style Wedding Sakura

Spring - a time when nature wakes up, allaround flowers. An unusual idea for a fashionable marriage in this period will be a wedding in the style of Sakura. The topic is relevant to the spring celebrations, because the tree blooms in April and May. Fans of Japanese culture know that there are different shades of cherry: from white to crimson, but is considered a classic pale-pink tone. His take as a basis for registration of a wedding celebration. Garnish with cherry blossom easily almost everything they do in the form of embroidery, appliqués, engraving, painting colors.

The image of the couple and guests in style "Sakura"

When making the celebration of any subject veryit is important to choose the right outfits for honeymooners and warn guests in advance so they have time to think and create your image. For a wedding in the style cherry blossom suit any shade tree, it all depends on the tastes and preferences of the young. But lovers of classic stop on a gentle pink.

And the bride's dress shoes

Preparation of the bride image begins with the selectiondresses. For the wedding of this theme is perfect for white or pale pink dress the bride. An obligatory condition is the presence of elements Sakura. It may look as embroidery or appliqués, lace elements complement the outfit. But a traditional white wedding dress is also well suited for such a marriage. In Japan, the bride is allowed three times to change the outfit. This celebration style allows the girl to do the same.

Choosing clothes, you need to find a suitable bridefootwear. If she chose the traditional dress, help to emphasize the theme of shoes pink shades (from subtle to bright), decorated with flowers. Amazingly will look white shoes, the heels of which are decorated with sprigs of cherry applique. Shoes should be not only beautiful, but comfortable - the bride to have shoes to walk and dance throughout the day.

The image of the bride at the ceremony in the style of Sakura

groom Suit

The image of the groom should fit the bride's dress andresponsible subjects wedding. Bold grooms prefer pink costumes, but not every man will be decided on this. Well decorate the outfit male elements pink shades, for example, a tie or a butterfly. The costume for this celebration is better to choose light. Ideal would look cufflinks in the form of a cherry blossom.

Style cherry in the form of the groom

Dress code for the witnesses and guests

The wedding dress of each participant mustreflects its theme. The ideal option for bridesmaids dresses will be the same pink color. If this is not possible, help to emphasize the style of the same bouquets or accessories: hair clips, hair wreaths, pendants, bracelets or Japanese umbrellas. For the groomsmen boutonnieres are the perfect solution from pale pink flowers.

Wedding dress Guests cherry elements

Wedding decoration ideas

In addition to wedding dresses heroes of the occasionit is important that they are in harmony with the design of other parts and interior in a suitable topic. If the wedding is held in the Palace of marriage, you need to take care of the design of the restaurant, and if you plan on visiting a celebration, do not forget about such things as the arch and the path to the altar. Are important invitations and candy boxes or other gifts of appreciation for the guests.

Invitations for the guests

Make sure that the wedding invitationsguests received in advance. In them it is necessary to report on the wedding style, ask guests to dress matched subjects. Needless invitation should speak directly about the selected image. Therefore, the ideal option would invitation cards with the image of cherry blossoms. Buy appropriate items you can in wedding salons or if there is a fantasy, make it yourself.

Wedding invitation style cherry

Decoration of wedding venue

The decor of the place of celebration is to be reflectedthe selected style in every detail of the image, use cherry. Great idea becomes a tree wishes to leave which leaves warm words wedding guests, or a garland of cranes. On the holiday table look beautiful Sakura. The surrounding atmosphere should be fragrant pink blooms, while the romantic mood, a feeling of a special moment is guaranteed not only the couple, but also to all wedding guests. Live cherry blossoms to get hard, so often used to replace artificial analogues.

Style Sakura - interior decoration for wedding

The bride's bouquet

The wedding is hard to imagine without flowers, the morein a similar category. The bridal bouquet should be a cherry. Not necessarily, that it consisted solely of these colors may be the presence of other elements. But they must be combined with each other. Pick up the rest of the flowers in soft pink tones. Garnish with a bouquet of a variety of ribbons and beads. Together with the flowers for the bride bought boutonniere for the groom. It should overlap in style and tone with a wedding bouquet.

Wedding bouquet with cherry blossoms for the Bride

Wedding cake and other sweets in the style of "Sakura"

The highlight will be a festive table decorationcake and other sweets, taking into account the style of wedding. Beautifully will look cupcakes with cherry blossoms. To make the wedding cake flowers made of mastic or other confectionery decorations. The boldest masters offer decorate a festive dessert alive Sakura. There is a decoration can not be, but it looks very impressive. Knife and blade for cake decorated with flowers, too.

Sweets with cherry blossoms for the wedding table

Wedding accessories

Making a wedding in the style of cherry, attentionshould be paid to all details. Accessories for the wedding a lot - it's a tree, a book or a box of wishes, candles, glasses and cutlery. Everything must be decorated and fit the selected style wedding. A slight mismatch will look out of place and spoil the overall picture of the celebration. To avoid such nuances, to the design of accessories go up with the utmost care.

Accessories for the wedding with cherry elements

Visiting ceremony in the style of "Sakura"

In recent years become popular exitwedding. Making a wedding in the style of Sakura's great! The graceful arch, decorated with thematic colors, the path to it, strewn with petals, small Zhuravliki, in the technique of origami, a beautiful garden - all filled with great tenderness. Visiting ceremony is good that at the time of the marriage the young will be surrounded by a natural and romantic atmosphere, not the registrar's office wall.

Style on cherry-site wedding

Photo Wedding in style "Sakura"

Shooting a wedding - an important process. Event engraved for many years, the photos will repeatedly return you to this day. To get a high-quality, bright, beautiful pictures, it is important to hire a professional photographer, but also pay attention to the surroundings. Wedding in this category is filled with nice range, and photos taken in the "blooming and fragrant" atmosphere will look great.

Sample wedding with sakura