registration), at the banquet, guests do not shout "bitter" - this tradition can replace the "bells for kisses."

Bells for kissing newlyweds

wedding Home: meeting young

Marriage usually begins on arrivalyoung. The groom is waiting for the bride at the "altar" - a wedding arch, which is a leading, ready to perform the ceremony. Since the wedding without ransom, guests see a future wife for the first time when she was on the arm of her father or brother is sent to the person responsible for the triumph of the red carpet. Live music, go in front of the bride's children, in the back - the bridesmaids, and then the bride and groom exchange rings.

American wedding ceremony

When the ceremony ends, the young go to the photo shoot, and guests are invited to drink cocktails in a special place, where they are waiting for the spouses.

wedding Stroke: What competitions will be perfect for guests

American Wedding is different from Russianthe style of the event. Tamada avoids vulgar jokes, obscene competitions, especially those associated with high-speed drinking alcohol, guests say nice toast at will, without pressure from the master. Here are a few competitions, which will be fun decoration event in American style:

  • Pantomime. Male members are invited to imagine a few ladies from the audience, the host gives each wedding assignment. The task of participant: invite his companion to the park, cinema, circus, or to hunt, using only gestures. The winning couple, in which she quickly realized the purpose of the event.
  • The picture of the future. Invited two teams with an equal number of people (3-4). Each master issues on a large poster paper. The purpose of the contest - 5 minutes to draw a happy future couples in ten years. The winner is the team whose "future" liked spouses more.

Elegant wedding toastmaster for the American
  • Pack the gift. This is an unusual fun game requires the participation of several teams of two people. Props for each team: box, gift paper, ribbons, bows, tape, stapler, scissors. The task of members of each team - to become close to each other, clinging to a partner, hide hands behind his back in contact. With the right hand of one of the contestant and the other left hand need to pack a gift quickly and beautifully.

How nice to finish the evening

Beautiful finish wedding night in an Americanhelp performance music band - live music create a cozy atmosphere for it will be the first dance couple, then - the bride's dance with her father. When the show is over, the couple can go to relax, and guest festival will continue incendiary disco. Do not forget to warn the guests that they took with them comfortable clothing.

Video American-style wedding

Wedding event in American style - itgorgeous exquisite celebration of beauty and freedom. This wedding is an unforgettable experience as the couple and all the guests present. Watch video as it would look from the outside.