The wedding ceremony in Mexico

If you want to celebrate their wedding as much as possiblefun and unusual, go to Mexico. Here there is a lot of positive moments. It's beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, exotic trees, promotes an atmosphere of romance and love. The wedding ceremony in Mexico is able to realize your wildest dreams about the original celebration of this important holiday. What are the ideas of the wedding can be implemented in this country?

Choosing a place for ceremony

Having decided to organize a wedding in Mexico, you do notimagine how bold and unusual options of places you can offer this country. It is so impressive and exotic, that no wedding can not be compared with the Mexican. For example, you can consider the option of a wedding ceremony on the beach or spend a gala banquet in the Indian style. Let's dwell on the available wedding offers tourist and holiday agencies in this country.

Mexican Wedding Venue

On the beach

Mexican Atlantic coastIt has a lot of beautiful bays, lagoons. One of the most successful wedding options in the Mexican style will be the organization of the wedding ceremony of beach. Right near the ocean you establish a symbolic altar, which is romantically decorated with flying white fabric, bright flowers and ribbons. Do not forget about the professional photographer - he engraved the unusual flavor of this colorful corner of the world a long memory. Watch the video below, you can see the highlights of the wedding on a Mexican beach (Atlantic Beach).

Indian wedding ceremony in the jungle

If you are tired of the traditional forms of marriage,fresh solution for you would be one with nature. Spend a Mexican wedding among dense jungle in the Yucatan Peninsula. You will be able to adopt an unforgettable spiritual experience of the Indian peoples, whose culture was the one with all the elements of the earth. Plunged into the atmosphere of the ancient traditions of Mexico, you will hear the sound of ancient instruments prekolumbiyskih, chants of Indians.

Mexican wedding in the jungle

Wedding in Mexican caves "Cenote"

To experience the Mexican culture, pickfor their marriage ceremony Indian peoples of Mayan style. The Mayan bath (Temazcal) near cenotes (natural wells / Lake) hold the shaman above you wedding ritual among the impenetrable jungle. Wedding in Mexican caves "Cenote" is accompanied by the ritual dances of the groom with the bride in the name of Mother Earth. They will receive the blessing of the sacred, according to all the canons of the ancient Maya peoples. This wedding will be memorable performances by singing the sounds of unusual birds, rustling leaves and the cool wind!

Wedding ritual ancient Mexican traditions

Prices for wedding ceremony in Mexico

Pricing in the Mexican wedding ritualdepends entirely on what kind of ceremony you choose a symbolic or formal, regardless of your nationality. Symbolic wedding takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, along with close friends or relatives. This ceremony may be held as the Mexican master of ceremonies in the original language, and best friend. However, it will not have any legal basis, officially confirmed documents.

Symbolic Mexican wedding on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Official wedding ceremony takes placeaccording to the civil laws of Mexico. For the success of this process, you will need to apply in advance to the organizer, who will submit a copy of the original passport and Suite, as well as other necessary documents to the Mexican Civil Registry Office. After a formal wedding in Mexico, you get your hands on the evidence based on which the marriage will be able to confirm in the country where you come from.

Official Mexican wedding

An indicative list of prices to hold Mexican wedding ceremony, taking into account the choice of (formal or symbolic)

  1. Maximum economical option of marriage on the territory of the Mexican municipal beach will cost you $ 650, if it is a symbolic wedding, and $ 1950 - for official registration.
  2. The classic Caribbean-style celebration: $ 1350 and $ 2650.
  3. Luxury Caribbean ceremony will cost about $ 1950 and $ 3250.
  4. Wedding on a wild Mexican beach or in the beautiful lagoon to the accompaniment of Mariachi with appropriate decor attributes will cost $ 1,300 and $ 2,600.
  5. Indian wedding ceremony in the jungle cost approximately $ 2250 and $ 3550.
  6. For gay wedding on a ship in the pirate style will have to pay $ 1600 and $ 2900.
  7. The official version of the wedding in Mexico with the venue in the district registry office costs $ 1,300.

What are the advantages of Mexico?

If your goal - getting unforgettable seaimpressions and memory of an event of a lifetime, Mexico - a good option. This area of ​​South America - a very exotic and colorful. It offers these options for a wedding celebration, which you even dream, never dared. Among the advantages of the wedding in Mexico include: Atlantic ocean coast, local flavor, Developed hotel infrastructure of the country.

Atlantic Beach

Have you always dreamed of a wedding on the coast of theocean. What could be more romantic azure waves, bright sunny beach, the soothing sound of the surf and the general atmosphere of love? If you find yourself on a white sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean, you feel its power immediately and majestic power. After receiving the impressions of an unusual wedding ceremony, go to sunbathe on beautiful beaches, go surfing, and keeping up the high waves. It will be both memorable and beautiful wedding vacation honeymoon.

Mexican Atlantic coast

local color

Mexico - one of the most exotic placesa world where nature is in harmony with the original hot climate of the tropics, white sandy beaches and snow-covered high mountains. In this country with a rich history collected incredible architectural monuments preserved ancient Indian villages, traces of the legendary Maya and their mysterious pyramids. There are growing so thick jungle, it's easy to get lost on a few square meters, and the local nature and animals amaze even first-class service.

Developed hotel infrastructure

The modern world of tourism have long chosen thisincredible country, so it is very well Developed hotel infrastructure. Even if you spontaneously come to Mexico, you will not have any problems with the choice of place of residence. A variety of hotels is so widespread that it is able to meet every budget and taste. It offers comfortable rooms, immersed in the exotic tropical nature, at the very waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mexico Private Infrastructure

You literally plunge into the atmosphere of the wildMexican nature, encountering unusual animals directly at the resort. And for those who prefer a more urbanized recreation, city hotels have: the first line in the Gulf of Mexico, luxury rooms with views of the ocean, twenty-four hours a rich entertainment program.

Photos of Mexican wedding ceremonies

Do you still go long in doubt, it is necessary toMexico to celebrate one of the major events of life? Then check out the incredible photos of the newlyweds in the beautiful scenery of this picturesque country. Make sure that the Mexican wedding does not leave any chance to the other wedding traditions, which had bored its jaded scenarios.

Photo Wedding in Mexico