Tulip wedding

The idea of ​​decoration wedding decorations TulipIt comes when the couple are willing to make in the solemn day of romance and tenderness, stressing these spring flowers love. Tulip Wedding surprise all guests if the shape of the inlay with spring flowers in the form of individual songs or original panels adorning the wall behind the table newlyweds. Depending on the shape, size, color, bud, tulip varieties, you can decorate their chairs, the table, the newlyweds a car, a hall for banquets.

Tulips for wedding decor

Tulips in the image of the bride and groom

Trends suggest modern weddingsdecoration with fresh flowers banquet hall, hairstyles, or the bride's bouquet, groom's boutonniere. Choosing the theme of the celebration, it is necessary to give preference to the symbol of spring and love - Tulip decor. With it, you can transform a wedding dress. Just add a small tulip flower, securing it on the belt. The use of these colors in the decoration of the wedding theme helps to emphasize the Spring and gentle image of the bride and groom.

tulip bouquet

To groom your appearance completelyin harmony with the image of the bride, it is necessary to also include his clothes tulip elements. For example, they can be used to print on a tie newlyweds. Or, at the heart of the groom boutonniere may be small tulip flower. Do not worry that fresh flowers will be difficult to maintain for the entire wedding day. Tulip is considered persistent, long time without water, without losing their shape and appearance.

Boutonniere for the groom with tulips

Design ideas tulip wedding (photos)


The decor of the banquet hall

For the decoration of the banquet hall themewedding with tulips can hire a professional florist or do it yourself decorating. The Tulip decor you can use fresh flowers, supplementing them with artificial. To decorating the banquet hall at all times, make a list of pre-zones were considered to be decorated. It is important to pay attention to the following things:

1. Tulip arch. If you are planning to organize the exit ceremony, then you need to start with the decoration of the arch. Advantageously decorate the arched vertical bars you can artificial white and peach tulips. Near the arch set on the stand two large vases of fresh flowers, combining shades of cream and pink. After the solemn ceremony of charge administrator to transfer the arch to the banquet hall.

Tulip Wedding Arch

Table 2. honeymooners. During the grand banquet guests all the attention will be focused on the table, behind which sit the couple. It is therefore important to pay attention to its decoration. Tablecloth choose from a dense fabric apricot color, and use a light pink chiffon skirt for the table. Near the newlyweds can put two wide tulip vase filled with flowers cream shades. Do not forget to decorate the tables as guests in the banquet hall, place a small tulip composition in the center of the table.

Tulips on the table young

3. The walls and ceiling. Freshen up the look of the room where the wedding will take place, help single occupancy tulips on lamps or chandeliers. On the walls you can hang on the pots small, but broad vase filled with purple tulips and green apples. If the wedding is planned in the spring, using fresh flowers in the decoration of the banquet hall will save significant budget. A more expensive option would be his decoration tulips in the autumn-winter season. The use of artificial flower decorations will be a good alternative to this method.

Tulips Decoration ceiling of the banquet hall

4. Color. Your triumph tulip thematic complement the cake, which will be the basis of peach or apricot hue. It is recommended to refrain from pure white, as all patterns and reliefs on the cake will be invisible to the wedding photos. The ideal option for a range of colors confectionery masterpiece will shade the bride's dress or the predominant color in a wedding bouquet.

Wedding accessories with tulips

Tulips can decorate the hair of the bride,woven a few flowers in a braid or fixing them back in curls. Additional decorations can act Tulip earrings or pendant, in the shape of flowers. If the wedding is held in the spring, you can ask the florist to create for you an exclusive accessory in the form of a wreath of small tulips. This decoration will suit the bride with long straight hair. Choosing a bridal veil, we recommend paying attention to the tulle with embroidery or appliqué on the flower theme.

Tulip accessories must be present andwitness. For it is necessary to create a small arm bracelet decorated with flowers, which will be combined with the dress of the bride and her bouquet. Also the witness can complement your hair alive tulips, securing them to the rim or barrette. To groomsman wedding dress in harmony with the theme, you can put a small flower arrangement on his belt.

Tulip accessories witness

The bride's bouquet

Elegantly and stylishly look bouquets,composed entirely of tulips. They help to emphasize the tremulous image of the bride. Tulip bouquets well with the lush, straight or shaped dresses "mermaid". Bouquet will seem more modern, if it creates a florist of bright pink tulips, adding elements of white lace, gold cord and small pearls. To tulip bouquet preserved throughout the day, handle it carefully, without turning, and protecting them from the scorching sun.

Tulip bouquet

Flower arrangements can consist of plaintulips or combine several shades. If you choose for a bouquet of red flowers or coral shades, they will be associated with a passionate and ardent love and pastel colors will create the impression of innocence and tenderness. Tulips - This spring flowers, so if the wedding is planned for the winter, the tulip bouquet florists will order from Eastern countries, or the Netherlands, which will significantly increase the final cost of the purchase.

Bouquet: Tulips

Invitations and cards for guests

Choosing a custom design for weddinginvitations should give preference tulip print. In addition, on the front side of the card you can indicate the initials of the bride and groom, wedding date or a romantic quote. If you prefer the original versions of the invitations, you can decorate them with volume elements. For scenery choose pink beads, small pearl, mother of pearl buttons, satin ribbons, appliqués in the shape of butterflies or tulips. Guests received such an invitation will be intrigued by the upcoming wedding.

Tulip decoration on wedding

For among the guests there was no confusion inthe start time of the solemn feast, modern traditions include the availability of cards for the seating arrangement, containing the name and seat number. Tulip decorations should also be present on these individual plates for guests. Make emphasis on this card will help small transparent wine glass with a tulip, placed next to each dish. A bonbonniere with tulip bulbs are a great memorable gift for your guests.

Decoration tulips guest table

A wedding cake

The final accent of your tulipthe celebration will be carefully picked up the wedding cake. The perfect design of this culinary masterpiece sure to surprise all guests at the time of the culmination solemn evening. In order to properly make your choice, remember a few criteria which should take into account when ordering a wedding cake:

  1. The weight. To order a wedding cake you need after you learn the exact number of guests. This indicator will calculate the required weight of the ordered confection. Professional pastry chefs recommend to take as a basis for calculation - 150-250 grams of cake for each guest. For example, if you are planning to invite 60 guests, the weight of the whole product can not be less than 9 kg (0.150 * 60 = 9).
  2. The form. Depending on the weight can choose round, square, heart-shaped, tiered shape. If the calculated weight of the confection about 4 kg, the more refined will look like a cake consisting of a single-tier circular shape. If you dream of a three-tiered masterpiece, must be ordered product weight of 7 kg.
  3. Decoration. To comply with the wedding theme on the cake must be present milkweed decor. It does not exclude the use of small buttonholes of flowers, colored beads, bits of lace, swans or figurines newlyweds. You can also decorate a cake with edible items made of mastic.
  4. Be sure to check with the pastry and place of delivery time to your wedding cake. The most viable option is to get a culinary masterpiece for 3-4 hours before the ceremonial removal.

Wedding cake with tulips

Do you want to try yourself as a pastry chef and decorate your own wedding cake? Watch the video below, you will learn to create from sugar mastic decoration in the form of tulips.