Spring wedding

Spring is identified in our minds withthe beginning of life - waking nature, blooming trees, wakes fauna. Many lovers dare to start a family in the spring. Spring wedding has a number of features, among which and dresses for bridal and decoration of the banquet hall, and even styling photo shoots.

Pros and cons of a wedding in the spring

vvesnoy wedding has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Spring weddings


  • The weather in spring is distinguished by itsunpredictability that makes include all kinds of scenarios when choosing clothes, vehicles for the wedding procession and organization of photo shoots.
  • In the list of shortcomings is not the last spring weddingsLent takes place. For this reason the Church does not hold a wedding and do not recommend marriage. In addition, in the days of Lent the faithful adhere reception fasting foods, so the wedding table should contain food, allowed for use.
  • Referring to the theme of the wedding party, and in this case, spring wedding has a number of drawbacks. In the spring of dramatically rising food prices, which imposes additional costs.

But not all that bad, spring weddings have a number of advantages, including:

  • Availability banquet halls
  • Low prices for outfits for newlyweds due to the lack of excitement, typical for the summer months
  • The ability to choose a good stylist
  • A wide range of free organizers of weddings.

Folk omens and superstitions

Do not support spring wedding and folk superstitions. We often hear that if spring wedding is planned for May, the young will suffer a lifetime. No less bright prospects offer the other two months. Since marriage in March, predicts life in foreign lands, the April wedding means changeable fate.

However, spring wedding is still playing. Union concluded mainly at Red hill - a spring festival, dedicated to the first Sunday after Easter. This is due to the fact that Red Hill - it's early days, when, after a long break, the Church allows the sacrament of Marriage. Since ancient times happened that spring wedding at Red hill - the key to a long and happy married life.

Newlyweds thrown spring tree

Tips for creating an image in the Spring style

Spring - is not only a beautiful time of year, butthe most unpredictable. There is a number of difficulties in the selection of dresses and accessories. For a wedding, when the external image of "people first" triumph must be provided all the nuances, combining the requirements of weather and fashion.

For the bride and groom

When choosing a wedding dress for the bride stylistsrecommend a stay at the dress-transformer with a double skirt. This outfit looks very impressive and helps to adjust to the vagaries of nature. The top long skirt to protect from the cold in case of unfavorable weather. If you will stand out the day sunny and warm, then at any time the bride can detach the top and stay in elegant short dress.

When choosing shoes for the bride, it is necessary to provide forseveral options - some shoes will be missed. in which the bride will not freeze, especially if the wedding falls on the first spring months - in elegant boots fit as an additional footwear.

Attire newlyweds at the wedding in the spring

Choosing a dress for the bride, it is necessary to give preference to light colors, however, would be appropriate bright colors.

Recommended colors for the wedding dress of the bride:

  • White (Traditional)
  • Pink
  • light green
  • Green
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Purple
  • Beige
  • Yellow.

Using the "spring" of accessories will add a finished look along bride. Delicate pearl brooch-butterfly barrettes in the shape of flowers complement the spring image.

Hairstyle bride should be natural -bomber or developing hair, beautiful braids will create the image of "girl spring". Hair ornaments suit first wreath of wildflowers, which is also used as a great accessory for a photo shoot. The ideal situation would be delicate, with lace inserts an umbrella, which not only beautify the image of the bride, but also protects from rain.

Instead of the traditional veil the bride's head is decorated with an elegant hat, tiara or veil. Then the image of the bride get a more natural, vibrant, reflecting the spring lightness.

Not less attention should be paid and the image of the groom. The style chosen for the bride's dress should be reflected in the image of the bridegroom. If the bride is decorated with bright accessories, the boutonniere for the groom suit, appropriate style, tie or shirt in the color.

If a spring wedding is in March-April,the bride and groom, it is desirable to have a cloak, so as not to fall ill after such a significant event. Bride suit coat or coupling, and the groom - a suit and overcoat, seasoned or classic style, or in the appropriate style of the bride along.

For bridesmaids

To create a common celebration of style, not lessimportant way of bridesmaids. Preference is for a spring wedding is to give a simple dress delicate shades that complement the image of the bride. If the bride is traditionally white, her girlfriends salad fit dresses, pale yellow, light blue, beige shades. If the wedding dress bright, the bridesmaids are dressed in contrasting outfits, using bright accessories - bunches of flowers, jewelry or belt.

Images for bridesmaids

As for fabrics for dresses, the ideal option would be easy, beautiful fluttering in the wind matter.

Ideas spring wedding decoration 2016

Each year offers its own design ideas wedding celebration. With regard to the registration of a wedding in the spring, it is, above all, an abundance of flowers and various greens. 2016 chose:

  • tulips
  • Ranunkulyusah
  • anemone
  • Aalstrometriyah
  • Frese
  • Lily of the valley.

Complement floral mix of lavender and lilac.

Prolonged and cool spring in 2016 notMany newlyweds stopped by the celebration outdoors. When organizing on-site wedding should be possible surprises weather to prepare shelters for young and guests to stock up umbrellas.

Making outbound spring wedding

Keep the wedding popularity in violet color,blue, pale green shades. Moreover, the use of these colors is offered in the selection of jewelry and accessories when placing orders and Suite guests.

Pike reached the popularity of eco-weddings with emphasis on green.

The decor of the banquet hall

When decorating the banquet hall for the wedding is notdo without an abundance of flowers and greenery. Decorative view of the room will give arranged in vases blooming cherry branch, apple, cherry, lilac. On the tables have floral bouquets and compositions, which are used peonies, tulips, hyacinths, lilies and daffodils, dandelions and other spring flowers.

Making banquet hall
Spring accessories for table decorations

Selection of jewelry depends on the style of wedding:

  • For eco-friendly wedding choosing potted flowers, combined with the compositions of berries and fruits.
  • For a wedding in the English style or country-style suit flowers in wooden boxes or wicker baskets.
  • To use the vintage celebrations elegant porcelain, lace decorations. The walls are decorated with photos of young black and white.

Where better to hold a wedding photo shoot?

When choosing locations for photo shoots isguided by the presence of natural spring aksessury - flowers, herbs, of which an enormous amount in nature. Blue sky, green, clear air, space will be the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. Such images make the countryside, in a park, an old manor, the woods, the botanical garden on the river bank at the time of the ice drift or lakes, even on the football field.

Spring photo session on wedding

Spring wedding

Fotoprimery spring wedding in lilac shades

Spring wedding in purple style

Making spring wedding in lilac shades